Going Greens: Kitchens You Can’t Live Without

So many of us are making more conscious decisions to choose eco-friendly products. We have a greater understanding now regarding the negative impact our choices can make on the planet if we don’t choose wisely. Eco-friendly or ‘green’ choices are everywhere. They are in the food products we buy, the clothing we wear, our personal items, fuel, electricity and more, but it doesn’t stop there.

Homeowners looking to make changes to their kitchen can also opt for a green kitchen to contribute to a better future and to stop being so taxing on the environment. You may already be on your way; the last dishwasher you bought may have been chosen with the energy and water rating in mind, but there are more ways than this to ensure your kitchen is green, so here are a few tips.

Weigh Up The Cost

If you are planning your eco-friendly kitchen with your qualified designer you need to keep in mind the big picture. It may seem that some products are more expensive, and when you are going healthy or choosing earth-friendly products they usually are, but the fact is that these products are more likely to last and what’s more, is there really any value that can be placed on having a kitchen that is kind to the planet?

Where possible, ask for Australian-made products rather than products manufactured overseas. Whilst overseas products are often cheaper, they are made at a greater cost to the planet and contain more gas and fume emissions. Eventually, the more expensive product is less taxing in other areas.

Recycling A Must

We all recycle, each home has a separate bin to place out the front on bin day and so what is very useful inside the kitchen is a recycling station. This does not have to be too elaborate, just some individual bins marked clearly regarding the contents.

On the subject of recycling, another eco-friendly choice for your kitchen is the use of recycled wood. Recycled wood adds a nice warmth to your kitchen and offers a certain sense of rustic style.

Lighting and Appliances

If you are able, aim for a kitchen that uses more natural light during the day so that you do not require lights all the time. Furthermore, when it does come time for turning on the lights, choose eco-friendly lighting that does not sap so much electricity. As mentioned, you can choose appliances based on their green ratings and more and more suppliers are getting on board with making eco-friendly options.

If you would like to contact the leading designers in the field about how green your kitchen can be, call 07 3341 9166.


Make Your Kitchen An Energy Efficient Kitchen

With so much awareness about our impact on the environment many of us are making smarter choices that positively affect not only the environment but our hip pocket. The appliances that we use and water we consume are often items that are looked at as well as lighting, amongst others.

When we make more informed decisions and take better actions as consumers we are doing the right thing by ourselves and the world we live in. If you are about to embark on a new kitchen journey with our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens we would like you to consider the environment in some of your choices.


When choosing taps and other water appliances consider their water rating, an AAA rating or similar is the most ideal. Naturally, your budget can affect the taps and other items that you are able to choose, but aim to get the maximum star rating possible.

Some taps are fitted with aerators; the difference they can make is amazing. A regular tap may release up to 18 litres a minute whereas an aerator only allows a release of 2 litres a minute.


All appliances now sold come with a star rating for their energy efficiency. Energy labels must be present by law and alongside letting you know the environmental impact they also tell the approximate cost of running the appliance.


Appropriate kitchen lighting is important. Dull lighting in work areas where you prepare food is just not suitable. Wanting an energy-efficient kitchen doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your lighting.

You can make use of natural light from windows or skylights for during the day and LED lighting or energy efficient globes for night time.

Go Gas

Using gas rather than electricity is a lot more energy efficient and is also cheaper for you. You still see rating labels on gas appliances but it is measured in megajoules. Another bonus of gas is that it is easier to cook with.

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we fully support the decision of our clients to go energy efficient and will help with information and decisions in any way we can. If you have any questions regarding our products, the production of these and the appliances we recommend, our showroom hostesses and designers are there to help.

Contact us today to learn more about getting a new kitchen that is energy efficient and amazing regarding food preparation.


Choosing Eco Friendly and Staying Eco Friendly

There are plenty of eco friendly appliances available for kitchens nowadays. With so much more awareness about the effect our appliances have on the environment, the market has responded with appropriate appliances to choose from.

Another benefit to eco friendly appliances is the effect they have on our utility bills. Money is better spent on living, not bills, so an appliance that costs you less to run and is less costly to the environment is a win-win choice.

Our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens can discuss with you what appliances we recommend; in the meantime, here is some important info on choosing eco friendly appliances for your kitchen.

How Do You Know If It Is Eco Friendly?

It is a requirement that all appliances display a sticker outlining the energy rating of that product. Dishwashers, fridges, et cetera, will all be showing in full sight the amount of energy and/or water they will use as well as the energy star rating.

If you are selecting a dishwasher for your kitchen it is a good idea to aim for 3.5 stars or higher. To give you an idea, your usage cost is less 30% for each star on the rating. Choosing a dishwasher with an economy cycle and using this the most is also a great choice.

Ovens and cooktops don’t come with star rating stickers; however; what you run them on makes a difference. Induction cooktops are the most efficient option with gas following after and electric coming in last and using the most energy.

Tips for Fridges and Freezers

Fridges and freezers also carry the star rating stickers, but also the fridge you choose and how you use it will affect your bill and its eco friendly capability.

Did you know that if you buy that large fridge you have been dreaming of is a waste of money to run if you don’t need that size? That’s right. It makes sense that if you are using all that power to keep the fridge cool but it’s always near empty, it is a waste of energy and money.

Alternatively, if you buy a small fridge but it is packed to the brim, it will have to work harder and thus cost you more to run. The trick is to buy a fridge that is perfectly sized for your needs and the number of people in the household.

For more great advice on your new amazing kitchen and the appliances to go in it, contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens today.