Choosing Kitchens For Investment Rental Homes

Tenants in investment homes are like a two edged sword – we don’t always know right away which side of the blade is the best and which is not as good. With the right tenants in the home, your investment can be a blessing, but choose wrongly and watch out down the track. The same can be said for choosing kitchens for investment rentals as some are definitely a lot better than others and hopefully if the home has a good kitchen it will be treated well. The best kitchen in rental situations is one that will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Kitchens in Brisbane in rental situations should be practical with lots of storage and bench space, easily accessible, and durable. While we all have our own personal tastes, when we rent out our homes we need to consider what will be a good choice for the vast majority, and not put our own personal stamp on the interior decor. It would be a wise decision to stick to neutral colours that will be enhanced by colours of items introduced into the premises by the tenants. Keeping colours neutral will allow the tenants to put their personal stamp there by adding accessories in the colour/s they find pleasing to them.

While higher benchtops are quite popular in kitchen design in Brisbane for private homes, it must be realized that tenants will come in all shapes, sizes and heights. If the tenant is on the short side, a tall benchtop will be frustrating, as lower benches will be to taller people. For kitchens in rental homes it is best to compromise a little and go for a medium height that will suit the majority of tenants. Choose benchtop surfaces that are tough and durable and will take a lot of wear and tear over a long time without getting damaged, and exterior and interior surfaces that are light and easy to clean. Tenants are more likely to properly care for it to keep it looking good when they find it pleasing.

Choose cooktops that are in common use so that it will satisfy a larger number of people as not everyone will be familiar or comfortable with the latest modern technology on the market. If kitchens for rental homes are chosen with the majority in mind, then it is more likely that the home will be regularly tenanted and your investment will be a successful one.

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