Paradise Point Kitchen Renovation

Our clients wanted a perfect Hampton’s style theme for their dream kitchen. Craftbuilt Kitchens was able to provide them the classic Hampton’s kitchen at its best!

The kitchen featured a beautifully detailed white cabinetry in a satin finish for the simple shaker style door. It was complimented with a simple shell handle on the drawers and a small knob for doors. Whilst not a large space, a slightly under-sized island bench with feature columns worked well in this space.

The doors, drawers and kicks are 2 PAC Satin. The cients chose Polar White and the remainder of the kitchen was from SmartStone Arcadia (20mm). A free-standing stainless-steel stove complimented with a feature rang​e-hood mounted on subway tiles to the ceiling, stayed true to the elegant but classic style.

And the final touch a stunning light fitting to highlight the bold veins of the marble-look quartz benchtop and complete this perfect vision. The island bench was from SmartStone Statuario Venato (40mm).

Are you thinking of a similar style for your kitchen as well? Or perhaps this inspires an idea for your own kitchen renovation? Our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers can definitely help you get started. Call  (07) 3341 9166 or visit our showroom in Brisbane, today!

Muarrie Kitchen Renovation

We had a lovely client who wanted a minimalist look with a hint of retro. Sharon, our Craftbuilt Kitchens designer had this old kitchen to work on.



Craftbuilt Kitchens achieved the client’s vision by using a rich textured wood laminate finish by Polytec Ravine in Cafe Oak to contrast with the gloss white cabinetry.

The slimline Smartstone bench tops in Astral added a subtle touch of sparkle which maintained the feeling of airiness complimenting the custom made glass splash back.

Tipmatic drawers by Hafele allow for a handleless touch to open option the client insisted upon. Clever storage again by Hafele includes slender twin pullout cabinets either side of the cook top for oils, spices and condiments.

The kitchen features state of the art appliances including a Kleenmaid multi-function steam oven, a culinary drawer for warming dinner plates keeps prepared food warm until ready to serve and even proving dough. A strategically placed french door fridge is handy to preparation areas and the 90 cm flush mounted induction cook-top in the cooking zone.

You can see the dramatic difference between their old kitchen and their new dream kitchen. Our client, in her own words, loves it to bits!

Camp Hill Kitchen Renovation

We have a client that is a proud owner of a number of Craftbuilt Kitchens over the years and when she moved to Camp Hill, we were her first port of call.

This was her Camp Hill kitchen renovation home in progress.


She has a beautiful Queenslander style home which retains a lot of the original features and it was important to her that her new kitchen was in keeping with the era of her home whilst incorporating modern features and functionality. Her dream kitchen was achieved.

The study area incorporated cabinetry to hide the printer & hard-drive along with cabinets custom-built to hide files and folders to give a stream-lined look as the eye moves from the kitchen to the study area.

All cabinets finished with Dulux Grey Pebble at half strength to give a contemporary look when teamed with Quantum Quartz Dolce benchtops without compromising  the look and feel of this traditional home.

Capalaba Kitchen Renovation

Craftbuilt Kitchens recently worked on a project that needed a modern theme.

This (below) is the kitchen she wanted us to work on. The owner wanted her older property to maintain its traditional styling but provide an up-to-date feel. She knows what she has in mind because this isn’t her first Craftbuilt Kitchen. She initially called us to work on her first home, a while back.


Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Before

So a 2 Pack satin cabinetry was installed with a Jurassic Black granite benchtop, plus tiled splashbacks. A Kleenmaid cooktop and Kleenmaid rangehood with Smeg oven were also mounted. Our expert tradesman, Nathan, was on it!

The whole crew had a lot to work on. They were not only completing a dream kitchen. They were also working on a deadline because the client wanted everything done on a certain weekend. She was having guests over.

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba In Progress

With keen eyes, our tradesman – Paul, found damaged timbers caused by termites and replaced it immediately. The renovation and installation were a total breeze. But the timber was not the only casualty. Because of the recent flooding last March, a fallen tree almost hit her house.

A fallen tree almost hit her house.

Paul helped cut the tree into smaller pieces. Luckily, it missed the house but it did make one particular resident grumpy. But he is alright now, as you can see! We don’t think he likes his picture being taken.

Grumpy resident owl.

At the end of the day, everybody was happy with the result. Even with the fallen tree, the grumpy owl and the termites, Craftbuilt Kitchens was able to fully complete the renovation by the expected date.

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Renovation Final

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Renovation Before and After

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Renovation Full View

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

Renovating is often synonymous with “headache”. But not anymore! When it comes to renovating your kitchen, Craftbuilt Kitchens can help not only make the process entirely manageable but also enjoyable! Craftbuilt Kitchens can manage the entire project from initial design concept, through to cabinetry construction, and including all necessary trades, so that all you have to do is sit back and watch your dream kitchen appear before your eyes!

A brief summary of the renovation steps is outlined below, illustrating how Craftbuilt will guide you professionally and enjoyably through the kitchen renovation process. And remember, no job is too big or too small, Craftbuilt is happy to accommodate all needs and wants, and work with your budget!

3 Basic Steps to getting Started on your Dream Kitchen Renovation:

Step 1: Design process

Visiting our showroom is the best place to start! Based at Underwood, it has many different aged kitchens on display, showing a vast array of designs, colours and fittings. Craftbuilt’s attention to detail allows you to see on display even the tiniest of details such as drawer fit-outs, including meter wide cutlery inserts, spice tray inserts, numerous bin systems, space saving solutions and much, much more!! All our showroom staff are experienced in colour selection, layouts and finishes and will be delighted to walk you through our impressive showroom.

Step 2: Design Appointment

On visiting the showroom, ask our consultant to book you a design appointment at your home. Craftbuilt has fully qualified and experienced designers who will come to your home and spend the time to tailor the design to your specific needs and wants. This is a complimentary appointment where many design options can be considered and it will enable you to start to form a vision of what your new kitchen could actually look like.

To arrange your obligation free appointment, call us today on 07 3341 9166.

Step 3: 3D Appointment

Your designer will transfer the information from your design appointment and have all options prepared in a 3D CAD program. This enables you to view rendered & line drawings of the actual kitchen designs. It is a great way to work through your best options, and then walk through the showroom again to see all included kitchen elements in the flesh, then colours and finishes will also be evaluated. In the end you will have a great total vision of what can be achieved. This may take one appointment or several, but Craftbuilt is willing to put in the time and effort until you are completely happy with your kitchen design. There is no pressure or time constraints in this process. It is more about being 100% confident and secure in the knowledge that what you want and need can be achieved. You can have it all!

Call us today on (07) 3341 9166 to discuss your next kitchen renovation project in Brisbane.

The Best Christmas Gift That Makes A Difference

At Christmas time we all like to show people how much we care by buying them a gift they will love. When a husband buys his wife a gift, he not only wants it to show his love and adoration for her but knows a gift a woman will love is a useful gift. Buying underwear is very useful, but it’s been done a million times. A massage or facial is always nice and makes a woman feel brand new, but there might be something else she wants brand new this year that will keep on giving every day.

Christmas Lunch Prepared with Ease

By knowing how much work is done in Brisbane kitchens by all members of the household, you would know how much time is spent here. And when Christmas day rolls around, it’ll get busier. For those who are preparing a traditional roast for Christmas lunch you can spend a whole morning organising, preparing and cooking. Even if you opt for cold meats and salads, there are still some work to be done. It would be a fair call to say that if your wife or any other members of the household had a nice new, spacious and workable kitchen to prepare food in, the task would be so much more enjoyable and easier. With everything in perfect, working condition, and the work spaces set out just right to make cooking a breeze, wouldn’t this be the best Christmas gift you have ever presented?

Planning For Your Christmas Present To Be Built

If you choose a kitchen design team who is committed to helping you achieve the kitchen of your wife or partner’s dreams for Christmas, her delight at your gift is ensured. To begin, you will be shown around the showroom so you can discuss with the consultants what you had in mind, this would be a good time to spring your gift idea and take your wife with you so she can choose, too. An experienced consultant will take note of your preferences and then an appointment will be made to talk to a kitchen designer who will come to your home. Once your kitchen design is created and you receive the price, you can make the decision to go ahead with renovating your kitchen. From here you will go through the kitchen installation phase and you will be appointed a team of meticulous installers who will work to complete your kitchen within a day, except where stone bench tops are required.

Your happy Christmas starts where the kitchen renovations end. You will now have a kitchen to be proud of and enjoy every day of the year.

Have a Happy Christmas, Brisbane!

Budgeting and Saving For Kitchen Renovations

Selecting the right designer and kitchen renovation team, such as ours at Craftbuilt Kitchens, is extremely important. Organising the financial side of how kitchen renovations will be paid for is also incredibly important.

Without first getting your budget and savings in order you could end up in over your head financially. Issues with finances can cause stress, put a strain on relationships in the household and also end up with unfinished renovations in the home.

Because of this we recommend you have your finances in order. At Craftbuilt Kitchens we offer interest free finance for clients.

Taking the finance option, whether it is through us or another institution, still requires you to organise your budget and have a plan worked out. If you are planning on saving for your kitchen renovation and you wish to save money on the renovation then here are some tips for you.

Expert Advice

One of the best ways to save money is to spend it. This might sound crazy but in the long run if you outlay some money in the beginning it could save you money down the track. Take for example paying for the professional design and installation service.

When you enlist the services of a professional designer and installer you avoid the costly mistakes a novice DIY-er could make. Mistakes that will need to be rectified and cost more money to fix later on down the track.

Revise Your Dream

Everyone wants the very best of everything and the kitchen is no exception. You may have a great plan in mind for your kitchen that has all the bells and whistles. We guarantee that you will end up with the kind of kitchen you dream about but you also need to be realistic.

Make a list of the things you wish for your new kitchen to have and then break them down into two lists. You can call them ‘the negotiables’, the ‘not negotiables’ or ‘the necessities’ and ‘the luxuries’.

Having this list broken down will make it easier to cross off things you may not be able to afford and can do without. This doesn’t mean that your kitchen will be anything short of fantastic.

Items’ “Life” Span

It is only natural to want all new appliances and white goods for your new kitchen. But is it entirely necessary right now? Could that toaster last you a while yet? By the time you add up the average cost of a couple of smaller appliances you would be surprised how much you could potentially spend, or save.

Is the fridge in good working order? Big ticket items such as fridges will definitely save you money. It is good to keep in mind though if you are planning on buying an item like a fridge later down the track that you research and decide on this prior to your kitchen being done.That way the cabinetry can be made to allow for this size at the time rather than a costly adjustment later.

There are other great ways you can save for your renovation or save on spending. When you have your financial plan together, contact our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens.

You can find out more information by browsing through our website gallery or visit our Brisbane showroom.

We Want A New Bathroom For Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year with so many expectations surrounding it that it’s a brave person who suggests any deviation from traditional celebrations and customs. The giving of gifts is a case in point. People who take the time to do some sneaky sleuthing get this right and delight their loved ones. Gifts are exchanged, unwrapped, exclaimed over, played with and generally enjoyed until something else takes their place.

In the cold, harsh dawn of the New Year, reality sets in and thoughts turn to how the money spent on gifts could have been better allocated. There is no suggestion that gifts should be abandoned altogether, but smaller, less expensive ones could leave the way open for one single gift that would benefit everyone in the household. This is where brave people put up their hands and offer a better suggestion.

Conversation With Self – Convince The Family

Would a large gift that brings permanent pleasure and comfort to the whole family be a better option? Could that gift be something that everyone wants and the household needs but nobody has taken the initiative to propose? How about spending some of that Christmas cash on a brand new, clean, gleaming, ultra-modern and stylish bathroom?

If you could see this scenario being accepted at your house, now is the time to get things moving. The bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in most households, serving a very necessary function, but often a poor cousin to the rest of the house. When renovations are planned, too often the budget runs out before the bathroom is touched.

A new kitchen, perhaps an outdoor room or entertainment centre, general study area or a complete makeover of soft furnishings and floor coverings are the main areas that get the attention and the budget. The bathroom is still serving its purpose, so it is put on the backburner for the next round of renovations. Before you know it, ten years have passed and it still looks shabby and unloved.

Use A Bathroom Renovation Specialist for A Top Result

Now here’s the plan. The first port of call is a professional bathroom renovations company that will design a completely new bathroom. To get the best effect, everything should be up for grabs including the location of the plumbing. Often a bathroom renovation is compromised because the owners don’t want to incur the cost of moving the taps and shower heads around. This is a pity because they miss the opportunity to have a completely different layout that is stylish and contemporary.

Once the decision is made to start from scratch, everything is possible. Reinforced plain glass shower screens, twin vanity basins, new fixtures and fittings in the latest materials and colours, exciting tile designs, modern bath and matching shower tray – the choices are mind boggling. Involving the whole family in the planning and choice of colours is the key to maintaining the excitement. It will also help them to stay patient when the actual renovation begins and they need to find an alternative location to shower.

If this has rekindled the desire to bring the bathroom up to date to complement the rest of your home, tell the family it’s an early Christmas gift. Set a budget, talk to a bathroom renovation specialist who will arrange design drawings and co-ordinate all the trade work, and organise your funds. A new bathroom will add thousands of dollars of value to your home and next Christmas will be totally awesome.

Kitchens Renovations Made Easy

There is much to consider when it comes to kitchen renovations. Naturally, if you are going to spend the money then you want yours to be among the best kitchens around. The idea and even the process of a kitchen renovation can be overwhelming; however, with the right kitchen company a lot of the stress can be taken out and the task for you becomes a simple one.

Choosing The Best

Choosing a kitchen company with longevity in the industry is simply the only way to go. With longevity comes experience, together with knowledge and proof, proof that the job they do is a good one for if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to stay in business for long.

Craftbuilt Kitchens have been servicing the Logan area and surrounds for over 35 years and have proven time and time again that customer satisfaction, along with designing and installing stunning kitchens, is their top priority. Their qualified installers will install your kitchen using only the finest materials and in the rare chance that anything goes wrong, they offer a ten-year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship on their cabinets.

The Craftbuilt Kitchens Difference

The first thing you will notice when you visit Craftbuilt Kitchens online is that their website is easy to use with a gallery of their beautiful kitchens to view, customer testimonials from very happy customers and honest information about their company, as well as the kitchen design and install process.

But what’s more convenient and adds to the fun of designing your new kitchen is their fantastic showroom complete with displays and helpful showroom consultants ready to assist you in any way and offer you any advice or ideas you might not have considered previously.

This alone makes choosing a kitchen much easier, as seeing products set up in real life gives you a much better idea than viewing pictures online or in magazines. You can discuss face to face with your designer about your wants and needs and be given invaluable information and advice, all in the one place.

Smooth Sailing From Here

Once you have decided on a design with your designer they will take care of the rest. Your new kitchen will be up and running before you know it, ready for you to cook up a storm. The installers will professionally remove your old kitchen and install your new one within a day (more if you have selected stone benches) leaving you with a beautiful new heart of your home.

Visit Craftbuilt Kitchens online at and begin the journey to your dream kitchen.


Don’t DIY Your Kitchen

So many people these days are into the whole DIY project idea but there are times when this should be avoided. Our highly professional team at Craftbuilt Kitchens wants you to understand that there is a time to DIY and a time not to DIY and when it comes to your kitchen, professional is always best.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY Your Kitchen?

There are many different reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your kitchen. The two main reasons are lack of experience and lack of warranty. Let’s discuss the first. You might consider yourself very handy but when it comes to designing, measuring and installing kitchens there is no room for error.

One small mistake can be costly when it comes to the design and installation of your new kitchen. You might think it is best to DIY in order to save money but in the long run you could end up costing yourself more. The best way to avoid mistakes and more costs is to have it done professionally.

The second biggest reason not to DIY is warranty. Having your kitchen designed and installed by our professional team not only means there are no mistakes, it means that on the off chance that anything goes wrong, you are covered under warranty. Providing it is within the warranty period.

What Kind of Mistakes Will You Avoid?

While there are the obvious mistakes you will avoid when you go professional, there are also some more subtle ideas and changes that you might overlook, too. Here is a list of common renovation mistakes you can avoid by enlisting us to do the job for you.

Cool Kitchen Ideas

Our professional designers will draw your attention to finer details that will make the use of your kitchen so much easier. Drawer dividers, lazy Susans and extra cupboard storage ideas are easily forgotten if you do the design yourself.

Important Design Layout

The layout of your kitchen design is vitally important to functionality. Our kitchen designers know all about the kitchen work triangle and how to ensure this is implemented the best possible way into the space you have available in your new kitchen.

Efficient Planning and Budgeting

When you DIY your kitchen you leave yourself open to making planning mistakes, budgeting mistakes and more. With a professional team overseeing the job we will make sure each task is completed in a timely manner.

With our team on your side we can make sure you stick to your budget and end up with the perfect kitchen, just for you. Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens today to discuss your new kitchen and don’t waste your time or money with DIY.


Tips For Getting Your New Kitchen Renovations Right

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we want each and every one of our clients to walk away feeling as though they received the best service and of course the best end product possible. It is our duty to ensure that the kitchen you have in the end is what you envisioned or more than you could have hoped for.

With this in mind, we have nothing but the best team of showroom staff, designers and installers on hand to take you on a kitchen renovation journey that is informative, fun, efficient and suited to your needs and budget.

We also always offer fantastic advice on making the decisions for your new kitchen based on current trends, your budget and of course the space we have to work with. Here are some simple tips and ideas that you might like to consider when planning your kitchen.

Little Extras

When you get a new kitchen installed it’s a thrilling feeling to be working in such a wonderful preparation space. To add to this feeling why not consider a few things to add to the luxury.

Appliances such as a new toaster or blender that may stay permanently on the bench top will fit in so much better if they are new. Also updating your lighting to something more modern will give much more lift to the new kitchen effect.

Make The Most of Your Layout

While style is very important, function is the key in a new kitchen. When planning your kitchen your designer will discuss the importance of having plenty of food preparation space, the kitchen work triangle and simply having a functional flow.

Things like being able to easily wash vegetables in the sink, to discard scraps in the bin and place dirty dishes to be washed in close proximity to food preparation are all things that make a functional kitchen.


Always do your research on getting quality appliances. Be willing to pay for extra warranty if you are able and, of course, if you need to buy more than one then getting each in the same brand will mean your kitchen looks more stylish with its matching set.

Consider Your Bench Top

There are plenty of options for a great bench top that looks good and will last. Island bench tops prove to be very serviceable in kitchens provided you have the space.

Our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens** **are ready to help you plan your ideal kitchen so give us a call today or come down to our showroom.


Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

Making the decision to renovate your kitchen is only the beginning of a very exciting process. From here you need to work out your budget and also choose the right company, and that’s us. At Craftbuilt Kitchens we have been carrying out beautiful kitchen renovations for over 30 years.

Our fully qualified designers and experienced showroom staff can help guide you through the process that, when done through us, you will find is a very enjoyable and rewarding one. One of the most exciting parts of a kitchen renovation is choosing the style of kitchen you would like.

While our showroom will provide you with many great ideas and our designers can also offer some fantastic advice, you might like to keep reading here for some styles and ideas you may not have considered.

Bistro Style Kitchen

Bistro style kitchens offer a modern kind of feel. By adding simple features such as timber veneer and a blackboard for scribbling shopping lists or the weekly menu you create a relaxed and cool area to prepare your food. Wine lovers may even like to add a wine rack.

Natural Light and Nature

If you’re stuck for kitchen splashback ideas why not add a window? This will add a whole new level of lighting to your workspace and also offer a great view into the garden if you have one, or create one! Window splashbacks are easy to clean and the natural light means less electricity used during the day.

Wall Storage

If you have the space in your kitchen you could have shelving added into the wall away from the preparation area. This means you don’t have to have bulky cupboards above the sink, which will allow a more open ambience. The shelving can include custom wine racks and space for recipe books.

Timber Lovers

If you love the idea of a timber kitchen, go for it. You can give this style of kitchen a more modern edge by adding stainless steel benchtops and high gloss cabinets in your choice of colour teamed with stainless steel appliances.

Another idea with timber if you don’t want to add colour is to use a couple of different tones. This look can be quite effective; however; you have to be careful that the grains are similar. By doing this you will avoid the kitchen looking too busy.

There are so many more fantastic ideas available to consider and all you need to do is contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens to set you on your path to kitchen bliss. Visit online today at



Renovating Your Kitchen? Create A Simple Temporary One

There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing in your newly renovated kitchen, looking around at the fabulous new cabinets, the gleaming benchtops and splashbacks, the latest tap ware and the clean lines of the newest appliances. It has been quite a journey, but worth it on every level. Now you can’t imagine why you put it off for so long.

This is a comment we often hear from our clients after we finish their new, custom designed kitchen. When our Craftbuilt Kitchens team starts a renovation, they know it is disruptive for the occupants, so we offer suggestions for a smooth transition from an old, tired kitchen to a dazzling new one.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen Space

The first thing to do is to set up a small kitchen area away from the old one, so as not to disrupt the work being done. Only a small space will be needed, as there is no need to take every item in the existing kitchen with you. Remember, this is only temporary, so creating a kitchen nook in the corner of the dining room or some other area will suffice.

Don’t spend a lot of money on this as it will be dismantled when you move back into your new kitchen. A cheap microwave cabinet, some portable shelving and space on the end of the dining room table for a couple of plastic containers to hold cutlery and pantry items will be adequate. You will still need a refrigerator, but don’t stress over where in the house it is situated. Borrow what you need from others if necessary. Remember this is temporary.

Keep Only Essentials – Use The Barbeque

Pack up the rest of the kitchen ready for storage. Only keep the bare essentials in the interim as you should have already decided to keep meal preparation as quick and simple as possible. Keep fussy, fancy items off the menu and you will not need the gadgets. A microwave, kettle, toaster and maybe one or two other appliances will keep everyone comfortably fed. In our climate, the barbeque will also make an excellent cooktop.

Breeze Through The Washing Up

Nowhere to wash the dishes? A plastic bowl in the bath will do a fine job and the water is there ready, both hot and cold. Without all the preparation bowls, nifty little utensils and gadgets to wash, there won’t be as much to do. Use disposables as much as possible to limit the inconvenience.

Of course, you will also bring takeaways home, just like you did when you had a full, functioning kitchen, and treat yourself to a restaurant meal every now and then. For something to look forward to, plan a celebration with guests after our Craftbuilt Kitchens team have completed your beautiful new kitchen. Their complimentary comments will make the inconvenience all worthwhile.


Beautiful Kitchen Finishes

Choosing the right cabinet and drawer finishes is an important task when you are having your kitchen done. There is a massive range of finishes, styles and hardware available to choose from and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know which the best choice is for you. The type of material you end up choosing for your finishes can be governed by the style of kitchen you have selected in the beginning. Naturally what will be high on your list when choosing is your budget. The most important factors are efficiency and functionality of the finish you choose, and of course you want it to be aesthetically appealing.

The Basic Finishes – The Pros

Laminate is probably the most budget friendly option available for kitchens in Brisbane. Laminate comes in a good range of colours, textures and patterns and even gloss finishes. If you like the look of single solid colours then the choice for you may be painted 2pac polyurethane. The front and 4 sides are painted using automotive grade paint and it’s available in just about any colour you can imagine. You can choose from either gloss, satin or textured finish and all are easy finishes to clean. For a good hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean option, vinyl wrap is fairly low cost. The PVC foil is vacuum bonded onto high moisture resilient substrate. Timber veneer finishes come in natural, gloss, sandblasted or grain. Options available are reconstituted or natural. Solid timber offers the feel of character and warmth to your kitchen. It is easily repaired by re-sanding and it look is easily maintained by re-oiling.

The Basic Finishes – The Cons

Nothing in this world is perfect and there are things you should know about these products and their potential downfalls. This does not mean the products are not worthy or useful in the kitchen, simply there are facets about each that will help you decide which is right for your needs. For example, laminate can be hard to repair so you should take appropriate steps to avoid damage. High gloss finishes in 2pac can show marks and scratches easily whilst a vinyl wrap finish cannot be repaired but needs to be completely replaced and may yellow with age. For timber veneer finishes you are limited to only square profile edges and solid timber is more expensive and can be affected by humidity and moisture.

Discussing your kitchen design options in Brisbane in depth with qualified staff will ensure you choose the right finish for your kitchen. Eye catching beautiful drawers and cabinets will soon be yours, ready to enjoy.