Selecting the right designer and kitchen renovation team, such as ours at Craftbuilt Kitchens, is extremely important. Organising the financial side of how kitchen renovations will be paid for is also incredibly important.

Without first getting your budget and savings in order you could end up in over your head financially. Issues with finances can cause stress, put a strain on relationships in the household and also end up with unfinished renovations in the home.

Because of this we recommend you have your finances in order. At Craftbuilt Kitchens we offer interest free finance for clients.

Taking the finance option, whether it is through us or another institution, still requires you to organise your budget and have a plan worked out. If you are planning on saving for your kitchen renovation and you wish to save money on the renovation then here are some tips for you.

Expert Advice

One of the best ways to save money is to spend it. This might sound crazy but in the long run if you outlay some money in the beginning it could save you money down the track. Take for example paying for the professional design and installation service.

When you enlist the services of a professional designer and installer you avoid the costly mistakes a novice DIY-er could make. Mistakes that will need to be rectified and cost more money to fix later on down the track.

Revise Your Dream

Everyone wants the very best of everything and the kitchen is no exception. You may have a great plan in mind for your kitchen that has all the bells and whistles. We guarantee that you will end up with the kind of kitchen you dream about but you also need to be realistic.

Make a list of the things you wish for your new kitchen to have and then break them down into two lists. You can call them ‘the negotiables’, the ‘not negotiables’ or ‘the necessities’ and ‘the luxuries’.

Having this list broken down will make it easier to cross off things you may not be able to afford and can do without. This doesn’t mean that your kitchen will be anything short of fantastic.

Items’ “Life” Span

It is only natural to want all new appliances and white goods for your new kitchen. But is it entirely necessary right now? Could that toaster last you a while yet? By the time you add up the average cost of a couple of smaller appliances you would be surprised how much you could potentially spend, or save.

Is the fridge in good working order? Big ticket items such as fridges will definitely save you money. It is good to keep in mind though if you are planning on buying an item like a fridge later down the track that you research and decide on this prior to your kitchen being done.That way the cabinetry can be made to allow for this size at the time rather than a costly adjustment later.

There are other great ways you can save for your renovation or save on spending. When you have your financial plan together, contact our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens.

You can find out more information by browsing through our website gallery or visit our Brisbane showroom.

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