Offload Unwanted Kitchen Items for Cash

Planning a new kitchen is the perfect time to take stock of all the unwanted items cluttering up your old kitchen. Even before the new designs are finalised there are all sorts of tasks you can undertake to prepare the space. Not only will it make pulling out the old kitchen much easier, but if you are clever, it will also bring in some much-needed extra money.

Clients who take this extra step make it easier for us to install their sparkling new kitchens. With a clutter-free, clean space in which to work, our installers can move around quickly doing what they need to do. Craftbuilt Kitchens undertake to install every new kitchen within one day. Therefore, try to get unwanted appliances out of the way before we arrive, in order to speed up the process.

Start with a Clear Plan

It helps if you are organised and spend a little time planning your approach. The first place to start is to go through every drawer and cupboard and be ruthless in culling those items you never use. Very small items that are not worth advertising online can be donated to charity if they are in good condition. If not, consign them to the rubbish bin.

Check Websites for Pricing

Now you should know what you are keeping for the new kitchen and what you want to sell. Check your favourite shopping websites to find out what others are asking for similar items.

Set a price that is competitive but fair, considering the amount of use items have had. If you are greedy and price too high, buyers will ignore your listing.

Every Item Should be Spotlessly Clean

Now is the time to bring out the cleaning cloths, polish and rubber gloves. Before you start taking any photos to put online, all your items and appliances must be looking their best.

For large pieces such as an oven or fridge that has seen extensive use, be prepared to take out shelves, unscrew double glass panels to clean behind them, and soak parts in hot water to get every component spotless and shining. Put it all back together and admire your work.

Good Photos, Honest Descriptions and Upload!

Now you are ready to photograph the items, write a description without exaggerations and post the ad online. Include model numbers and product specifications so buyers can do their own investigations before contacting you. When people begin enquiring, be polite, give honest information and be prepared to negotiate on an individual item. Don’t be greedy and hold out for an extra five or ten dollars. You could be left with it.

Put in the effort and it won’t be long until we have installed your new kitchen and you have cash to spend on some stylish accessories.