Have A Great Kitchen With Granite Counter-Tops

If you love getting into the kitchen, there is nothing worse then having a bench that doesn’t measure up. Having the right amount of bench space and a bench that isn’t going to damage easily is important to the preparation of a great meal. Granite kitchen counter-tops are a great addition to any kitchen because of their durability. Granite’s composition is very close to lava, making it extremely strong. Granite has been used for thousands of years in statues and various other projects. It is a versatile rock the can be cut down for any use. The best use for it though is kitchen counter-tops. The look wonderful and will last beyond a lifetime.

Kitchens in Brisbane are in use everyday, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so it’s important to have a good bench that you can work on. Granite counter-tops come in a large range of colours and patterns, making it very easy for you to match your decor with the colours of your choice. Granite is scratch and heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about leaving ugly marks on the bench with hot pots and pans. Although it is more of an expensive option, it will also add value to your home and lasts for a lifetime, giving you peace of mind knowing that you haven’t wasted money on something you need to replace later on down the track. In ten years time, it will still look as shiny and new as the day you bought it. Granite counter-tops can increase the chance of selling a home; buyers want a home that does not have a lot of repairs or renovations. Granite counter-tops can also be used in bathrooms or in an entertainment area.

Getting a professional to install your granite counter-tops is a must. It needs to be properly sealed and grouted. An under mount sink is also best to use for a granite counter-top. It is best to choose the best quality sink that you can afford, once the granite benches are installed, you won’t be able to replace the kitchen sink.

With the colours and patterns of granite, you can easily achieve and individual look that no one else has. The beauty of granite has astounded many for centuries. It is easy to clean and easy to repair. Stains are easy to clean from granite also. With a proper kitchen design in Brisbane, entertaining in your home has never been easier. Entertain your friends and woo them with gorgeous granite counter-tops in your kitchen. They definitely add grace and style to any kitchen, giving your home a rich looking atmosphere. Granite counter-tops definitely give you a kitchen you can be proud of.


Countertops to Suit Your Lifestyle – Getting It Right

If the kitchen is the hub of a household, then the countertop is the feature that unites every aspect of the design. Countertops should be both functional and attractive, blending together the different colours and materials in the cabinetry, flooring and splashbacks. Too much variety and contrast will distract from the overall effect of the space as a whole, while not enough can leave it looking bland.

Choosing the best material to suit your lifestyle is the key to getting this balance right. When you bring your ideas to Craftbuilt Kitchens, our team of designers and consultants will help you decide on the countertops that will best suit your kitchen. In the meantime, we have compiled some information about the materials currently in demand for countertops.

The Natural Stone Look

There are several alternatives available in this type of material, depending on your budget. At the high end of the market is marble. Renowned for its beauty and durability, marble conveys a timeless elegance but it is expensive and requires a lot of care.

Granite is not quite as expensive as marble, looks great in a kitchen and is long wearing. Like marble, it requires care and maintenance.

A much more affordable alternative is engineered stone or quartz. These materials tick the sustainability box as they are manufactured composite products that have the look and feel of stone without the price.

The Timeless Warmth of Timber

Timber countertops are almost a pre-requisite in country-style kitchens. The material is light and easy to shape, and the natural colour tones complement a wide range of cabinetry styles. Although timber scratches easily and also can be stained, it is just as easily sanded and returned to its original glory.

Old Favourites and New Trends

Laminate seems like it has been around forever, and for good reason. There is a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from, it is inexpensive, hard wearing and requires little in the way of maintenance. The story for other acrylic materials is similar. They offer plenty of scope for creative licence, are cost effective, low maintenance and with normal care, stains can be removed without damaging the surface.

A material that is crossing the divide between commercial and home kitchens is stainless steel. In the right environment, stainless steel is an alternative material worth considering. It looks stunning, is hygienic and easy to clean, will not stain, but requires care as it will dent and scratch.

Before making a final decision, we recommend you think about how you use your kitchen. Take into account the frequency of accidents like staining and scratches. Do you drop heavy items or hot saucepans onto the countertops? Choose your materials to suit your lifestyle and your countertops from Craftbuilt Kitchens will look fabulous for years to come.