Dining in the Dark at Home

A while back there was a trend that went all the rage. A restaurant went viral because its main attraction is dining in the dark. The experience is expensive but a lot of diners claimed that it was worth it.

You can also recreate the same experience at home. 

  1. It’s easy to do and simply a great romantic theme and can be an entertaining bonding experience.
  2. It’s a fun experience for the whole family. Kids get a sensory adventure with their sense of smell, taste and sound.
  3. It’s a unique culinary experience for everyone. Tip: Your usual or favourite food tastes very different without visuals. Which means you can savour your meal more.
  4. A great way to appreciate how your food taste. This is why companies conduct blind taste tests. Testers rely on their taste buds than how their food looks.
  5. Diners and guests will value their other senses more than their eyesight, making them aware of what each of their senses can do even when doing simple tasks. Everyone will be busy focusing on eating blind.

 Cooking in the Kitchen Home

How to Create the Experience Of Dining In the Dark

That famous restaurant had servers using night vision goggles. You don’t need to do the same. You can recreate the same atmosphere.

  1. Have it at night when the moon is not full (at its brightest).
  2. Block out lights from the outside by closing windows and drawing your curtains. Have the dinner at an area that won’t be damaged by spills and has less obstacles that may cause people to trip and stumble in the dark.
  3. You can use blindfold or padded eye masks in a dimly lit room. You can lead your guests to your seat better this way.
  4. You can have it in your dining room or have it around your benchtop in the kitchen so that in case it gets messy, you can clean up easily. Plus, it’s easy to serve food straight from the prep area.
  5. You can choose to have the food ready on the table and covered, or serve it when they are seated at the table – blindfolded. The important thing to remember is not letting them know what they’re having. Also, try to minimise the smell of the food before serving. So they won’t guess too easily!

Food for Dining In the Dark:

You can basically serve any type of food you want for this experience but make sure it’s not too messy and difficult to eat. Here are some things to remember when serving and eating food in the dark:

  1. Serve meals that have texture and flavour. When you have a helpful stove or oven-like Kleenmaid’s Hydrolytic Steam Oven, it helps give you that crunch and crisp needed for your freshly baked bread or crispy roast crackling.
  2. Prepare simple meals packed with flavour.
  3. Whether you’d like your diners to eat with their hands, cut their food blind with their utensils or spoon feed them yourself, make sure to serve it in appropriate portions. They may have a difficult time getting food onto their spoons and into their mouth.
  4. Try to avoid messy recipes with too much sauce or anything else that’s messy. Finger food works.
  5. You can serve drinks with straws or in spill-proof containers.
  6. Lastly, save some of the meal so that everyone can see what they ate when they’re done. They’ll have a hard time figuring out which one’s chicken and fish if they’ can’t see what they’re eating!

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