When you drop by our Stones Corner Design Studio this week, check out our new kitchen ex display.

When you sit down with our kitchen designers, you get to choose between lovely designs and textures of kitchen countertops. Whether you’re thinking of dark timber, hardwood, stone, stainless or custom benchtops, Craftbuilt delivers quality and excellence with over 40 years under the belt.

The All NEW Finger-Print Resistant Technology by Wilsonart

Your bench cooking experience is made even more amazing and convenient with Wilsonart’s Traceless Ultra Matt laminate finish. It is the perfect choice to be utilised in our handle-less display at Craftbuilt Kitchens Stones Corner, Brisbane.

It is currently teamed with two options of Timber colours to help you decide what you like best. It features a two-coloured stone option demonstrating 20mm on the back run and 40mm mitred on the island run of cabinetry.

The stunning bench colours used are Smart Stone Petra Grigio and Calacatta Manhattan.  This display demonstrates the super modern sleek look of today with the shadow line continuing under the bench in all areas with shark-nose doors and drawers for access.

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Stylish Black Bathroom Coomera, Brisbane QLD Bathroom Renovation

Dark and moody isn’t always gloomy. Such colours can be quite dramatic and can show the home owner’s personality. According to Houzz and colour experts, deeper moodier colors like navy, black and forest green are expected to be more favorable for 2019. Experts suspect it may be a reaction to all the whites and bright colors people have been leaning toward for years.

Emerald and deep teal are making a comeback as well. It’s catching on especially in kitchen islands or benchtops.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen with dark or deep colours but are not sure which shade to choose from? Aside from black, here are a few suggestions from our kitchen renovation experts that can feature high-fashion and sleek profiles, plus it showcases your personality and mood.

Muarrie Kitchen Renovation

Here are a few Moody Colours to choose from:

  1. Navy – This classic colour never fails. It complements very well with white and balances masculine and feminine appeal. Compared to black, it doesn’t feel as “too dark” or depressing as some may think. Navy shows your sophisticated side.
  2. Charcoal to Warm Grey Shades – These shades can make the kitchen feel cosy and can help make your modern space inviting to guests. It can help lift colours such as yellow.
  3. Cool Grey Shades – Working with slightly blue and green undertones can offer a sense of cleanness. It makes the space feel more open.
  4. Chocolate – Because who doesn’t love chocolate? The colour is perfect for both modern and traditional spaces and it carries a sense of warmth throughout the area. It also helps tone down shades like orange.
  5. Burgundy – This colour has red undertones and can be easily paired with white, brown, wood and even golden metallics. It offers a lavish vibe.

Stylish Black Bathroom Coomera, Brisbane QLD Bathroom Renovation

You definitely can go dramatic with the different shades and colours. Depending on the colour you choose, it can evoke calm, lush, clean and rich feelings. There are more deep, dark and moody colours to choose from and our Craftbuilt experts can help you design your dream kitchen.

Craftbuilt Kitchens has fully qualified and experienced designers who will tailor the design to your specific needs and wants. Call us at (07) 3341 9166 and ask our consultant to book you a design appointment  at our Stones Corner studio.

Pantone Living Coral Kitchen

After Pantone made the announcement that Living Coral was 2019’s colour of the year, a lot of designers weighed in on the vibrant colour. It is described by Sonia Simpfendorfer, creative director at Australian colour consultancy Nexus Designs, as a potential popular colour because the pink spectrum has been popular and is known to bring loveliness and calmness to interiors.

Living Coral definitely has a warm energy to it and has a playful edge. Irina Krasheninnikova, an interior designer and Houzz contributor based in Russia, says the perfect combinations are “coral and grey-brown; coral and juicy green; coral and honey.” While Sonia feels that it is a “natural fit with fresh white, soft greys and a small amount of black, along with lighter [timbers], but it is particularly interesting when paired with pale blues and dirty purples, too”. Italian interior designer Lia Lovisolo states that coral can be beautifully paired with choices from the green spectrum such as coral and turquoise. In addition, it’s perfect with light woods.

Pantone Living Coral Kitchen

Image from www.pantone.com

In the article from Houzz, Pantone suggests that coral is a nurturing shade that bridges the natural & digital worlds and “symbolises our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits”. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, Living Coral can definitely make a statement and fits some of the natural schemes in any space. Imagine the color as a base for your splashback or hues for your cabinet and other storage areas. 

Living Coral is indeed a cheerful colour. It adds instant glamour and freshens traditional spaces. It is perfect when paired with neutrals and brightens up darker hues. Imagine entertaining guests and socialising over your amazing homemade spread for dinner in a vibrant setting.  It warms up modern spaces and gives off a fun aura. 

Our Craftbuilt designers can help you achieve the modern kitchen you want with coral as an accent, base, over-all theme or design. With over 40 years experience, you can rest assured that your kitchen renovation is in good hands with Craftbuilt.

If you’re looking to accomplish your own dream bathroom or kitchen project using coral, our designers at 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner are happy to help you. 

Energy Efficient Natural Light in Your Modern Kitchen

There’s a trend that’s coming back and it’s very handy for those long summer days and for people who love to have guests over. When it comes to kitchens, according to Houzz’s kitchen trend for 2019, homeowners are embracing the outdoors!

With the use of exterior double doors the feature appears to widen and maximise the living space as well as blurs the line between the inside and the outside.

Cooking and preparing in the kitchen these days involves a lot of socialising. Whether you’re having friends over or talking with family members, many are attracted to the sights and sound of what’s cooking in the kitchen. However, some kitchens aren’t mingle-friendly. It can even be difficult to move about or to have more than one people over during prep time.

Since it’s summer, it can be quite warm inside while cooking. A great way to remove this discomfort is by opening your kitchen to the different areas of your home or to the outdoors. A little bit of outdoor entertainment using glass doors or pass through-windows can do wonders. A wider living space can make a huge difference. Plus, it also saves on lighting.

Kitchens That Open to the Outdoors

There are many ways to make your kitchen open to the outdoors. Here are a few tips from our own Craftbuilt Kitchens designers:

  1. Sliding glass doors – These don’t take up a lot of space and maximises the living area.
  2. Classic french doors – These are great when opening to the garden or the balcony.
  3. Pass through windows – Using this feature allows you to let in the sun and cool breeze.

These are but a few of the suggestions our kitchen designers can offer when it comes to maximising your kitchen space. Do you wish to have a kitchen design for small areas? Consult with our Craftbuilt specialists today. Visit our New Modern Kitchen Showroom at Stones Corner today and avail of amazing kitchen appliance discounts!

Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s almost Christmas! Is your kitchen still bare and you’re having trouble figuring out how to decorate your kitchen, the social center, for upcoming Christmas festivities? Maybe you are tired of the same old holiday them? Try some of the latest trends which are not only a bit different but simple at the same time.

Your kitchen Christmas decoration does not have to take up too much of your time or space, a little here and there can add an extra sparkle to the season.

We know how it is! You’re busy preparing for your guests, marinating your food for this year’s holiday barbie or preparing the bar for hopefully a cool get together. You wouldn’t want too much holiday decoration in the way but you still want kitchen Christmas decorations to lift your mood and provide the holiday excitement.

Here are a few holiday decoration ideas for Christmas that are easy to do and also easy to take down:

Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

  1. Last Minute DIY Tip: Bring Out the Trinkets

Christmas baubles aren’t necessarily just for the main Christmas tree. You can put baubles in a festive box, a small fish bowl or even hang them in specific areas. They can also make a great centerpiece for the table.

  1. Simple Christmas Theme: It Can Be Any Color

Remember that Christmas can be any color. You don’t have to stick to green and red. You can experiment with all sorts of hues, blue ribbons, white trinkets or pink baubles.  Soft coppers are on trend this year again add a few to your regular silver, gold or white.

  1. Edible Christmas Decors Are Easy To Take Down

Planning on baking festive cookies? Edible decorations can be hung on a wreath or on a real mini fir tree adding the smell of pine to the room. The kitchen benchtop can be festooned, or pop a few  in a holiday bowl or even around a hanging décor base.  Everyone loves cookies! Plus, you don’t need to take them down. Your guests can do it for you!Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

Other edibles to consider, cupcakes, muffins, cake pops and candies. If you have pets, make sure it is not within reach of their reach!

  1. Plants Are Perfect Decor Bases

We love to use ferns, palm leaves, ever greens, Christmas bush, Christmas bellflowers and other fun flora. They’re nature’s own decorations. You can use plants and blossoming flowers to give the area a natural look. They have their own color and adding a touch of Christmas lights help, too.

  1. Christmas Lights Everywhere

Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

Translated means “use your free time to be free”

Christmas lights are great to lace the bushes, wreaths and trees with. But you can also put lights in a mason jar, a big glass bowl or scatter them randomly.

Have fun decorating the hub of the home this Christmas, your family and guests will love the affect.

These kitchen Christmas decoration ideas are certainly useful and can make any cook, family member, or guest appreciate your kitchen space.

Are you ready to build your dream kitchen with us? You can call our expert kitchen specialists at Craftbuilt Kitchens, at (07) 3341 9172 or visit our Stones Corner design studio.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Kitchen Designer Manufacturer

Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliance

There are so many kitchen appliance packages you can choose from to fit your modern kitchen design.

Whether you are designing a family kitchen or a commercial stainless steel kitchen, choosing the right kitchen-appliance combo can be quite overwhelming.

Not to worry! Our Craftbuilt Kitchens’ designers and consultants are here to help you through the process.

Here are a few questions you can ask when starting:

Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliance

  • When it comes to choosing the right appliances, homeowners are opting for eco-friendly and energy-efficient tools
    Both are KEY FEATURES in all Kleenmaid appliances.
  • Do you have kids? – Child-lock features are a must-have. 
  • When should you purchase ? – Are you purchasing for a new kitchen
    or for an upcoming event, celebration or party?
  • How do you like to cook ? – Are you cooking for a small number of people
    or do you have kids to cook for?
  • Do you need 2 ovens or a large 90cm oven, cooktop and rangehood ?
  • What’s your budget?

Speak to our knowledgeable customer service consultants at our studio about the unique features in Kleenmaid appliances before you purchase elsewhere.

Our kitchen designers will help you figure out which appliances are the right ones for your needs and budget based on performance and style.

Kleenmaid appliances feature top Star ratings which is paramount. You can also help reduce the impact on the environment this way, as well as save on bills.

Visit our Stones Corner Design Studio today!

“My kitchen is too small, how can I make it look larger?” This is the question some of our clients ask. It is sometimes difficult to imagine the design layout necessary to create a functional open feel in a small area. Walls and pipes that limit the area can be assessed for removal or relocation to maximise the open feel.  Don’t forget small well-designed kitchens can be more efficient if you like to work in a space where you can reach anything within arm’s length.

These days, most of our clients would opt for a spacious area to entertain guests. With modern kitchens, that’s the aim since the kitchen has become a social hotspot for dining, entertaining and a hub for great conversation. These can still be achieved even with a small kitchen layout.

So how can you make your small kitchen look larger? When it comes to kitchen designs for small areas, here are a small kitchen renovation ideas to consider.

1. Make your room appear more spacious

Use white paint on the walls rather than darker colours. Dark colours can make the room appear enclosed. This is a simple kitchen renovation idea that certainly does wonders even for the whole home.

Small red kitchen design idea

2. Get smart with storage space

Small spaces mean tight spaces. If removing walls aren’t an option, hanging brackets will utilise valuable wall space in the cooking area. Hang everyday use items here for easy access  like ladles, spatulas, flippers, etc. This also saves on limited drawer space! Make a theme of displaying your kitchen accessories adding to the aesthetic feel. Pots and pans hanging above, or knives on display on a magnetic rack can act as a feature – however you will want to ensure it doesn’t look too cluttered.  Balance needs to be considered with just a few items hanging in the space.

3. Be minimalistic

Minimalism is popular even for kitchens. This theme is perfect if you have limited space. Kitchen appliances can be hidden in cabinets and shelves. Your storage units should only stock what you frequently use, be ruthless and get rid of items you no longer use.  The main idea is to make sure your kitchen is functional.

box mitred kitchen renovations Brisbane South East

4. Make use of space above the cabinets

You can also place shelves at the top or remove the bulkhead above the cabinets. Then you can use baskets to store different items on top.

5. An island bench is a great alternative, too

By making the bench top wider on one side, this will enable a stool or two to go underneath. The benchtop can be a source of storage by using cabinets and shelves underneath. This small kitchen design layout is quite popular in small units.

Small Kitchen Design Natural Light

6. The island bench as a dining table

An island bench can be used for cooking and preparing. A lot of families now serve food straight from the pan and the island bench can be the best place for mealtimes. You can even consider getting an island bench on wheels, giving more flexibility on how it is used depending on the task.

When it comes to renovation designs for small kitchens, the main idea is to use every single inch of the area. Planning a kitchen renovation for a small kitchen can be a daunting task and requires proper planning. The good news is, our Craftbuilt Kitchens professional designers, showroom staff and installers can help you achieve your dream kitchen.

No kitchen is too small. Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens today or visit our New Kitchen Design Studio at 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner QLD. 4120.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

When it comes to renovating kitchens, home owners are going for energy-efficient and cost-efficient ways to improve their living space. Through the use of quality water and energy efficient appliances, property owners are sure to cut down on the cost of utilities. Another way to cut down energy consumption is through the use of natural light. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by incorporating natural light in your modern kitchen design.

How to Use Natural Light in Modern Family Kitchens:

  • There is no need to use light decorations and fixtures when using natural light. Depending on your budget, you can accommodate natural light into your kitchen by using light coloured paint on walls. Using a soft shade of white paint, the surrounding space can appear brighter. When natural light enters the room, it reflects off the walls instead of absorbing it. You can use the same concept for your ceiling as well.

Energy Efficient Natural Lighting in Modern Kitchen

  • Another option is to paint your walls with a satin finish. Matte painted walls won’t reflect as much light. Plus, a satin finish is much more forgiving of holes and patches.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

  • Aside from ceilings and walls, your flooring can also be used to reflect light. Light wood flooring or ceramic floors with a polished or gloss finish are great options.
  • Kitchen splashbacks are great light reflectors as well. Materials such as mirrors, ceramic tiles with gloss finish and glass tiles, if placed in the right light, can reflect the maximum amount of light coverage.

Paradise Point Kitchen Renovation

  • Skylights are great when it comes to providing natural light to a whole area. Since they face upward, it captures the most light.
  • Medium-sized to large windows or glass doors can also pull in natural light. These help make the kitchen appear larger, too. By opening the kitchen to the outdoors, homeowners are taking advantage of the space in its surrounding areas.

Energy Efficient Natural Light in Your Modern Kitchen

Are you looking to add natural lighting to your kitchen renovation?

Talk to our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers at (07) 3847 4962 and set a 3D appointment so you can see for yourself how you can maximise your space and cut down energy costs with the proper design and layout.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

We had clients that approached us with one thing in mind: “We want a kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen”.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

Imagine a home with the amazing view of the Brisbane River. Craftbuilt Kitchens went to work straight away with a stunning open plan unit overlooking magnificent views of the Brisbane River. The aim was to design a kitchen to provide storage and functionality, whilst aesthetically blending back into its surroundings and maximising the aspect to the outstanding views.

Modern Black and White Kitchen

An open space for an amazing view! And Craftbuilt Kitchens set to work!

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation
Enjoying the view would be great with a glass of wine or a cup of brew. So, with the added challenge of fitting a wine fridge and coffee machine outlet, on top of extra wide cooking appliances, our kitchen designer set to developing a number of layouts to review. With modern, clean lines imperative, the handle-less finish allowed us to disguise an integrated fridge, a tandem “touch-to-open” pantry and a tower to hide the microwave, coffee machine and huge double bin set up.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

When it came to storage, layered overhead cabinets not only created an immense amount of storage. This fulfills the clients’ request as they enabled perfect positioning of the task lighting to create an outstanding ambiance for the open plan living.  The choice in finish for the doors of these units, by using one of the stunning Laminex Innovations products, helped move away from that “standard” kitchen look.  The design and construction of a perfectly finished boxed two pack display cabinet also utilising the Laminex innovation feature as a backing, ties the areas completely together.  

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

The disappearing act! The essential large cooking appliances were fitted discreetly but comfortably into the corner, which allowed the adjacent bench to be free-flowing.  Added to the design, white mother of pearl slumped glass splash backs behind the cooking area for pure subtlety, together with highly reflective mirror glass splashbacks along the adjacent wall, meant river views were reflected and visible from most areas of the unit.

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

Finish it all off with high gloss black quartz benchtops, with a matching black sink & tap, meant our clients were delighted with their “not there” kitchen.

The end result – outstanding stunning aspects from all areas in this modern Craftbuilt Kitchen. Are you looking to have the same open plan feel to your kitchen renovation design plans?

Black and White Kitchen Design Renovation

Craftbuilt Kitchens has fully qualified and experienced designers who will tailor the design to your specific needs and wants. Call us at (07) 3341 9166 and ask our consultant to book you a design appointment.