Avail Our Interest Free Loan And Get Your Kitchen Sooner

Are your kitchen drawers falling apart? Are the bench tops chipped, cracked or swelling? Does your sink leak into the cupboard below? Maybe you are a tall cook and the kitchen was designed for a person with an average height?

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen but can’t afford it right now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then hang on to your hat because we have a solution that will have you singing from your bench tops.

We understand and feel your pain here at Craftbuilt Kitchens. That is why we have come up with this time saving solution.

Why not take advantage of our brilliant interest free offer?

interest free offer

It’s as simple as jumping online at Craftbuilt Kitchens and completing the online application. You will get a notification within minutes of hitting the submit button. Then all you need to do is visit our stunning kitchen showrooms to design your dream kitchen.

Design, Construct, Install

Are you ready? Once you visit our showroom, the first step of the process will be to take stock of the space you have available to create your perfect cooking experience.

We are not being sexist at all but it is a fact that the majority of home cooks are women. With this in mind all our designers are women. We feel they understand the requirements of home cooks a little bit better.

The challenges of whipping up nutritious meals for a diverse family whilst helping junior with the homework, sorting washing, and getting the children washed and cleaned can be complicated and time consuming.

You want your kitchen to be as user friendly as possible to maintain the flow of food preparation.

Once you have met with one of our designers, created your dream kitchen and seen it in 3D with the use of our special software, it is time to proceed with the actual construction.

This is where the men take over. Only one of our experienced and qualified cabinet makers will work on your kitchen.

This single tradesman construction method is designed to offer the members of our esteemed crew a feeling of accomplishment, ownership, and pride. It gives you peace of mind as well knowing that one person has crafted your whole kitchen.

The final phase of this process is the installation. As we have a local factory, we are able to install your new kitchen cabinets and bench tops (excluding stone) in one day.

Then it’s just a case of organising the finishing touches such as tiling and plasterwork and voilà! A dream kitchen becomes reality.

When you’re ready, complete the online application and when you get approved within minutes, call our showroom at (07) 3341 9166 or vist us at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119. See you there!

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