Men In The Kitchen

Food, food, glorious food, enlivening our taste buds, and nourishing our bodies. Everyone looks forward to enjoying a delicious meal, especially when it is shared with friends and family. The time taken to prepare the meal is always made worthwhile when you see how much it is enjoyed, and the compliments come from all those at the table. Of course the preparation is always made easier if the kitchen is practical and functional, and all ingredients and utensils are readily accessible. It needs plenty of room on benchtops for creating all those culinary delights as well. But there is another important feature that is sometimes overlooked.

Have you noticed that men seem to be the main cook in the house nowadays? It looks like an increasing trend. There seems to be a shift in the social structure that sees more men in the kitchen than ever before. As well as that there are more women in the workplace, many arriving home later than the hubby. This of course makes it necessary for him to pick up children and get dinner underway. Others do it just because they love to cook. Whether the numerous cooking shows on television have had anything to do with them being inspired or not, statistics show that men are frequently cooking in kitchens in Brisbane.

Men Cooking In The Kitchen

This brings us to the often overlooked feature for kitchens, suitable heights for benches and for range hoods over the cooktop. Some women find that the standard heights are too low for comfortable use as they often end up stooping over them. This also applies to kitchen sinks while washing dishes. For men in the kitchen this would be even worse, as the majority of men are so much taller than women. Too much stooping while working is bad for backs and necks and puts strain on the shoulders. When planning your kitchen design in Brisbane make sure the height is a good working height so the man in your kitchen can be a happy top chef.

Retractable range hoods are a great idea in the kitchen as they are only out when cooking is taking place. Many heads have come into painful contact with fixed range hoods when cleaning the cooktop. This is an area where the height could be better planned, even for the retractable type. After all if our men are showing interest in cooking, we should be doing all we can to encourage them by making sure it is not only comfortable to work in but a safer environment as well.

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