How To Increase The Value Of Your Kitchen

You may already be thinking of renovating your kitchen. Perhaps you have started thinking about upgrading your benchtop and cabinetry, and have your heart set on a particular style, colour and theme. All these can be achievable and Craftbuilt Kitchens can help you fulfill your dream kitchen.

At first, you may have lingering questions about how your dream kitchen can be possible if you have a tiny space. When you visit the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom, our designers will help you maximize your kitchen’s full potential. You can get the best value out of your kitchen renovation! You may be seeing a tiny, cramped kitchen now. Wait until our designers offer suggestions that can increase the value of your kitchen. Here are three out of the many advices we offer:

Removing A Wall Creates Open Space

You may be thinking how your dream kitchen will materialize in such a cramped space. Your kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to increase the scale of your kitchen. Right now you may be seeing a tiny, cramped kitchen with limited moving space. How can the whole family fit in that small area? Imagine how your whole kitchen (and home) will look if you take out a wall. Your kitchen will have a more open space that will link your dining area to your kitchen, and even to your living area. Our designers offer expert advice on that aspect as it involves the foundation and structure of your home.


An Island Bench Increases Socializing Time And Storage Space

What next? Removing one wall can open up the opportunity to install an island bench. This may be something you’ve never envisioned before. Considering an island bench for your kitchen can open up a culture of socializing. It gives that feeling of intimacy you get when family and guests come over, without getting in the way during meal preparations. An island bench is also an ideal storage space.



Lighting Makes A Difference

Lastly, picking out the right type of lighting will add value to your kitchen’s over-all effect. Sure, the single fluorescent tube in the middle of your ceiling is serving its purpose. However, choosing the right accent lights and modern downlighting can display your kitchen’s best features and makes the kitchen appear larger than it seems. Even using natural light from windows can make a huge difference and it saves you quite a bit from the electric bill. Our designers not only aim for comfort and usability but also style.


These are just a few ideas that will take your kitchen renovation to the next level. Our Craftbuilt Kitchens designers can help you maximize your kitchen without breaking the bank. Considering even just one suggestion mentioned above will not only add value to your kitchen but of your entire home.