Shailer Park Family Kitchen Renovation

Often times, it is only when one can see that a kitchen needs updating if an essential appliance breaks down, the flooring peels back or a storage area shatters. During Christmas 2016, a number of relatives and family were guests for lunch in one Shailer Park home. After everybody had consumed an outstanding feast, all that was left to do was clean up and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

But that was not the case for this client. The dishes were packed in the dishwasher and, after several minutes of washing, it suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The electronic controls were not functioning at all. Take a look at the pre-renovation pictures of the kitchen before Craftbuilt Kitchens worked their magic.

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Pre Renovation    Shailer Park Family Kitchen Pre Renovation

Around the kitchen, the area lacked bench space, the chipboard shelving had sagged and looked unsightly, the floor needs replacing and the appliances – updating. Our clients decided to invest in a built-in or stand alone dishwasher as mobile machines are not manufactured today. Plus, they were looking at energy efficient appliances. It was then that they decided to replace the whole area. The cabinetry finish they had chosen was a SHEEN laminate finish in Classic White. The benchtops were manufactured quartz by Smart Stone, a soft fine specked grey called CENIZA.

What was a 1970’s style kitchen then turned into a modern dream kitchen. Turning to Craftbuilt Kitchens, the clients received a quote that covered all costs and in their own words “material content was good – Easy friendly and helpful approach to sales – excellent reports from the trades people and could not see any cost overruns.”

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Brisbane

At the end of the project, our Shailer Park clients knew they made the right decision to work with Craftbuilt Kitchens for their renovation. “We are extremely happy with the results due to quality materials and Craftsmanship – Excellent tradesman who was punctual, polite and always cleaned up satisfactory after each job was completed.”

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Brisbane


Having fulfilled their dream kitchen, they send their best to Sue, who designed the kitchen and supplied the quotation, and Sharon, who itemized a timetable and organized the tradesmen and materials.

Shailer Park Family Kitchen Brisbane

Are you looking to do the same before having a wave of guests come over for the summer and future holidays? Call Craftbuilt Kitchens at (07) 3341 9166 and set a 3D appointment with our kitchen designers so you can see for yourself what your dream kitchen looks like virtually. You will be amazed at how simple it is, and will be sure of how the end result will look in your home.


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Springwood Kitchen Renovation

More and more clients are maximising the space around their home. They are opening their kitchens to the outdoors. In doing so, their kitchen appears larger and more open, like this Springwood kitchen.

The fresh neutral colour palate of Classic White allows the contemporary or modern Hampton’s style doors and stone bench tops to stand out showcasing a lovely view into the garden.

You’d never guess that this used to be a very outdated looking kitchen (below) with an adjacent room that was not being used to its full potential. Mainly because our client already had another room used for their dining area. It has now become an open plan kitchen space that the resident adores.

By relocating the plumbing pipes in the floor, we were able to achieve a more open plan design using a double-depth island bench. It not only opened up significant bench space and storage, but also an interactive seating area on the end and on one side of the island bench.

Our Craftbuilt Kitchens designer worked with the home owner when it came to other usable areas too. This includes an underbench microwave hidden behind a pocket door which meant a much nicer bench area on the back wall, and then there are the areas either side of the cooktop.

A striking manufactured quartz stone benchtop combined with a soft-white coloured profile Two Pac cabinetry finish, sees a stunning end result and delighted clients that feel their kitchen & dining room have been transformed into a beautiful modern and highly functional combined area for cooking and entertaining.

We are happy to report that Craftbuilt Kitchens’ final result is one that even exceeded the client’s expectations for their dream kitchen renovation. Another Craftbuilt Dream Kitchen achieved! Do you wish to achieve the same? Our professional designers at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 are happy to help you. You can also call us at (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment.

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Tenerrife Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

We had a client come in and talked to us about a beautiful city apartment housed a disappointing kitchen that lacked storage & bench space. This isn’t new as most apartments have already built-in kitchens and it isn’t always up to the residents’ standards or liking.

Tenerrife Kitchen Renovation Before Pictures

Over-all, it did not embrace the open-plan nature of the rest of the apartment.

Tenerrife Kitchen Renovation Before Pictures

This is a task Craftbuilt Kitchens embraced. Gone is the old kitchen and in its place is a new striking white gloss laminate cabinetry was complimented by minimalistic white benchtops in a new open plan design that provided impressive bench space and an inviting arena for many dinner parties which the freestanding stove was able to easily cater for.

Tenerrife Kitchen Renovation

The client’s need for a “wow” factor was readily achieved with a unique citrus green glass splashback that our Scottish clients selected after much deliberation, and we are happy to say they are still loving every morning they enter their kitchen area.
Who wouldn’t love that colour? It shines of lime freshness!

Tenerrife Kitchen Renovation

A large double door pantry with internal soft-close pull outs, along with many sets of soft-close drawers satisfied all storage requirements and meant overheads could mostly be avoided given the short stature of our clients. A built-in bin drawer system meant an unsightly freestanding bin could be avoided, and with a glass display cabinet lit from within, and new back wall light fittings, the striking transformation was complete!

We are happy to report that Craftbuilt Kitchens’ final result is one that even exceeded the client’s expectations for their dream kitchen renovation. Another Craftbuilt Dream Kitchen achieved! Do you wish to achieve the same? Our designers at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 are happy to help you. You can also call us at (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment.

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Lovely Parkinson Kitchen Renovation

Previously, Craftbuilt Kitchens worked with a client who has a lovely home that was sadly let down by an outdated and dark looking kitchen. (Pictures below).

Parkinson Before Pictures Renovation

The existing design was very cramped and fragmented, and it was difficult for more than one person to work in it comfortably.

Parkinson Before Pictures Renovation  Parkinson Before Pictures Renovation

By moving all the tall items onto the back wall, this then allowed for considerably more continuous bench space and a better work flow layout.  A roller door appliance centre, which provides a neat hidey hole for those everyday appliances, solved the corner access and finished the back wall in a continuous and sleek line.

Parkinson Before Pictures Renovation  Parkinson Before Pictures Renovation

The existing raised divider wall with benchtop was cut down by our builder, and this in turn had the wonderful effect of opening up the kitchen to a lovely open plan feel. This also allowed us to fit in two sets of rear cabinets which provided lots of extra storage for those many items that are not used regularly but we cannot live without. A pantry with internal pull outs, and many sets of drawers, meant much more accessible storage that made it a pleasure for the clients to work within their new custom-built kitchen.

All cabinetry was finished to the ceiling with a matching headpiece that was then corniced to match the rest of the adjoining rooms. This not only provides a neat built-in effect, with elongated doors which make the kitchen appear larger and provides additional storage, but also means no open tops of tall cabinets that gather dust and grime.

Parkinson Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

Lighter colours were selected, with a feature colour on the rear area that was from a warmer palette so as to provide a homely feel that complimented the existing house fittings. A semi-gloss laminate cabinetry finish provided additional light reflection with an easy clean finish that is also highly durable.

A manufactured quartz benchtop was selected with a 40mm edge to provide a modern and quality finish to the room. Whilst an undermount sink was considered, our elderly clients preferred a permanent drain tray for their daily hand washing, and so selected a drop-in model with an attached drain tray. A tiled splashback with a dramatic vertical feature finished beautifully an understated but elegant look that will have a timeless appeal.

Parkinson Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

With our clients so delighted with the end result of their new kitchen, Craftbuilt was then commissioned to proceed with their bathroom and laundry renovation.

Planning to have a bathroom and kitchen renovation soon? Give Craftbuilt Kitchens a call at (07) 3341 9166 or visit our showroom in Underwood and meet our lovely designers!

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Greenslopes Kitchen Renovation

We had a client come in who wanted a very dark & dingy timber kitchen updated. It provided an unwelcoming kitchen environment in their beautiful old Queenslander home. Here’s a look at the kitchen before the renovation:


Greenslopes Kitchen Renovation Greenslopes Kitchen Renovation

Craftbuilt Kitchens went to work straight away. With our expert tradesman on the job, gone are the old cabinetry design and appliances.

Greenslopes Kitchen Renovation


The chosen off-white Two Pac profiled cabinetry finish provides a well overdue facelift that lightens the entire kitchen area with a modern and fresh look, whilst still remaining true to the era of the home.

Here is a sneak peek of the kitchen in progress, the intimate lighting of the home gives it a warm vibrance.

An outdated and ugly freestanding white stove is replaced by an updated and modern built-in oven and cooktop which is so much easier to keep clean and maintain.

A modern new design allows for a large step-in pantry and also fits a much-needed broom cabinet, which is angled to ensure the entry to the kitchen is still kept quite open. When it comes to storage, lots of drawers and many overheads also boost the need for storage space, and meant a couple of colonial glass doors could fit in the design without sacrificing too much storage.

 Greenslopes Kitchen Renovation

Greenslopes Kitchen Renovation

The lighter coloured cabinets allows for a warmer contrasting chunky stone benchtop, which in turn compliments a new under-stated tiled splashback with larger tiles to minimise grout lines. It replaced the heavily patterned old lino with a vinyl planked flooring.

We are happy to report that Craftbuilt Kitchens’ final result is one that even exceeded the client’s expectations for their dream kitchen renovation. Do you wish to achieve the same? Our designers at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 are happy to help you. You can also call us at (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment. Start the New Year, right! Have a prosperous 2018. Happy New Year!

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Grange Kitchen Renovation

Grange, Brisbane, QLD Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to kitchen renovations in Brisbane homes, we have clients who want to still retain the feel and them of the home environment and ensure that any changes made internally will complement the whole area.

Which is why, when it comes to kitchen renovations, our recent Grange clients wanted to work with Craftbuilt Kitchens.

Our clients at Grange wanted a significant renovation to their kitchen. They searched for a company that can deliver their vision. After tendering quotes, they have selected Craftbuilt Kitchens to build their dream kitchen.

Our kitchen designers and tradesmen went to work right away.  Family owned and established in 1975, Craftbuilt Kitchens are well recognised for their quality craftsmanship and work on a method they call the “single tradesman construction”. It was going to be a complete transformation, from bare outdated pastel walls to a modern area.

The family wanted an open-plan feel. Our Craftbuilt Kitchens designer readily achieved this with an island bench that provided such impression, as well as an extensive bench space and storage.

The result was a Hamptons-style kitchen that features a casual and elegant theme. The blue-grey colour scheme provided a warmth that was readily complemented with warm timber floors and soft-white stools around the island bench.

Soft Hamptons Style Grange, Brisbane QLD Kitchen Renovation


To complete the area, an integrated fridge was installed. The integrated feature minimalized the presence of appliances and enabled the focus to remain on the gorgeous cabinetry.

Soft Hamptons Style Grange, Brisbane QLD Kitchen Renovation

The final touch was a stunning marble-look quartz benchtop. Its soft and subtle veins provided a natural, timeless quality whilst providing a durable and hard-wearing finish. An end result exceeding every expectation!

Soft Hamptons Style Grange, Brisbane QLD Kitchen Renovation

If you’re thinking of a similar design or this kitchen idea has inspired you to plan your own kitchen renovation soon, contact our experienced kitchen consultants at Craftbuilt Kitchens today at (07) 3341 9166 or visit the showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119.

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Paradise Point Kitchen Renovation

Paradise Point is considered to be a fairly upmarket suburb. Which is no wonder our clients wanted a perfect Hampton’s style theme for their dream kitchen. Craftbuilt Kitchens was able to provide them the classic Hampton’s kitchen at its best! Take a look at the Paradise Point kitchen post-renovation photos below.

The kitchen featured a beautifully detailed white cabinetry in a satin finish for the simple shaker style door. It was complimented with a simple shell handle on the drawers and a small knob for doors. Whilst not a large space, a slightly under-sized island bench with feature columns worked well in this space. It is a perfect storage space for dishes, containers and even appliances.

The doors, drawers and kicks are 2 PAC Satin. The clients chose Polar White and the remainder of the kitchen was from SmartStone Arcadia (20mm). A free-standing stainless-steel stove complimented the set up with a feature rang​e-hood mounted on subway tiles to the ceiling. These materials stayed true to the elegant but classic style. Matching all accessories was a fun process in this Paradise Point kitchen job.

And the final touch to this elegant display of white is a stunning light fitting to highlight the bold veins of the marble-look quartz benchtop and complete this perfect vision. The marble benchtop draws guests in because of the different texture it brings, lifting the area and pulling them together. The island bench was from SmartStone Statuario Venato (40mm).

White kitchens always bring elegance, style and sophistication to any home. We are happy to have helped build our clients’ dream kitchen.

Are you thinking of a similar style for your kitchen as well? Or perhaps this inspires an idea for your own kitchen renovation? Our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers can definitely help you get started. Call  (07) 3341 9166 or visit our showroom in Underwood, Brisbane, today!

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Muarrie Kitchen Renovation


We had a lovely client who wanted a minimalist look with a hint of retro.

Sharon, our Craftbuilt Kitchens designer had this old kitchen to work on.

Take this outdated kitchen with the curved bench and cabinets. After the kitchen renovation, it has turned into…




A dream kitchen!

Craftbuilt Kitchens achieved the client’s vision by using a rich textured wood laminate finish by Polytec Ravine in Cafe Oak to contrast with the gloss white cabinetry. Laminate kitchen benchtops is cost effective and it was easy to install because it weighs considerably less compared to other materials used for kitchen benchtops. This laminate countertop works well in the kitchen’s theme!



The slimline Smartstone bench tops in Astral added a subtle touch of sparkle which maintained the feeling of airiness complimenting the custom made glass splashback which transforms the kitchen, giving it that calm glow and feel. The hint of blue splashback is perfect for this minimalist look.



Tipmatic drawers by Hafele allow for a handleless touch to open option the client insisted upon.

Clever storage again by Hafele includes slender twin pullout cabinets either side of the cook top for oils, spices and condiments.



The kitchen features state of the art appliances including a Kleenmaid multi-function steam oven, a culinary drawer for warming dinner plates keeps prepared food warm until ready to serve and even proving dough.

A strategically placed french door fridge is handy to preparation areas and the 90cm flush mounted induction cook-top in the cooking zone.



You can see the dramatic difference between their old kitchen and their new dream kitchen.

Our client, in her own review, “loves it to bits!”


I had my beautiful new Craftbuilt kitchen installed over 2 years ago and still love it to bits. My designer Sharon worked with me tirelessly to turn an awkward pokey space with angles and curves that couldn’t be changed to create a new open area where all the family could cook, socialise and clean up without getting in each other’s way. I chose Craftbuilt because they listened to me without pushing me and the whole experience was a relief as I had been planning what to do for a very long time. I now have all the storage I needed in my kitchen that works for all occasions.



Thinking of renovating your kitchen, too? Visit our kitchen showroom in Brisbane or call us at (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment. We’d love to design with you, just for you!

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Camp Hill Kitchen Renovation

We have a client that is a proud owner of a number of Craftbuilt Kitchens over the years and when she moved to Camp Hill, we were her first port of call.

This was her Camp Hill kitchen renovation home in progress.


She has a beautiful Queenslander style home which retains a lot of the original features and it was important to her that her new kitchen was in keeping with the era of her home whilst incorporating modern features and functionality. Her dream kitchen was achieved.

The study area incorporated cabinetry to hide the printer & hard-drive along with cabinets custom-built to hide files and folders to give a stream-lined look as the eye moves from the kitchen to the study area.

All cabinets finished with Dulux Grey Pebble at half strength to give a contemporary look when teamed with Quantum Quartz Dolce benchtops without compromising  the look and feel of this traditional home.

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Capalaba Kitchen Renovation

Craftbuilt Kitchens recently worked on a kitchen renovation that needed a modern lift.

This (below) is the kitchen our client wanted us to work on. The owner wanted her older property to maintain its traditional styling but provide an up-to-date feel. During the appointment, we can tell she knows what she has in mind. Plus, this isn’t her first Craftbuilt Kitchen. She initially called us to work on her first home, a while back. So working together was a breeze in fulfilling her second dream kitchen.


Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Before

So a 2 Pack satin cabinetry was installed with a Jurassic Black granite benchtop, plus tiled splashbacks. A Kleenmaid cooktop and Kleenmaid rangehood with Smeg oven were also mounted. Our expert tradesman, Nathan, was on it!

The whole crew had a lot to work on. They were not only completing a dream kitchen. They were also working on a tight deadline because the client wanted everything done on a certain weekend. She was having guests over. That weekend get together does not only bring family and friends over but it is also a great opportunity to feature a new change to the home.

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba In Progress

Outside, with keen eyes, our tradesman – Paul, found damaged timbers caused by termites and replaced it immediately. Wouldn’t want pests to contaminate the kitchen. The whole kitchen renovation and installation were a total breeze and termite free. But the timber was not the only casualty. Because of the recent flooding last March, a fallen tree almost hit her house! Look at how close it was, merely a few feet.

A fallen tree almost hit her house.

Paul helped cut the tree into smaller pieces. Luckily, it missed the house but it did make one particular resident grumpy. But he is alright now, as you can see! We don’t think he likes his picture being taken.

Grumpy resident owl.

At the end of the day, everybody was happy with the result. Even with the fallen tree, the grumpy owl and the termites, Craftbuilt Kitchens was able to fully complete the renovation by the expected date.

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Renovation Final

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Renovation Before and After

Craftbuilt Kitchens Capalaba Renovation Full View


Are you in the Capalaba, Queensland area and are also planning to renovate your kitchen? Give Craftbuilt Kitchens a call at (07) 3341 9166 or visit us at our showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119 for the latest designs in benchtops, storage, splashbacks and more.

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