Kitchens Renovations versus DIY Kitchen Projects

There is much to consider when it comes to kitchen renovations. Naturally, if you are going to spend money then you want yours to be among the best kitchens around. The idea and even the process of a kitchen renovation can be overwhelming. However, with the right kitchen company, a lot of the stress can be taken out and the task for you becomes a simple one.

Don’t DIY Your Kitchen

So many people these days are into the whole DIY project idea but there are times when this should be avoided. Our highly professional team at Craftbuilt Kitchens wants you to understand that there is a time to DIY and a time not to DIY when it comes to your kitchen. Going professional is always best option.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY Your Kitchen?

There are many different reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your kitchen. The two main reasons are lack of experience and lack of warranty.

You might consider yourself very handy but when it comes to designing, measuring and installing kitchens there is no room for error.

One small mistake can be costly when it comes to the design and installation of your new kitchen. You might think it is best to DIY in order to save money but in the long run you could end up costing yourself more. The best way to avoid mistakes and more costs is to have it done professionally.

When it comes to warranty, having your kitchen designed and installed by our professional team not only means there are no mistakes, it means that on the off chance that anything goes wrong, you are covered under warranty. Provided it is within the warranty period.

What Kind of Mistakes Will You Avoid?

While there are the obvious mistakes you will avoid when you go professional, there are also some more subtle ideas and changes that you might overlook, too. Here is a list of common renovation mistakes you can avoid by enlisting us to do the job for you.

Cool Kitchen Ideas

Our professional designers will draw your attention to finer details that will make the use of your kitchen so much easier. Drawer dividers, lazy Susans and extra cupboard storage ideas are easily forgotten if you do the design yourself.

Important Design Layout

The layout of your kitchen design is vitally important to functionality. Our kitchen designers know all about the kitchen work triangle and how to ensure this is implemented the best possible way into the space you have available in your new kitchen.

Efficient Planning and Budgeting

When you DIY your kitchen, you leave yourself open to making planning mistakes, budgeting mistakes and more. With a professional team overseeing the job we will make sure each task is completed in a timely manner.

With our team on your side we can make sure you stick to your budget and end up with the perfect kitchen, just for you. Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens today to discuss your new kitchen and don’t waste your time or money with DIY.


Tips For Getting Your New Kitchen Renovations Right

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we want each and every one of our clients to walk away feeling as though they received the best service and of course the best end product possible. It is our duty to ensure that the kitchen you haveis what you envisioned or more than you could have hoped for.

With this in mind, we have nothing but the best team of showroom staff, designers and installers to take you on a kitchen renovation journey that is informative, fun, efficient and suited to your needs and budget.

We also always offer fantastic advice on making the decisions for your new kitchen based on current trends, your budget and of course the space we have to work with. Here are some simple tips and ideas that you might like to consider when planning your kitchen.

Little Extras

When you get a new kitchen installed it’s a thrilling feeling to be working in such a wonderful preparation space. To add to this feeling why not consider a few things to add to the luxury.

Appliances such as a new toaster or blender that may stay permanently on the bench top will fit in so much better if they are new. Also updating your lighting to something more modern will give much more lift to the new kitchen effect.

Make The Most of Your Layout

While style is very important, function is the key in a new kitchen. When planning your kitchen, your designer will discuss the importance of having plenty of food preparation space, the kitchen work triangle and simply having a functional flow.

Things like being able to easily wash vegetables in the sink, to discard scraps in the bin and place dirty dishes to be washed in close proximity to food preparation are all things that make a functional kitchen.


Always do your research when getting quality appliances. Be willing to pay for extra warranty if you are able and, of course, if you need to buy more than one then getting each in the same brand will mean your kitchen looks more stylish with its matching set.

Consider Your Bench Top

There are plenty of options for a great bench top that looks good and will last. Island bench tops prove to be very serviceable in kitchens, provided you have the space.

Our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens are ready to help you plan your ideal kitchen.


Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

Making the decision to renovate your kitchen is only the beginning of a very exciting process. From here you need to work out your budget and also choose the right company, and that’s us! At Craftbuilt we have been carrying out beautiful kitchen renovations for over 40 years.

Our fully qualified designers and experienced showroom staff can help guide you through the process that, when done through us, you will find is a very enjoyable and rewarding one. One of the most exciting parts of a kitchen renovation is choosing the style of kitchen you would like.

While our showroom will provide you with many great ideas and our designers can also offer some fantastic advice, you might like to keep reading here for some styles and ideas you may not have considered.

Bistro Style Kitchen

Bistro style kitchens offer a modern kind of feel. By adding simple features such as timber veneer and a blackboard for scribbling shopping lists or the weekly menu you create a relaxed and cool area to prepare your food. Wine lovers may even like to add a wine rack.

Natural Light and Nature

If you’re stuck on kitchen splashback ideas why not add a window? This will add a whole new level of lighting to your workspace and also offer a great view into the garden if you have one, or create one! Window splashbacks are easy to clean and the natural light means less electricity used during the day.

Wall Storage

If you have the space in your kitchen you could have shelving added into the wall away from the preparation area. This means you don’t have to have bulky cupboards above the sink, which will allow a more open ambience. The shelving can include custom wine racks and space for recipe books.

Timber Lovers

If you love the idea of a timber kitchen, go for it. You can give this style of kitchen a more modern edge by adding stainless steel benchtops and high gloss cabinets in your choice of colour teamed with stainless steel appliances.

Another idea with timber if you don’t want to add colour is to use a couple of different tones. This look can be quite effective. However, you have to be careful that the grains are similar. By doing this you will avoid the kitchen looking too busy.

There are so many more fantastic ideas available to consider and all you need to do is contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens to set you on your path to kitchen bliss.


Choosing The Best

Choosing a kitchen company with longevity in the industry is simply the only way to go. With longevity comes experience, together with knowledge and proof – proof that the job they do is a good one for if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to stay in business for long.

Craftbuilt Kitchens have been servicing Brisbane for over 40 years and have proven time and time again that customer satisfaction, along with designing and installing stunning kitchens, is their top priority. Their qualified installers will set up your kitchen using only the finest materials and in the rare chance that anything goes wrong, they offer a ten-year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship on their cabinets.

The Craftbuilt Kitchens Difference

Craftbuilt Kitchens’ customer testimonials feature very happy customers and honest information about the company, as well as their thoughts on the kitchen design and install process.

But what’s more convenient and adds to the fun of designing your new kitchen is their fantastic showroom at Underwood, complete with displays and helpful showroom consultants ready to assist you in any way and offer you any advice or ideas you might not have considered previously.

This alone makes choosing a kitchen much easier, as seeing products set up in real life gives you a much better idea than viewing pictures online or in magazines. You can discuss face to face with your designer about your wants and needs and be given invaluable information and advice, all in the one place.

Smooth Sailing From Here

Once you have decided on a design with your kitchen designer, they will take care of the rest. Your new kitchen will be up and running before you know it, ready for you to cook up a storm. The installers will professionally remove your old kitchen and install your new one within a day (more if you have selected stone benches) leaving you with a beautiful new heart of your home.


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