How To Use Dark and Moody Kitchen Colours

Dark and moody isn’t always gloomy. Such colours can be quite dramatic and can show the home owner’s personality. According to Houzz and colour experts, deeper moodier colors like navy, black and forest green are expected to be more favorable for 2019. Experts suspect it may be a reaction to all the whites and bright colors people have been leaning toward for years.

Emerald and deep teal are making a comeback as well. It’s catching on especially in kitchen islands or benchtops.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen with dark or deep colours but are not sure which shade to choose from? Aside from black, here are a few suggestions from our kitchen renovation experts that can feature high-fashion and sleek profiles, plus it showcases your personality and mood.

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Here are a few Moody Colours to choose from:

  1. Navy – This classic colour never fails. It complements very well with white and balances masculine and feminine appeal. Compared to black, it doesn’t feel as “too dark” or depressing as some may think. Navy shows your sophisticated side.
  2. Charcoal to Warm Grey Shades – These shades can make the kitchen feel cosy and can help make your modern space inviting to guests. It can help lift colours such as yellow.
  3. Cool Grey Shades – Working with slightly blue and green undertones can offer a sense of cleanness. It makes the space feel more open.
  4. Chocolate – Because who doesn’t love chocolate? The colour is perfect for both modern and traditional spaces and it carries a sense of warmth throughout the area. It also helps tone down shades like orange.
  5. Burgundy – This colour has red undertones and can be easily paired with white, brown, wood and even golden metallics. It offers a lavish vibe.

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You definitely can go dramatic with the different shades and colours. Depending on the colour you choose, it can evoke calm, lush, clean and rich feelings. There are more deep, dark and moody colours to choose from and our Craftbuilt experts can help you design your dream kitchen.

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