Kitchen Floor Options

There are many important aspects to consider when it comes to having a kitchen put in. The kitchen flooring is one of them. The flooring anywhere in a home needs to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, in the kitchen, the flooring is expected to take more of a beating. There are many different options, you simply need to pick the right one for you.

Floored By Amazing Results

Some of us wait many years to be able to get our dream kitchen installed with all the modern storage ideas, beautiful bench top finishes, cooktops and splash backs to match the décor and the right lighting to enhance it all as well as being practical. When we finally do get our kitchen installed, we can’t wait to get in there and try it out. We are totally delighted with the way it makes the overall effect so elegant, that is, until we look down and realize the old flooring serves to detract from a perfect finish.

Whatever we do, we must keep in mind that we need practical and durable floor coverings that will also enhance and match in with the kitchen and wall colour scheme as well.

Kitchens are usually high traffic areas and need something that will be appropriate for this situation and still look good. Most prefer ceramic tiles for their kitchen area, as they are easy to maintain. But unfortunately, if you cannot get the non slip type, the downside is possible injury through slipping on a wet floor. For older people who often are prone to body aches this is not a good choice.

With the right flooring installed, the kitchen design ties in nicely together. Keep in mind that if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you don’t want to be standing on a hard surface.

Different Types Of Kitchen Floors

The first thing to remember about kitchen flooring is that it isn’t just about feet and shoes. Liquid and food spills are a guaranteed occurrence in the kitchen and this is wise to keep in mind when choosing your ideal floor. Materials that are affordable, easy to maintain and resistant to rotting are of course the most sought after. Here is a run down of a few options available.

  • Linoleum – One of your more expensive options, this flooring is made from Linseed oil, wood powder, ground limestone and pine resin. The fantastic trade-off for this being an expensive choice is that it is environmentally friendly. It’s an easily maintained flooring that is extremely durable. Linoleum wood flooring is available in a great range of colours. Linoleum, that used to be commonly used flooring, is still used today and has undergone many improvements, making it a durable and practical choice. Some styles look like parquet board and are very attractive. Vinyl tiles are another brilliant product, with colour ranges to co-ordinate with your kitchen and wall colours. They are thick and easy to install. They are also great for legs that have to be standing in kitchens for long spells at a time. They also have built in shine. It just needs a sweep and a mop to keep them looking great, and do not need to be polished.
  • Vinyl – One of the most popular choices in kitchens flooring, vinyl is easy to maintain, inexpensive and durable. Available in a great range of textures, colours and patterns, vinyl is hard-wearing and is spill resistant, making it a fabulous option for kitchens with kids.
  • Stone – The most sophisticated choice in kitchen flooring. Stone comes in options such as granite, slate and limestone. Stone looks fantastic in large kitchens or modern homes, it is easy to maintain and is incredibly durable.
  • Cork – Easily installed and kind on your feet for its shock absorption, cork adds a natural look to your kitchen that is warm and inviting. Resistant to flame and termite infestations, it won’t rot even when wet for long periods making it a handy kitchen addition. Cork tiles look marvellous and are wonderfully soft underfoot, and once sealed they can be easily kept clean with a damp mop. They have a varnished look and would co-ordinate with most kitchen areas.
  • Polished concrete – Growing in popularity, polished concrete is starting to be seen in more and more homes. Hygienic, easy to clean and incredibly durable, polished concrete can have non slip additives put in to make your kitchen floor a safer surface to walk on.

Figuring out which flooring is best for you? Visiting our kitchen showroom and talking to an expert designer about the options available to you with your budget in mind will make the decision process easier. When it comes to choosing kitchen flooring the decision can’t be made lightly. An experienced professional will advise on the type of flooring that best suits your kitchen and needs.

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