A New Kitchen For Valentine’s Day

As we move passed Christmas the bulk have us have already cleared away our gifts and are thinking about the gifts for the next occasion. Valentine’s Day is the next day of celebrations on the list for lovers and romantics and most mark the occasion with a gift, an evening out to dinner and maybe a movie. Though most of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, many of us don’t know how the tradition came about and just how much someone was willing to give up in the name of love.

If you have decided to cook your loved one a special romantic meal for Valentine’s Day then give the following story some thought while you prepare at your kitchen benchtops in Brisbane. On February 14th, the eve of the feast of Lupercalia, the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and drawn by the Roman boys. They were then partnered for the festival and at times would fall in love and marry. When Emperor Claudius II was in rule he was having difficulty getting men to join his army and believed it was due to a hesitancy to leave behind loved ones and lovers, as a result, he voided engagements and marriages. A priest named Saint Valentine was sympathetic to those wanting to join in a wedded union and married them in secret. When he was found out he was sentenced to death and consequently befriended by the daughter of the jail guard. She offered so much friendship and solstice before his death that when his time came, on February 14th, he left her a note thanking her and signing it “Love from your Valentine.” And so began the tradition.

Quite a dramatic story and great sacrifice for something that we can all take for granted at times. To ensure your loved one feels appreciated you can purchase her any number of beautiful gifts and cook her many tasty meals however the best gift of all may be a new kitchen to prepare future meals in. By talking to a qualified kitchen designer you can turn a disorganised and old kitchen into something that is a pleasure to be in and is functional in every way possible.

By visiting kitchen showrooms in Brisbane you can begin to see a great gift idea take shape into a fantastic kitchen. Don’t let your beautiful wife prepare anymore meals in an out-dated kitchen, surprise her with a new one and cook the very first meal in it for her on Valentine’s.

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