Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cooking Tips You Need To Remember

It’s Valentine’s day and you might have already made plans to go out on your date, reserved a table for two at a nice restaurant or booked a trip. If you are going to make a home-cooked meal tonight, remember to relax and take note of these Valentine’s Day cooking tips for a smooth-sailing date night! Here are a few last minute Valentine’s Day things to remember:

Valentine’s Day Things To Avoid When Preparing Food:

  1. Keep Calm, Let Go of the Pressure. The best way to impress your Valentine’s date tonight is to show your real self! Which means you need to be relaxed and happy. If you are stressing over the fact that you are going to make a crème brulee or beef wellington, remember that your date is there to get to know you. Having a great meal rakes in bonus points but showing your best and true self is much more impressive. Keep calm, avoid stress! 

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  1. Sloppy Food Means Messy Food. Food with tons of sauce can be delicious and exciting but it can make one look messy! These meals may be great to eat but if your date is not into messy meals then it is best to avoid powdered donuts, ribs with BBQ sauce, burritos, meatball subs, meatball spaghetti, buffalo wings and hotdogs. It also means you’ll less likely have to clean a messy benchtop.

 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cooking Tips You Need To Remember

  1. Don’t Slave Away In The Kitchen. It sounds impressive that you have decided to cook a seven course meal but you don’t want to be spending all your time in the kitchen cooking. If you think the meal will need prep time, do it in advance. And here’s a tip – if your date is all for it, you can also have your date help you during the cooking.

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  1. It’s Not About You. Remember that your Valentine’s date is about the both of you. You can introduce your date to the food you like as well as asking what his or her favourite food is. It is also important to consider if your date has allergies. You don’t need to cook the exact thing. What is important is you get to know the person and what he or she likes.

 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cooking Tips You Need To Remember

At the end of the day, your kitchen is a hotspot for conversation and romance. Remember that your Valentine’s date is not just about the food, it is about you and your Valentine’s date. So have fun, (remember these last minute Valentine’s Day cooking tips!) and impress your date by being yourself!

Have a happy Valentine’s day! – A message from Craftbuilt Kitchens.