Why do homeowners renovate their kitchens? Their current kitchen, over the years, may have become old and worn out. Another reason is the kitchen layout, which used to work in the past, is no longer working for them. The kitchen may have become too small for their current needs or it was not designed well in the first place. Aside from having a great-looking kitchen, a big part of kitchen design is ensuring your time in the kitchen will be productive and efficient.

Whatever the reason, it is important to talk to a professional kitchen designer to get the best design for an effective kitchen. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is important to get the layout and design right, to allow for efficiency, as well as the space needed for family members, guests and friends to spend quality time in. We have a few ideas below for you to consider before booking an appointment with our Craftbuilt designers. 

Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen’s work triangle is a very important design element to incorporate. It allows easy movement and flows in the kitchen by way of appropriate placement. The sink, refrigerator and cooktop are ideally set up in a triangular shape in the kitchen. These are the three major points in the kitchen used in food preparation and cleaning up.

Kitchen Work Triangle

Bench Tops/Work Surface

Ideally, if space allows, you will have some workspace/kitchen benchtop placed between each of these points, including the main kitchen benchtop. If your kitchen space is small, our knowledgeable designer may have some great ideas to tackle this issue.


Choosing The Best Kitchen Shape For You

There are many layout choices available when it comes to kitchens. Along with the different colour schemes, benchtop materials and styles, it would be impossible not to come up with a design that you like.

Our expert design and installation team at Craftbuilt Kitchens has over 45 years of experience in making your journey to owning a new kitchen a smooth one. Gone are the days of a standard kitchen style; there are some very unique designs out there and part of this comes from the different shapes available:

U-shaped Kitchens

The U shape is sometimes referred to as the L or J shape kitchen. However, there are subtle differences between the L and U shapes. The two walls that are parallel and perpendicular to a third, the U shape kitchen offers great functionality to the kitchen work triangle.

The benefits of the U-shaped kitchen are:

  • You can add an island bench
  • Lots of bench space
  • Great for small to medium areas
  • Maximises space available
  • The kitchen is not a walkthrough, so there is no traffic through the work area

L-shaped Kitchens

The L shape differs from the U shape in the sense that it has two bordering walls. This style of the kitchen changes the work triangle just a little by having the stovetop on the same wall as the fridge with the sink against the other.

The benefits of the L-shaped kitchen are:

  • Great for small spaces
  • Excellent for combined kitchen/dining spaces
  • Extra movable benchtops can be added to create more workspace


Galley Kitchens

The galley kitchen is amazing for functionality and is the preferred shape by chefs. The galley kitchen is easy to enter and exit with both ends being open and if built against parallel walls can easily have extra cupboard space added above each bench area.

The benefits of the galley kitchen are:

  • Excellent for small spaces
  • Drawer and cabinet openings don’t clash
  • Lots of bench space
  • Great with the work triangle

Clever Kitchens Designed With Ease

Homeowners, looking to upgrade or replace kitchens, find that visiting kitchen studios can give them fantastic ideas about what is the latest in space-saving as well as what is the most up-to-date design in kitchens.

At Craftbuilt Kitchens, clients are warmly greeted by showroom staff and shown a number of kitchen setups and samples that will help them understand the layouts discussed, as well as the different materials and colour schemes available.

Visiting the Craftbuilt Kitchens studio is far more interesting and informative than flicking through the pages of a kitchen renovation magazine or surfing online. But before you visit the showroom, why not take a look at what they can do for you when it comes to storage and other designs:

Overhead Cupboards

This kind of storage is a must in every kitchen. Without overhead cupboards, your kitchen would be lacking greatly in space. The expert designers at Craftbuilt can ensure you will have maximum storage space without your kitchen looking too cramped or cluttered.


Splashbacks don’t only look good but they also provide a great purpose in your kitchen. Cooking splatters, grease and moisture from steam or dishes will not be an issue with a beautiful kitchen splashback. You can choose from ultra-modern chrome, glass or more traditional tiles.

Nifty Storage Ideas

Aside from your usual cupboard space, Craftbuilt Kitchens can manufacture fantastic storage ideas that can keep your kitchen organised. Appliance cupboards are a great way to keep frequently used appliances handy and hidden from the bench. While pot drawers provide an easy and convenient way to access all your pots without scrounging through deep, dark cupboards.

Wine racks are another great addition for lovers of a good drop and they keep things looking organised. If there is something else you like to keep in abundance in the kitchen you can discuss a unique tailor-made storage idea with your designer.

Hidden Necessities

Many of us can’t do without certain items in the kitchen such as a dishwasher but such large appliances can sometimes take away from the effect of our chosen kitchen design. When it comes to this area, Craftbuilt has the solution. Kitchen panels that match your design can be used to conceal such white goods and give a more streamlined appearance to your kitchen.

Of course, Craftbuilt also takes care of your benchtops and pantries, ensuring each fits perfectly into the space you have to allow for the most workspace possible. Now, that you have an idea for your kitchen renovation design, visit Craftbuilt Kitchens at Unit 15, 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner, QLD 4120, Tuesdays to Saturdays, for your kitchen layout and renovation planning.

Whether you’re remodelling an existing kitchen or building a new one from scratch in a brand-new home, you’re going to have the unique opportunity to get every last detail just right. As you search around the web for advice on kitchens in Brisbane, though, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed. Instead of plunging right into kitchen design in Brisbane, the smarter thing to do is to take several key things into consideration; the following points can help.

Make Usability Your Priority

Although certain design features may look appealing, they may not translate well when it comes to the way in which you and others in your family use a kitchen. Sit down and get the feedback of everyone who uses the kitchen on a regular basis. Find out which features of the current kitchen are the most annoying to them, then make sure to avoid them in your new design.

Don’t Cram In Too Many Elements

Depending on how much space you have, there’s going to be some sort of limit on the number of different features that you include in your new kitchen. While it’s tempting to include as many different nifty elements as possible, the reality of trying to navigate your way around a cramped kitchen isn’t very pleasant. Remember to be practical about kitchen space when designing your new kitchen; you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic when preparing a meal in it. Roominess definitely matters and it can be accomplished in kitchens of all sizes.

Include Plenty of Counter Space

Think ahead when planning out your dream kitchen. For instance, will you have an over-the-counter microwave or will you be using one that you place on a counter? Tally up how many different small appliances and other items you’d like to keep on the counters in your kitchen, then figure out how feasible it is. Even when everything is properly arranged on your kitchen counters, there should still be plenty of extra space for preparing food and drinks. If there isn’t, your design scheme will have to be tweaked.

Make Logical Choices

In terms of layout, your kitchen’s design scheme should be as sensible as possible. For instance, it makes all kinds of sense to place the dishwasher near the sink – you don’t want to cart dripping dishes across your kitchen in order to load the dishwasher. Similarly, your refrigerator should be reasonably close to your oven. It’s small, logical touches like these that can make or break the design and usability of your new kitchen. That’s where the work triangle comes in. Our designers plan your kitchens around the kitchen work triangle. It determines an efficient layout that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The triangle determines three major points – the distance between the refrigerator, the cooking area and the sink. Take your time with each and every decision – as small or large as it may be – and you’re a lot more likely to end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Work Triangle

Building A New Kitchen

Building a new kitchen doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or complex, though. Craftbuilt can make relatively short work of even the most ambitious projects. Read on below to find out the usual process for building new kitchens in Brisbane.

  • Initial Consultations

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when planning out a new kitchen is to decide what you want, then tell the kitchen designer about your ideas. We listen to your exact needs and desires, then work their very hardest to bring them to fruition. More than likely, you will meet with a project coordinator and a designer, at minimum, in order to get the ball rolling. Don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what you want – you’d be amazed at what a skilled team can do!

  • The Design Phase

Once you’ve nailed down the features that you want, the team will measure the space that they’ll be working with and plug all of the information into a modern 3D rendering software program. They will be able to show you a detailed depiction of what your kitchen will ultimately look like. You will have the opportunity to make additional changes or tweaks at this point, too.

  • Construction and Installation Phase

At this point, the project coordinator will take the reins. Unless you have specific subcontractors in mind, they will use the kitchen remodeler experts who they trust the most. The project coordinator will pull all of the different elements of your kitchen’s design and installation together in a logical and efficient way. You’ll be amazed at how quickly everything starts to take shape once the team is at work. Before you know it, your kitchen will be completely transformed.

  • Completion Phase

As soon as the “heavy lifting” is done – in terms of big-ticket items like benchtops, major appliances, islands and the like – the finer details will be completed. Detailed work involving tile, paint and other materials will help put the finishing touches on your kitchen’s design. Up until this point, your kitchen will look new – but unfinished. When the completion phase is over, your kitchen will glisten and shine in an alluring and appealing way. Suddenly, you’ll be looking at that 3D computer model in real life! Having a new kitchen is a great feeling, so be sure to enjoy it!

Soft Hamptons Style Grange, Brisbane QLD Kitchen Renovation

Plan Your Kitchen To A T

When you are planning your kitchen you will naturally want to talk to our expert team at Craftbuilt Kitchens for some great ideas and advice on how to make the most of your space, budget and tastes.

New kitchens are exciting and breathe fresh air into the home. Meal preparation time is so much easier and more enjoyable with a new functioning kitchen that is planned perfectly with everything in the right place.

While we can assist you to achieve the kitchen you have in mind, it also helps if you start to formulate a plan ahead of time. This way you have an idea of what you want and how much you want to spend for instance.

To help you get your plan started we have listed a few things to think about. This will help you start to plan your kitchen perfectly before you come to see us for our help and expertise.

  • Considerations Before You See Us

Naturally, there will be some decisions you won’t make until after you have spoken with one of our amazing kitchen designers, but here are some things you can make a list of beforehand.

  1. Do you want gas or electric for cooking with?
  2. What bench height will you need? Taller people might like a little more height to save their backs.
  3. What is your budget?
  4. What are your colour preferences?
  5. What style of kitchen do you like best? (For example, modern, contemporary or traditional)
  6. Do you want to be able to eat meals in the kitchen?
  7. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
  • Flooring

It is important to think about the flooring you wish to have in your new kitchen if you are going to change it. If you are to have different flooring from the rest of the home, go with colours that don’t show up all the dirt and material that is easy to clean. Kitchen floors can get quite messy.

  • Consider The Environment

When choosing the lighting, appliances and even benchtop materials, consider the effect on the environment. When it comes to appliances you can choose the best ratings within your budget. The need for lighting can be reduced if you can rely on natural light during the day and you can choose a benchtop material that doesn’t have a negative impact.

Once you have considered these items for planning you can take the rest of the journey with our team. With Craftbuilt Kitchens, you are in capable hands and the end result will be the kitchen you have dreamt of.

The Easy Way to Choose the Right Kitchen

At Craftbuilt Kitchens, our professional designers keep their fingers on the pulse of what is ‘in’, the latest developments in appliances and new ideas for storage. We pride ourselves strongly in consistently providing our clients with an A-class experience.

Our welcoming staff in the studio will discuss different options, designs and colour schemes with you as you view some of our beautiful kitchen displays. We will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams to be followed by installation from our hardworking team of installers.

When you purchase a kitchen with Craftbuilt Kitchen, you are purchasing years of convenient, enjoyable and stress-free meal preparation. One step you must take on the journey to your new kitchen is deciding on the kind of kitchen you want and need to suit your lifestyle.

Many factors come into play with this decision; here are a couple of things for you to consider and get you started on thinking more clearly about your preferences and needs.

Kitchen Flat Lay Shot

  • Kitchens For Families

Considering the size of your family is very important in choosing your kitchen. The size of your family can affect the size of the kitchen you need and the age of any children you have can affect the layout. If you have young children you will be well aware how they like to ‘help’ with meal preparations or just get under your feet as you prepare.

With young children in mind, it’s a good idea to have your bench/work area facing in such a direction so that you can set them up with an activity to keep them busy where they are in your view. If you are inclined, a nice idea would be a lower bench space where they can help mix or prepare some items for dinner and then as they get older they could sit here and get help with homework as you cook.

Larger families also need to think about more space for bigger fridges and pantries to store all the food the family will need between shops.

  • Kitchens for Singles and Couples

In a couple or single situation, we will assume that the home may be smaller than a family home. In this case, the space for the kitchen could be smaller. This does not mean that you can’t have an amazing kitchen to suit your needs.

Space can be maximised by installing floor to ceiling storage and always using the kitchen work triangle. This is a must for all kitchens as it means meal preparation is far more efficient.

For more information about things to consider and to get in touch with our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens. Contact our skilled kitchen designers at (07) 3847 4962 or visit the studio at Unit 15, 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner QLD 4120.

When we were younger, we listened in rapt silence to various fairy tales and superhero stories, dreamed about them and wished they would come true. Now as adults, life is not that simple and we finally faced reality. But that did not stop us from having dreams. As we grew up, our dreams just changed to something else. We dreamed of the places we would like to travel to, and planned our itinerary, one day seeing it all come true – the things we deeply desired in real life.

Some dream of the perfect home, for example. And that dream includes the best kitchen. Many home owners have thought about what they wanted in a dream kitchen and wished it would one day come to fruition. But they are unsure of how the result would measure up so they hesitate and pushes the thought aside.

Sometimes, even putting it on paper and colouring in the details may provide some insight as to the final result. Today, even that is unnecessary in planning a kitchen design. Now, computer graphics are so advanced that there are software available to show you how your creation will look before you go ahead and order. Virtual homes, gardens and kitchens software can take away the uncertainty, by putting in your plan in detail and adding colours and special touches. What you see on screen is virtually what you will see when your kitchen is installed. Colour swatches can be helpful in making colour choices in your virtual kitchen and you can change anything you don’t like.

How to Make Your Dream Kitchen A Reality

Designing Your Dream Kitchen

“I hate this kitchen! It’s short of storage and bench space, and I can never find anything.” Is this you? If so, you are not alone. These words are often spoken in homes fitted with outdated kitchens. There is nothing more frustrating than having to do something by a certain time frame, and not being able to achieve the task you want done. In kitchens where there is a specific place for everything because adequate storage has made it possible, and bench space is plentiful, cooking is enjoyable. This is especially so if the items are easily accessible.

We all have our own ideas of our dream kitchen and space is one of the most commonly asked priority. Accessibility is also high on the list, and of course plenty of bench space to work on our culinary creations. Colour choices are easy to match in with existing decor. The beauty of kitchen manufacturers today is that they are happy to create your idea of a dream kitchen for you. This will all be made to measure as well.

Storage Space Is Important For Many Homeowners

Storage for cutlery, crockery and glassware can mostly be anywhere you choose even in pull out shelving systems. For example, a tandem pull out pantry has swing out shelving making it a desirable item in the kitchen.

The pantry is one area where things get pushed to the back of the shelf, not to be found unless shifting other items. Deep shelves hold a lot, but as for accessibility they are sadly lacking. New features added to kitchens can solve this easily. With pull out pantry shelves items can be easily viewed from both sides. They are spacious enough to hold larger items easily and store quite a lot. Easy to slide in and out that they make storage a breeze. They fit in beautifully as part of a kitchen design. A corner pantry makes use of a previously frustrating space by allowing us personal access by stepping or walking into the pantry. The choice is yours. Without the deep shelving of usual corner cupboards, all items are easily seen. If space is no problem when designing your kitchen why not have a double door pantry installed. This is spacious and also allows you to step into the pantry which has cut out shelves allowing you to see all items easily.

Create The Perfect Kitchen for Your Home

Your kitchen is without a doubt one of the most important rooms in your home. Aside from the obvious functional quality, it has the ability to add warmth and style with its design too. This is what makes getting the kitchen design right so important. Many hours are spent in the kitchen preparing and even enjoying meals. Often called the heart of the home, it is certainly something you will want to be as close to perfect as possible.

Muarrie Kitchen Renovation

Creating the perfect kitchen is not as difficult as you would think if you have a good plan in mind and get the best advice available. One of the most important factors in a kitchen, if you have the space to allow, is that it is open with good air flow and a lot of light. If your kitchen is a little tight for space then there are tricks you can use to make the area appear larger. There are also some great storage solution ideas for smaller kitchens which will offer you maximum use of the space you have.

Consider Natural Light And Lighting

Lighting is very important in a kitchen. If you are without natural light then some well placed lighting can give you the right amount of light without being over done. You can also consider some ambient lighting in some areas to give a warm golden glow in the evenings once the cooking part of the day is done. The way in which your kitchen is set out is incredibly crucial to your kitchen being completely functional and enjoyable to use. A little thing called the kitchen work triangle is what most people should work on. This simply means that your cooktop, kitchen sink and the fridge are placed in such a manner that if you were to draw lines to join them, you would have a triangle. This idea comes from the fact that when you cook you are usually alternating between the three areas, and of course your benchtop.

Camphill Kitchen Renovation Laminate Benchtop

Benchtops are the face of the kitchen and choosing one can be exciting, and daunting. There are so many different materials to choose from and each suit a different kind of budget. The ideal way to make the most informed choice is to talk to your kitchen design professional about what suits your needs and budget best. There is a lot more to consider on your way to a perfect kitchen and once your new kitchen has been installed you will be grateful for the careful consideration you took on each step. Your cooking will soon be less of a task and will feel much more like you are doing it in style.

Choosing Your Kitchen Style

When choosing your style you will need to take into consideration the them of the rest of your home. Naturally, you will want to keep within the theme so the kitchen doesn’t look out of place. A time though when this may not be necessary is if the rest of the home is also going to be renovated; in this case, you can let the kitchen lead the way in the choice of style.

Once you have decided if you want to go traditional or modern with your kitchen you will also need to decide which layout you would like to go with. This decision is also dependant on the room you have for your kitchen. The more common types of layouts are Gallery Style, C shaped, L Shaped and U Shaped. U Shapes offer the most cabinet space but are also the most compact.

The Kitchen of Your Dreams

There is much to think about when choosing your new kitchen. The style of kitchen, the appliances, the colour scheme and the type of benchtop are just a few of the decisions to make; there is also the layout, the cabinetry and the finishes to consider.

Dream Kitchen

For someone who is not experienced in this area, achieving the kitchen you want can become more of a daunting idea than a fun one. There is a great way to avoid all the stress of designing your new kitchen and enjoy more of the fun, and that is to enlist the services of a professional kitchen design company such as Craftbuilt Kitchens.

Thanks to their many years of competent experience in the industry, the team at Craftbuilt Kitchens will expertly design and install the perfect kitchen after listening to your preferences and needs. From modern kitchens to traditional styles, their highly qualified designers will discuss with you the different options and you can view fantastic displays in the showroom to give you some ideas.

You can also view your design in 3D so that you can see what it will look like before it is installed. This will make it easy to check if you really like the layout and design and it gives you the opportunity to make any changes.

If you want to have a new kitchen installed, have an idea of what you would like but are uncertain of how it will look in reality, do yourself a favour and visit Craftbuilt Kitchens. Set an appointment with our kitchen designers so you can see for yourself what your dream kitchen looks like virtually. You will be amazed at how simple it is, and will be sure of how the end result will look in your home.

When it comes to your kitchen, you want it to be in perfect functional condition. So much of your time is spent here preparing meals and some people even enjoy eating their meals here. So when your kitchen is in need of a lift or a complete overhaul it is important to get it done right, the first time. Choosing the right kitchen company is really quite simple. When you visit a showroom or view different kitchen renovation websites, take the time to look for the key signs that show you are in the right spot.

Choose A Professional

Sure you may know someone who is very handy with tools and cabinetmaking, maybe you consider yourself a pro DIY’er. But for the sake of your Brisbane kitchens, it’s best to call on trained professionals to design and install your new place of cooking. There are many reasons for this, doing the job yourself or employing a handyman to do it can mean disaster. Without the right experience you could end up with incorrect measurements to fit cupboards in, poorly laid out workspaces and shabby workmanship that can make your kitchen a painful place to be in. By choosing a professional company whose specialty is building beautiful kitchens you will avoid all of these potential issues and be delighted with your new kitchen.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Design Company

There are many companies out there to choose from so you want to be sure you are choosing the right one. One of the first things to look out for is the desire to work with you to build the kitchen of your dreams. A designer who listens to your preferences and then tries to make your ideas work with the space you have is the kind of designer you want. Because you will be investing your hard earned dollars into your kitchen you want it to look how you want, not how someone else thinks it should look. A company who is reputable with years of proven experience in the kitchen industry will be able to show you all they have on offer by using up to date technology and modern displays. Your chosen kitchen company should be able to have your new kitchen up and running within a day, provided there are no stone bench tops which will take longer. It is also wise to ensure that all costs are listed to you up front to avoid further financial outlay down the track

Your Brisbane kitchen renovations will be a breeze when you choose the best company. Within a day you will cooking up a storm in your new kitchen, enjoying the style and function that comes from professional design.

Choosing A Professionally Designed Kitchen

So many people like to undertake a little DIY when it comes to their home renovations these days and with all the renovation shows around it’s easy for some to think it’s simple enough. However with some renovations and makeovers this is not the case and a home will fare much better if a professional is called in to take care of business.

When you are planning on having a new kitchen installed into your home there is every reason to enlist the professional services of a qualified and experienced designer. Kitchen design is a very specialised area in home renovations and needs to be handled by someone who understands everything from the practical to the aesthetic side of kitchen design. In order to have a kitchen that is functional it will need to have the appliances and work spaces placed correctly and ensure there is adequate storage space. Kitchen designers know about all the small things that need to be considered before you go ahead with installing a kitchen, this can end up saving you a lot of money.

Professional Kitchen Design The Only Way

Getting a new kitchen installed will do the world of good to the overall feel of your home, particularly if the change has been a long time coming. A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Of course there are the obvious functional benefits of a kitchen, but many find it to be the heart of the home, a room that reflects a lot about the people who reside there.

For this reason, getting the kitchen right is vital. There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing your kitchen. Having it done by a professional means it will be exactly how you imagined it but without extra stress to you and in a timely manner so you can start using your new kitchen sooner. Here are a few items to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a professional kitchen designer.

  • Getting It Right

Many people like to take it upon themselves with renovations in their home, DIY is a booming industry; however, some things such as kitchen design and installation really need to be left to the professionals.

When you have a new kitchen installed, it is with the intention of it lasting for many years. Going the DIY way can always leave room for error. Having your kitchen installed professionally means the work carries some guarantee and that it is carried out by someone who has the appropriate tools, knowledge and experience for it to be done right, the first time.

  • Use of Space

While you can’t change the amount of space you have to work with, unless of course if you are willing to have some walls knocked down, you can make good use of the space. A well-designed kitchen should be laid out in such a way that the space available is used to its full potential.

Professional kitchen designers have the expertise and experience to utilise the space available by implementing the best layout. They understand about the use of the work triangle, have knowledge of all the latest space saving ideas and they can offer some fantastic advice on how to make your kitchen appear bigger than it is.Professional kitchen designers will also have access to the best products and they can have your kitchen designed and installed much faster than you could yourself. The best way to assure your kitchen is a work of art that you enjoy working in is to have it done by a professional.

Camphill Kitchen Renovation Laminate Benchtop

Choosing The Right Kitchen With The Right Company

The idea and process of getting kitchen renovations may seem daunting; however, any misgivings can be alleviated simply by choosing the right company to get your renovations underway. There may be many reasons why you want or need your kitchen renovated. Maybe it is completely run down, on its last legs; maybe you just desire a new kitchen with more space, or you want to sell and a new kitchen should sweeten the deal. Whatever the reason, choosing the right company is the first and most important decision you need to make.

How Can You Do This?

Around Brisbane there are various kitchen showrooms that showcase displays and all the options available to you. Here you can get some fantastic ideas and speak with a trained professional face to face about your needs. By visiting a showroom you can really get a feel for the ethics of the team.

You can quickly and easily assess how important your business is to them and if they have the ability to show it. A showroom that contains friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff will be too happy to answer any questions that you have, listen to your needs and work with you to reach a suitable design that you will be thrilled to have in your home.

Another way that is very popular today is to go online and check out the websites of the companies you would like to choose from. Here you can view a gallery of their work, read their company history, put in a request for a quote or advice and, most importantly, read the customer testimonials.

Look out for a company that has a good deal of experience in the industry and that only hires qualified, professional installers and designers. Key points in testimonials that you should look for are those customers who were, of course, happy with the end product, but who also make comments relating to the timeframe in which the kitchen was installed and the response received to further enquiries or any issues that arose.

A company that is more than willing to rectify any errors or make any changes to suit your needs is the company that will do everything in its power to guarantee you a kitchen in which is a joy to spend time.

Paradise Point Kitchen Renovation

Choosing The Kitchen Designer For You

It’s important when it comes to getting your new kitchen installed that you choose the best designer and feel comfortable in that decision throughout the entire process. Your kitchen will not only cost you some hard earned cash, it will be with you for some time so everything needs to be just right.

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we are confident that you will be thoroughly happy with our service from start to end as we have been in the industry long enough to have enough experience and expertise to ensure all of our clients are very happy ones.

However, we can’t decide for you; we can only offer you our honest and efficient service. In order to help you decide if you are on the right path with us at Craftbuilt Kitchens follow this simple guideline and ask yourself a few questions before signing the dotted line.

  • Longevity and Experience

We have been in operation since 1975. Since then we have continually provided clients with the kitchens of their dreams using our vast experience, knowledge and a strong desire to be the best.

When you are choosing a designer from the best kitchen shops on offer, enquire about qualifications, experience, how long they have been in operation and check their websites for testimonials.

  • Comfortability

This is your money and your kitchen. Do you feel comfortable with the designer and other members of the team? Do you feel you are being listened to and that your needs are being met or that everything is being done in an effort to meet your needs?

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we really listen, to what you want. We don’t try to impose our choices on clients for their kitchen and we respect a budget. We are not interested in up selling in order to increase our profit and over stretching you.

No question is too small or silly. If you are unsure then please ask as we are here to help you and provide you with a kitchen that you fall in love with and enjoy preparing meals in.

Some other things to look out for are hidden costs, which we never do, and service guarantees so that if anything goes wrong you know you won’t be left stranded.

Professional Designers Benefit Kitchens

Making the decision to have your kitchen updated or completely replaced is a very exciting choice. Fresh air will be exhaled into your home with such a step and you will enjoy your time spent in the kitchen preparing meals so much more. There are many wonderful designs, colour schemes and styles of kitchens out there to choose from and the selection process, if done on your own, can become a little daunting. This is why the perfect decision to obtain your perfect kitchen is to enlist the services of a kitchen designer.

You may wonder why you need to see a designer about your new kitchen when to you the idea seems fairly straight forward. You need a work bench, appliances and cupboard space and that’s that, right? Wrong. Kitchens, whether we like it or not, are a place of work as well as creating. And just as your workspace at your place of business needs to be set out properly, so does your kitchen.

Not only will a professional designer have the expertise and experience for knowing just how to do this, they will open up a whole new world of ideas you may never have thought of. A professional will be completely up to date with all the latest kitchen design ideas and understand all the latest trends. They will be able to look at the available space of your kitchen and regardles if it is big or small, a kitchen designer can work with you to create a space that feels open and that functions well.

With a designer you are ensured of your ideas being taken and transformed into a beautiful kitchen that you love to be in. The colours will work well together, the layout will be supreme, your benchtop will be beautiful and the cabinetry will provide you with all the space you need. Another bonus of visiting a kitchen showroom and utilitsing the talents of a designer is that the installation of your kitchen will be installed in a professional and time effective manner. All work will be guaranteed and you won’t have to pull any hair out trying to organise everything yourself.

Muarrie Kitchen Renovation

Choosing A Kitchen Company Who Can Deliver

Having a great kitchen is one of the most integral parts to your home. As we need to eat to live, it’s very important to have an area that is enjoyable to prepare food in and even dine in. If you are building or renovating a home or simply having a kitchen makeover, you are no doubt going to be doing some careful planning when it comes to your kitchen. Having your workspaces well set out and the lighting ideal for all jobs to be done there will be a goal you set to achieve. And here’s how.

Calling In The Big Guns

Designing Brisbane kitchens is no menial task. There may be a few DIY’ers out there who tackle the task themselves however it’s always advisable to call on the professionals to take care of such an important job. Deciding to have a professional design your kitchen means you are guaranteed to be the proud owner of a functional kitchen at the end. Choosing the right kitchen company to design your kitchen means your kitchen will not only be functional, it will be beautiful and well suited to your wants and needs. It is actually quite simple to find a kitchen design company to build the kitchen of your dreams, you just have to know how.

What To Look For

If you encounter a consultant who is not listening to your preferences, it’s best to turn away, chances are you won’t end up with your dream kitchen. A reputable kitchen company who has proven experience as a quality manufacturer will mean they are not a fly by the night set up. You don’t want to invest your hard earned money into a company who may not be there in a weeks’ time. Up to date displays and technology is a big plus. When you visit a showroom it’s important you can see a good display of what is on offer and the latest design software means you can see in 3D what your kitchen will look like before it’s built. Where quotes are concerned, always be sure that absolutely every possible cost is listed so you know you won’t be hit with further costs down the track and enquire about the insurances and guarantee on all products and workmanship. Finally, probably one of the most important factors is to find out how long your kitchen will be ‘out of action’. A company who is committed to working quickly and efficiently should ensure your kitchen is installed in one day, however this would not be possible for stone bench tops.

A reputable Brisbane kitchen renovations company will see to it that you will be cooking in style sooner than you think. Out with the old and in with the new, food preparation will soon be a joy, not a job.

We’d love to help you build your dream kitchen and our professional kitchen designers are ready to help you achieve and build that goal. Call us at (07) 3341 9166 or visit our showroom in 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 today!

Food, food, glorious food, enlivening our taste buds, and nourishing our bodies. Everyone looks forward to enjoying a delicious meal, especially when it is shared with friends and family. The time taken to prepare the meal is always made worthwhile when you see how much it is enjoyed, and the compliments come from all those at the table. Of course the preparation is always made easier if the kitchen is practical and functional, and all ingredients and utensils are readily accessible. It needs plenty of room on benchtops for creating all those culinary delights as well. But there is another important feature that is sometimes overlooked.

Have you noticed that men seem to be the main cook in the house nowadays? It looks like an increasing trend. There seems to be a shift in the social structure that sees more men in the kitchen than ever before. As well as that there are more women in the workplace, many arriving home later than the hubby. This of course makes it necessary for him to pick up children and get dinner underway. Others do it just because they love to cook. Whether the numerous cooking shows on television have had anything to do with them being inspired or not, statistics show that men are frequently cooking in kitchens in Brisbane.

Men Cooking In The Kitchen

This brings us to the often overlooked feature for kitchens, suitable heights for benches and for range hoods over the cooktop. Some women find that the standard heights are too low for comfortable use as they often end up stooping over them. This also applies to kitchen sinks while washing dishes. For men in the kitchen this would be even worse, as the majority of men are so much taller than women. Too much stooping while working is bad for backs and necks and puts strain on the shoulders. When planning your kitchen design in Brisbane make sure the height is a good working height so the man in your kitchen can be a happy top chef.

Retractable range hoods are a great idea in the kitchen as they are only out when cooking is taking place. Many heads have come into painful contact with fixed range hoods when cleaning the cooktop. This is an area where the height could be better planned, even for the retractable type. After all if our men are showing interest in cooking, we should be doing all we can to encourage them by making sure it is not only comfortable to work in but a safer environment as well.

When you begin thinking about upgrading your kitchen, most people think first about how it will look. Have you, for example, already started searching cabinet finishes, the desired colour for bench tops, new appliances and other such details? Naturally, you want the finished product to look great and add value, but you practicality is also a key factor.

A Practical Layout Without The Clutter

The last thing you want in your new kitchen is a layout that is difficult to move around in. This is particularly important in a modest-sized kitchen, where space is at a premium. The finished result to look cramped and cluttered.

Lucky for you, our designers at Craftbuilt Kitchens have many years of experience at addressing this dilemma. They have successfully solved this problem for many of our clients who needed to upgrade their kitchen and wanted the latest of everything in a limited space.

What Is The Work Triangle?

We design our kitchen spaces around the concept of the work triangle. This is the distance between three critical locations in the kitchen. The first is the dry storage and refrigeration area, which we like to place as close as possible to the entry point. The second is the cooking area, best placed close to the dining area, and the third is the sink, which sits between these two locations.

Are There Ideal Dimensions?

The ideal dimension in this space is less than 6.4 metres and no more than 7.9 metres, at which point the distance between the three key points becomes inefficient. In a modest sized kitchen, this could be made smaller and still be functional, but too small and it becomes difficult. The concept supports the three main functions of a kitchen – storage, preparation and cooking.

Entry Point for Storage

With the refrigerator and pantry at the entry point, and a bench top measuring 38 to 61 centimetres beside the pantry, you have space to set down frozen food and other items ready for preparation.

The Preparation and Cleaning Area

The area around the sink is ideal for preparation and cleaning, with crockery, cutlery, dishwasher and other utensils handy. A bench top from 45 to 92 centimetres next to the sink is your working space.

Where The Magic Happens

Everything needed for cooking should be arranged around the oven and cook top. Deep drawers and cupboards close by will hold pots, pans and other essential utensils. An ideal size for the adjacent bench top is between 53 and 92 centimetres, depending on the space available.

The measurements at the lower end of those suggested would suit where space is an issue. Our experienced designers work with your preferences and they will help you make the best decisions to suit the space that is available.

Many of us live a busy and fast paced lifestyle. In one’s home, at times, there can be guests coming and going. Everyone’s making time to share a quick meal or light snack, and even on their own before rushing off to work.

This is the reason why eat-in kitchens are very popular in kitchen designs. In modern kitchens, most residents and home-owners prefer adjoining kitchen and dining rooms. They realise the convenience of enjoying their meals in the same area as the kitchen. Right where the food is still hot and fresh from the stove or oven.

Dining At The Counter

If you are short on space then this kind of eat-in kitchen design is perfect. Counter or breakfast bars are very popular and for good reason. They allow residents to enjoy a meal without taking up too much room like a table would and also adds a nice modern feel to the style of kitchen.

The Breakfast Nook

For a more cosy and traditional theme to your eat-in kitchen, the breakfast nook may be for you. You will need a little more space though but it is still a good solution if you don’t have a huge area. The breakfast nook is easier for young children to dine in compared to the counter style because the table is a standard height.

Perfect for large kitchens, you can select a larger dining table and chairs that suit the style of the kitchen. If you would really like to stick with the theme, you can even have a table made using the same material as the kitchen benchtop.

There are many fantastic ideas for each style of eat-in kitchen. It all depends on the “feel” you are after. The eat-in kitchen enables families and friends to enjoy a more casual way of dining and conserve the space they have by not having bulky tables and chairs.

Selecting the right kitchen company to design and install your eat-in kitchen means you will be treated by their knowledge and expertise to the very best ideas possible including space saving ideas for cupboards and the kind of layout that will better suit the space you have to work with.

If you have a home that is bustling with energy of all ages or a group of adults, the eat-in kitchen certainly has its place, if you would like to talk to kitchen specialists with over 40 years of experience,  please call 07 3341 9166. Craftbuilt Kitchens is here for your when you are ready to redesign your kitchen’s look.

The whole point of owning an investment property is to create an income with it. For this to happen you need reliable tenants who pay their rent on time and who take pride in the place they reside in, even if it is a rental.

A good rule of thumb is that if your investment property is in good condition before you rent it out, then you are more likely to attract the kind of tenants to help your investment flourish. There are many ways to ensure your property looks good enough to look after, but stunning kitchens are definitely a focal point.

Why The Kitchen?

The kitchen is the room in the house that the occupants will spend a good deal of time in. Meals are prepared in the kitchen but a lot of spending time together and conversing happens here too. With this in mind, tenants will be looking for a rental that has a well functioning kitchen so they can prepare all their food.

Kitchens that are tidy and look good are a major draw card too as they often have a nice ‘feel’ to them and contribute to the overall look of the home. Good tenants will choose rentals that are nice to live in and make them feel cozy and at home.

How We Can Help?

At Craftbuilt Kitchens, our professional staff members are ready to listen to your preferences and discuss with you the kind of style and, of course, the budget you have in mind. In our showroom you will be able to view some of our beautiful displays, discover great storage ideas and find out more about a new kitchen for your investment.

When you meet with one of our friendly kitchen designers at Craftbuilt, you will discuss the size of the space there is to work with as well as how to maximise it. Rental kitchens benefit from having a good amount of storage space and being well set out to ensure the most functionality.

You will be given a quote with no hidden costs and a guarantee that all work carried out will be efficient and of high quality workmanship. We have been servicing Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs for many years, providing dream kitchens to all of our clients.

Contact Craftbuilt Kitchens today to discuss the perfect kitchen for your rental property so that you will be able to attract the best tenants possible to take care of your investment.

Food is essential to our survival and a pivotal part of every culture. Sharing our meals with others is an opportunity to bond, to share stories, pass on family history and make those vital connections between family and friends that enrich our lives. To be invited to someone’s home for a meal is a privilege that is not offered to everyone and therefore should not be taken for granted.

Table Manners – Will They Survive Our Electronic Generation?

There are as many different customs around eating as there are different cultures, and an action that is acceptable in one country can be taken as an affront in another, as many unwitting travellers have found. Table manners were considered as essential learning in past generations, and it remains to be seen if this will survive our current preference for electronic devices at meal times instead of talking to our companions.

Family Meals In The Kitchen

Traditional Dinners Every Night Now A Rarity

That being said, we still consider the kitchen to be the heart of every home. It is the one place where everyone in the family usually congregates at some part of the day, even if it is only for a few minutes. With individual family members often heading off in different directions to work, school, university and other places they need to be, the traditional dinner together at the end of every day is now a rarity.

Busy Families Still Make An Effort

However, we know from discussions with our clients that busy families are still aware of the importance of eating together regularly. They make an effort to sit down around the table at least a couple of nights a week. When working with clients to design their Craftbuilt Kitchens we take the time to understand these needs so we can design a kitchen that suits their lifestyle.

Muarrie Kitchen Renovation

New Kitchens – Sleek, Uncluttered and Welcoming

Modern kitchens need to be easy to keep clean, functional, have all the required appliances within easy reach and, at the same time, look sensational. We consider everything in the build, including the cabinetry and bench top finishes, the type and colour of the splash backs and any matching accessories. The overall look that most of our clients want is one that is sleek and uncluttered, but that it also conveys warmth that is welcoming.


Belonging – The Heart of The Home

Whether the kitchen is large enough for an “eat-in” space, or compact with a breakfast bar, clients want a dedicated eating area where they can gather together to discuss the events of the day over a meal. They want the delicious aroma of food cooking and the clink of plates and glasses, as well as a hum of conversation, laughter and, above all, those feelings of love and belonging that are the heart of the home.

If you’d like to achieve the same for your home, our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers can certainly help you plan and build the right kitchen for your family. Call us at (07) 3341 9166 or visit our showroom in 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119 today!