Modern Kitchen Colour Trends When Renovating Your Kitchen

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When updating your kitchen to the latest in modern kitchen design trends, there are so many themes to choose from. Whether you want bold colors or a cool atmosphere, it all depends on the style you choose. Kitchen colour scheme ideas are something to highly consider.

Most of our clients incorporate their personalities into the mix as well as the needs of the whole family. At Craftbuilt Kitchens, we take into consideration our clients’ vision and requirements especially when they want the kitchen as the center of the family home for socialising. To create an aesthetically-pleasing living space, here are the latest trends in modern kitchen colour scheme ideas:

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Uplifting Colour Scheme Ideas for Your Kitchen: Miami Brights!

There is an emergence of uplifting colors that will fit the personality of any homeowner. Use of such colours impact the mood of your kitchen. This year’s uplifting colour scheme sees the emergence of Miami Brights, according to a recent Houzz webinar we attended. Visualise pastel plush, spring colour to cool warm, blue water crystal clear palettes. Such colours are evocative of the Miami Beach – as the name suggests.

Use uplifting colours to indicate the mood you want to feature in your kitchen. Here’s a quick color guide to decide on.

  1. Red is associated with power, confidence and high energy. It is often the hue our eyes are drawn to when entering a space. It is also known to stimulate appetite! A good colour scheme idea to have in the kitchen. Choose among different shades of red to uplift your kitchen theme, from raspberry sorbet to pink mist.
  2. Orange is a fabulous hue. It is associated with happiness and joy. It is a great colour to use for social interactions. How about autumn blaze? Or go lighter with sunbaked orange?
  3. Go bright with cheerful yellow! Yellow is said to promote creativity and optimism. A good mood lifter for any living space. Go for soft yellows this year with light lemon or lemon chiffon shades.
  4. Go green. Not only it is a calming colour, it also invokes nature. Green is a great accent to any living space and one way to do this is by adding indoor herb gardens or small houseplants. This is a refreshing kitchen colour scheme idea.Timber Look Kitchen
  5. Keep calm with blue. When going with Miami Bright colours, blue emits that coast to coast vibe. It is a popular colour that invokes a warm and relaxing environment. Choose shades from the sky or the sea, from sky blue to aqua palettes.

When you’re ready with your personal colour scheme idea or if you need help in picking the right shade for your kitchen renovation, Our professional designers at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 are happy to help you. You can also call us at (07) 3341 9166 to schedule your 3D appointment.