Aside from having a great-looking kitchen, a big part of kitchen design is ensuring your time in the kitchen will be productive and efficient.

Why do home owners renovate their kitchen? Their current kitchen, over the years, may have become old and worn out. Another reason is the kitchen layout, which used to work in the past, is no longer working for them. The kitchen may have become too small for what their current needs or it was not designed well in the first place. Whatever the reason, it is important to talk to a professional kitchen designer to get the best design for an effective kitchen.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is important to get the layout and design right, to allow for efficiency, as well as the space needed for family members, guests and friends to spend quality time in.

Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen’s work triangle is a very important design element to incorporate. It allows easy movement and flow in the kitchen by way of appropriate placement. The sink, refrigerator and cook top are ideally set up in a triangular shape in the kitchen. These are the three major points in the kitchen used in food preparation and cleaning up.

Bench Tops/Work Surface

Ideally, if space allows, you will have some work space/kitchen bench top placed between each of these points, including the main kitchen bench top. If your kitchen space is small, our knowledgeable designer may have some great ideas to tackle this issue.

Choosing The Best Kitchen Shape For You

There are many lay-out choices available when it comes to kitchens. Along with the different colour schemes, bench top materials and styles, it would be impossible not to come up with a design that you like.

Our expert design and installation team at Craftbuilt Kitchens has many years of experience in making your journey to owning a new kitchen a smooth one. Gone are the days of a standard kitchen style; there are some very unique designs out there and part of this comes from the different shapes available:

U-shaped Kitchens

Sometimes, the U shape is sometimes referred to as the L or J shape kitchen. However, there are subtle differences between the L and U shape. Two walls that are parallel and perpendicular to a third, the U shape kitchen offers great functionality to the kitchen work triangle.

Benefits of the U-shaped kitchen are:

  • You can add an island bench
  • Lots of bench space
  • Great for small to medium areas
  • Maximises space available
  • Kitchen is not walkthrough so there is no traffic through work area

L-shaped Kitchens

The L shape differs from the U shape in the sense that it has two bordering walls. This style of kitchen changes the work triangle just a little by having the stove top on the same wall as the fridge with the sink against the other.

Benefits of the L-shaped kitchen are:

  • Great for small spaces
  • Excellent for combined kitchen/dining spaces
  • Extra movable bench tops can be added to create more work space

Galley Kitchens

The galley kitchen is amazing for functionality and is the preferred shape by chefs. The galley kitchen is easy to enter and exit with both ends being open and if built against parallel walls can easily have extra cupboard space added above each bench area.

Benefits of the galley kitchen are:

  • Excellent for small spaces
  • Drawer and cabinet openings don’t clash
  • Lots of bench space
  • Great with work triangle

Clever Kitchens Designed With Ease

Homeowners, looking to upgrade or replace kitchens, find that visiting showrooms can give them fantastic ideas about what is the latest in space saving as well as what is the most up to date design in kitchens.

At Craftbuilt Kitchens, clients are warmly greeted by showroom staff and shown a number of kitchen set ups and samples that will help them understand the layouts discussed, as well as the different materials and colour schemes available.

Visiting the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom is far more interesting and informative than flicking through the pages of a kitchen renovation magazine. But before you visit the showroom, why not take a look at what they can do for you.

Overhead Cupboards

This kind of storage is a must in every kitchen. Without overhead cupboards your kitchen would be lacking greatly in space. The expert designers at Craftbuilt can ensure you will have maximum storage space without your kitchen looking too cramped or cluttered.


Splashback don’t only look good but they also provide a great purpose in your kitchen. Cooking splatters, grease and moisture from steam or dishes will not be an issue with your beautiful splashback. You can choose from the ultra modern chrome, glass or more traditional tiles.

Nifty Storage Ideas

Aside from your usual cupboard space, Craftbuilt Kitchens can manufacture fantastic storage ideas that can keep your kitchen organised. Appliance cupboards are a great way to keep frequently used appliances handy and hidden from the bench. While pot drawers provide an easy and convenient way to access all your pots without scrounging through deep, dark cupboards.

Wine racks are another great addition for lovers of a good drop and they keep things looking organised. If there is something else you like to keep in abundance in the kitchen you can discuss a unique tailor-made storage idea with your designer.

Hidden Necessities

Many of us can’t do without certain items in the kitchen such as a dishwasher but such large appliances can sometimes take away from the effect of our chosen kitchen design. When it comes to this area, Craftbuilt has the solution. Kitchen panels that match your design can be used to conceal such white goods and give a more streamlined appearance to your kitchen.

Of course, Craftbuilt also take care of your benchtops and pantries, ensuring each fits perfectly into the space you have to allow for the most work space possible. Now, that you have an idea for your kitchen renovation design, visit Craftbuilt Kitchens at 2958 Logan Road Underwood, QLD today for your kitchen layout and renovation planning.

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