Kitchen Know-How

Keeping It Clean and Clear

A kitchen makeover is a great opportunity to clear out all those unused dishes and pans as well as to integrate some of the great new options you have your eye on.

The truth is that the hardest job in the kitchen is keeping it clean and germ free.

We have put together some winning and environmentally friendly cleaning tips to help you maintain your kitchen with ease and little time.

Well, actually, just one tip! And that is that microfibre is your friend. This amazing fabric can clean anything and everything with ease. The trick is to replace them often and to use warm water.

No Scouring, No Chemical, Just Smooth Cleaning

When thinking of bench tops or cooktops, a microfibre cloth can clean all grime and soft foods with ease. If you do this straight, after food preparation and cooking, there is very little time for anything to harden and require a scourer.

When wiping down high gloss surfaces such as stainless steel, bench tops and splash backs – you only need two things. A wet microfiber cloth and a dry one. Simply wipe down your surface with the wet cloth and then let the dry cloth quickly take away any streaks that may have appeared. This avoids any chance of scratching.

If you do come across something hardened or difficult to remove, just dip your wet cloth into a little environmentally free Gumption to finish the job off.

No messy chemical need be used, which means you keep your skin looking and feeling better inside and outside.

Over 40 Years Of Kitchen Design Professional Experience

Here at Craftbuilt Kitchens we are proud to say that we are responsible for some of the most beautiful kitchen renovations.

Having been in the business for over 40 years gives us an edge when it comes to, not only offering the absolute best customer service and winning designs, but we also have a knowledge that spans the gamut of tricks and products available on the market.

We can offer the best and most modern conveniences whilst maintaining and guarding our own little secrets, gathered on this journey, to ensure you get the best kitchen makeover your money can buy.

Our 10 year written guarantee is testimony to the perfection that can be yours when installing a Craftbuilt kitchen.

If you are looking to renovate your tired old kitchen or to install a new kitchen, why not visit our showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood.

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