Kitchen Tile Splashbacks Are Coming Back

Are you already picturing your new kitchen in your mind but there’s a blank wall behind the stovetop, the benchtop or the sink that you can’t seem to put your finger on? This 2019, tile splashbacks are making a comeback. And it’s all about feature walls.

Your kitchen is the social hub of your home and choosing the right splashback will complement the design of your kitchen. If you’re thinking about adding depth, texture, colour and style to those empty walls then consider tile splashbacks.

Kitchen Tile Splashback

Tile splashback feature walls are all about carrying the tile from the benchtop to the ceiling. In some designs, it can be seen behind floating shelves and rangehoods. Splashbacks is at or just below eye level and it will naturally attract attention. In 2019, this trend is seen to be expanding to the outdoors and in alfresco dining areas. This way, the light will showcase the tiles’ natural beauty.

When choosing tiles, consider that they can be cost-effective, easy to install and also easy to clean.

Kitchen Tile Splashback

Here are a few things to remember when choosing the best tile splashbacks:

  1. Select the right colour, size and style
  2. Choose the right splashback that can add extra light
  3. If in doubt – wait!

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If you are unsure about which splashback is better, our Craftbuilt kitchen designers are professionals when it comes to kitchen renovations. With over 40 years of experience, our designers can offer you a wide array of tiles to choose from. Equipped with the latest designs and modern offerings, your tile splashback feature wall will certainly attract attention.

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