A Kitchen Lay-Out for the Whole Family

Planning for a new kitchen renovation is an exciting time for the whole family. The kids can also look forward to the new home addition, just as much as the adults.

When you think about the design and layout of your new kitchen, you think about functionality, trends and storage space. There is also another thing to consider – is the kitchen family friendly?

Oftentimes, the parents prepare the meals in the kitchen. However, a nice idea might be to have a kitchen design that can bring the whole family together.

A Kitchen To Accommodate Everyone

How can you bring the whole family together into the heart of the home – the kitchen? The answer is in the lay-out. Food preparation, meal time and family gatherings are great moments to create memories and form strong bonds. Which is why the lay-out of the kitchen is important.

When you think of benchtops, for instance, a kitchen island can be a great unit. Island benches keep things a little more sociable. This gives you and family members the opportunity to stand around the benchtop and chat while meals are being prepared. It also gives enough room for members of the family to move about.

Making the kitchen kid-friendly is important, too. Thinking about space saving ideas for your kitchen is great but considering other parts of the kitchen that should be within the kids’ reach is a notable point. For example, which cupboards, shelves or drawers can they reach so they can grab items for you and participate in the meal process?

Open Plan Kitchen

Have you  considered an open plan kitchen? Compared to closed kitchens, an open plan kitchen design looks outwards to the outdoor entertainment area. While the adults are cooking in the kitchen and the kids are playing games in the living room, this lay-out encourages members of the family to still talk and connect with each other.

Imagine still being able to help your children with their homework and ask about what happened during their day while you are preparing dinner in the kitchen. You would still be able to keep eye contact with them and you will no longer be isolated from the whole family because an open plan kitchen encourages socialising in an open space.

There are other ways you can bring the family together in the home too, such as attending cooking classes so that once the new kitchen is installed you can all take what you have learnt and bring it into your very own modern kitchen.

However you decide you want to make your kitchen more family friendly, an expert kitchen designer can listen to your ideas and help you create the perfect space. For more information on building the perfect family kitchen for your home, talk to our consultants at Craftbuilt Kitchens today.