What Will You Be Cooking On In Your New Kitchen?

Getting a new kitchen installed is incredibly exciting. How your kitchen looks and feels can really affect the whole feel of a home so it’s important that you are happy with yours. Our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens will expertly guide and assist you during this fun and important time to make choices you will not be disappointed with.

The cook top is one thing on which you will need to make the right decision as it’s a major feature in the kitchen. Not only do you want one that looks great, you also need one that functions well and is within your intended budget. There are basically three types of cook tops to choose from and we will discuss each in brief.

Gas Cook Tops

The benefits of gas cook tops are many. Gas cook tops have long been popular with professional chefs. When it comes to cooking with gas you are able to control the heat instantly. If you turn the heat up or down then it reaches that desired setting immediately.

Any kind of cookware is able to be used on a gas cook top and as a general rule gas is cheaper than electricity. A big benefit of gas is that if the electricity goes off after a storm or for some other reason, you are still able to cook your meals.

Electric Cook Tops

While electric cook tops don’t change as quickly as gas when you alter the temperature they are very good at providing even and stable heat. If you tend to cook a lot of meals that require low heat then electric cook tops are perfect at maintaining low heat settings.

Electric cook tops are easy to clean and can be used for all cookware. Electric cook tops mean that you don’t have to have a gas line added to your home and they are cheaper than induction, so it’s great if your budget is a little tight.

Induction Cook Tops

Induction cook tops are newer on the market than electric and gas and have some great benefits. Like gas, induction cooking heat can be adjusted instantly and like electric, the heat is stable and even.

Induction is perfect if you tend to be a clumsy cook or if you have small children. This is because the surface itself does not become hot unless the pan is in place. Once the pan is removed the surface quickly cools.

Another bonus of the cook top surface not heating up is that spilt food does not get baked on the surface, thus making cleaning easier and your kitchen won’t become as hot when in use. Induction cook tops are also very energy efficient.

All three styles are great; you just need to make a choice based on your budget and preference. Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens today so we can assist you with choices and designs for your new kitchen.

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