Get Your Bench Top Height Right

While getting the colour scheme, cabinetry and appliances in your new kitchen is a priority, one of the most important facets in the kitchen to get right is the bench top. Because the bench top is where all the work happens it is vital that the material chosen is correct for you as well as the design and of course, height.

Of course there is a standard bench top height that we design at Craftbuilt Kitchens but sometimes it is necessary to step outside the standard and have your own height and style created when it comes to your kitchen bench top.

Deciding On Your Bench Top Size

Firstly, the size of the bench top needs to be decided upon. This largely depends on the size of the kitchen space you have to work with as well as the kind of cooking style you use. One bedroom inner city units for example don’t always have the most space for kitchens.

It is not uncommon for a small kitchenette to be installed against one wall adjoining the lounge space in one room. In this case, the bench top will be smaller.

The way you cook will affect the size of bench you need, too. If you prepare big home cooked meals from scratch then more bench space will be required. However, if you are a busy executive who carries out basic meal prep or only buys pre-made meals then your bench space requirements will be less.

Deciding On Your Height

Ergonomic comfort is a must in the kitchen if you create culinary storms or even if you spend a short while making meals. Not one person is the same height; and so in some cases neither should be the kitchen bench top.

If you are a particularly tall person or even quite short, a standard bench top height will not serve you well. Leaning down for a long period of time while preparing food or reaching up higher will inevitably cause you some discomfort.

Different bench heights can also serve different purposes. Lower bench spaces can make great spaces for kids to sit at and do homework while their parent is on the opposite side preparing meals, for example. Breakfast bars can be used for meal preparation as well as eating at for busy executive couples.

When you talk to our professional designer at Craftbuilt Kitchens be sure to discuss your meal prep needs to get the bench top style, space and height just right for you.


Benchtops That Won’t Strain Your Back

When it comes to getting your kitchen refurbished or replaced you can get caught up in many of the decisions that will affect the outcome of how your kitchen looks. The kind of cabinetry, the handles, splashbacks and the colours are all very exciting facets to ponder over from an aesthetic point of view, but what of the functional side of things?

The way your kitchen is convenient when you are in it is an incredibly important factor to consider. Where the appliances are placed in relation to benchtops and the fridge is a common theme to consider but the height and overall size of your benchtops is incredibly important to get right too.

Why Benchtop Size Matters

For many, it is not something that they have considered, but for those who are a little on the short or tall side of things, it seems an obvious point to think about.

Many hours are spent in the kitchen over the course of a week, even a day for some, and the height of the benchtop in relation to the height of the user can make a big difference. For instance, tall people bending over a lower benchtop can experience an aching lower back. Whereas for shorter people or people in wheelchairs, reaching up more than is comfortable for a long period of time can give them sore arms and shoulders.

Yet, it’s not just the height that matters but also the width and length. Wiping down benchtops a few times a day or even once can result in a sore back and limbs at times and where the benchtop is situated in the kitchen can affect the width and length requirements.


An island benchtop, for example, can be accessed from all sides for cleaning. Because of this, the width is not such a big factor. However, if the benchtop is against a wall you will generally only be able to access it from one side; therefore, keeping a reasonable width in mind is advised.


Length is governed greatly by the amount of space in your kitchen and also how many people will be using the bench space at once. For those who are confined to wheelchairs or the elderly, a smaller length benchtop can mean easier cleaning and reaching capabilities.


The standard height for benchtops that is considered ergonomic is 900mm. This is suitable for many, but not for some. You can always discuss with your designer if you would like your benchtop to be lower or higher, depending on your personal needs and, in doing so, you will do your back and body a favour.

Click here to find out more about getting your benchtops and kitchenstailor-made to suit your needs.

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