How To Engage With The Family In This Fast-Paced Age

These days, trying to gather the whole family for a meal is a challenge. Sitting down for a good home cooked meal or even take-out is not enough to get family members to put down their smart phones or take some time off to catch up over warm, hearty food.

The kitchen is the perfect place to gather family members and share the highlights of the day. It is the place where everybody has something in common. The love for food. What has changed? The introduction of TV dinners in the 70’s combined with the colour TV set in every living room was the first dinner time distraction. Now with smaller devices such as smart phones, the problem has worsened – conversation being the casualty.

How do we get the beauty of face-to-face conversation back? It may take some time but engaging in quality conversation, plus enticing them with their favorite dish certainly helps! Gather the family around the table and ask how their day went. This can be achieved by creating a fun area with a warm atmosphere. This is a factor that Craftbuilt Kitchens considers. Craftbuilt Kitchens can help design and build kitchens that are meant to be as the centre of the home.

Many families who renovate their old kitchens emphasize the importance of making meal gatherings an attractive event. At Craftbuilt Kitchens, we believe that every mealtime reinstated is another opportunity to build those important, lasting relationships. Pretty soon, the smart phone and the TV will become mere distractions to quality meal-time.