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During kitchen or bathroom renovations, we occasionally come across a few ‘unknowns’ as is expected. However, these usually consist of uninteresting things such as a colony of cockroaches, water damaged timbers, dead rats, asbestos, owls and old newspapers.

During a bathroom rip-out, one morning, we found a very large possum stuck in the wall which made a change from the ubiquitous cockroaches. We don’t know who was the most surprised, our client and tradesman or the possum who has been named Porky by our client.

Due to a combined rescue effort, our tradesman and our client managed to remove the villaboard from the walls to release him. But Porky refused to enter the cat carrier and instead ran up and down the wall studs and then legged it off down the hall and out the front door – unfortunately, a little scared so left a trail of wee en-route giving our tradesman’s drop sheets a very fragrant odour!!!

Rescuing possums is not generally in our remit but as we are all animal lovers, we are always happy to help!!!

Are you having a cocktail party this weekend? Cocktail parties are an exciting time and a great way to gather old and new friends over drinks. You can opt to have a sit-down meal or host a get-together and feature filling canapés. 

It’s going to be a great party for sure! 

Be prepared, one cannot avoid spills and stains when having a ton of guests over. It’s inevitable! You can’t always pay attention to spills and wipe them up immediately even if you wanted to.

So here are a few cocktail tips to remember when caring for your stone benchtops and countertops. 

  1. Think about where you want to position your hors d’oeuvres or aperitifs. Stone is sensitive to acidic foods like wine, citrus juices, salad dressings and vinegar. While some stone benchtops are sealed, they can be corroded by strong acids. 
  2. Putting table cloth or trays for drinks and food can help lessen contact, scratches and stains.
  3. Avoid using strong acids or harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine, ammonia or any household cleaners.
  4. You may want to avoid contact with granite when having red wine or beet juice. It stains easily.
  5. If you have a limestone bench,  remember that it is more porous than other stones. Limestone is more susceptible to stains like red wine, coffee and tea. Plus, heat can burn or scorch the stone.
  6. When cleaning stains off of marble and Caesarstone, it’s best to clean the surface regularly as stains can also create dull spots. 
  7. Use a non-abrasive microfiber cloth and warm soapy water for cleaning bench surfaces.
  8. Have a sponge or cloth ready and near the benches to wipe spills right away!

Click here for more cleaning tips or visit our design center at Unit 15, 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner for your kitchen needs.

Cat Foster Rescue

Crakit is a cat we rescued 4 years ago. She is a very sweet and affectionate little girl. Over the Christmas holiday break she was looked after by a Cat-mom, a valued Craftbuilt Kitchens client. She settled in very quickly, sleeping on Mom’s bed and couch, and received a lot of cuddles and love from the family.

As we are moving from Underwood to Stones Corner, Crakit needed a furever home that is suitable to her. One that isn’t too close to the busy road. We wanted to keep her safe. We are glad to announce that her holiday Cat-mom is happy to adopt her – officially! Crakit now has a furever home!

Cat Foster Rescue

We will miss our Director of First Meow-pressions but we are happy to know that she is living in a warm home and will have the life she deserves.

Plus, the new home has Crakit’s seal of approval! Crakit is living in a home with a Craftbuilt kitchen, Craftbuilt laundry and a Craftbuilt bathroom – she has confirmed all rooms are to Craftbuilt standards and feels at home surrounded by Craftbuilt projects!

Last weekend, Crakit was now officially cat-dopted!

Here’s a short message from her new Cat-mom:

Very happy to say I am adopting this beautiful girl. Never thought I would have another cat but this sweetie has been staying with me and now needs a new furever home. Welcome Crakit!!!

Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s almost Christmas! Is your kitchen still bare and you’re having trouble figuring out how to decorate your kitchen, the social center, for upcoming Christmas festivities? Maybe you are tired of the same old holiday them? Try some of the latest trends which are not only a bit different but simple at the same time.

Your kitchen Christmas decoration does not have to take up too much of your time or space, a little here and there can add an extra sparkle to the season.

We know how it is! You’re busy preparing for your guests, marinating your food for this year’s holiday barbie or preparing the bar for hopefully a cool get together. You wouldn’t want too much holiday decoration in the way but you still want kitchen Christmas decorations to lift your mood and provide the holiday excitement.

Here are a few holiday decoration ideas for Christmas that are easy to do and also easy to take down:

Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

  1. Last Minute DIY Tip: Bring Out the Trinkets

Christmas baubles aren’t necessarily just for the main Christmas tree. You can put baubles in a festive box, a small fish bowl or even hang them in specific areas. They can also make a great centerpiece for the table.

  1. Simple Christmas Theme: It Can Be Any Color

Remember that Christmas can be any color. You don’t have to stick to green and red. You can experiment with all sorts of hues, blue ribbons, white trinkets or pink baubles.  Soft coppers are on trend this year again add a few to your regular silver, gold or white.

  1. Edible Christmas Decors Are Easy To Take Down

Planning on baking festive cookies? Edible decorations can be hung on a wreath or on a real mini fir tree adding the smell of pine to the room. The kitchen benchtop can be festooned, or pop a few  in a holiday bowl or even around a hanging décor base.  Everyone loves cookies! Plus, you don’t need to take them down. Your guests can do it for you!Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

Other edibles to consider, cupcakes, muffins, cake pops and candies. If you have pets, make sure it is not within reach of their reach!

  1. Plants Are Perfect Decor Bases

We love to use ferns, palm leaves, ever greens, Christmas bush, Christmas bellflowers and other fun flora. They’re nature’s own decorations. You can use plants and blossoming flowers to give the area a natural look. They have their own color and adding a touch of Christmas lights help, too.

  1. Christmas Lights Everywhere

Last Minute Simple Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

Translated means “use your free time to be free”

Christmas lights are great to lace the bushes, wreaths and trees with. But you can also put lights in a mason jar, a big glass bowl or scatter them randomly.

Have fun decorating the hub of the home this Christmas, your family and guests will love the affect.

These kitchen Christmas decoration ideas are certainly useful and can make any cook, family member, or guest appreciate your kitchen space.

Are you ready to build your dream kitchen with us? You can call our expert kitchen specialists at Craftbuilt Kitchens, at (07) 3341 9172 or visit our Stones Corner design studio.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland



Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

Stones Corner just got classier! Are you in the South East area of Brisbane and are looking for a kitchen renovation consult?


Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

Craftbuilt Kitchens New Design Studio has opened to cater to your kitchen design, planning and renovation needs.


Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

Customers came in on opening day and asked various questions when it comes to kitchen renovations, design and planning.



Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

When it comes to kitchen renovation needs, Craftbuilt Kitchens makes it a point to always provide options for the client that will suit their needs and personality.



Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

Justine featuring the latest design in storage and cabinetry



Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

Check out the state of the art and modern samples, kitchen appliances and benchtops for clients to see.


Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

So many colors and textures to choose from!


Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

Showcasing the Kleenmaid ovens, the smell of freshly baked damper livened up the studio.


Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

We baked this delicious gluten free damper in a Kleenmaid Combi Steam. Using the combination ventilated oven & steam function at 180 degrees, the bread was baked for 40 minutes. The end result was so soft and fluffy on the inside with a nice crunchy crust. Serve with butter and jam!


Kitchen Design Studio Stones Corner Brisbane Queensland

The Stones Corner Kitchen Studio opening was a huge success! We’re open 9:00am – 5:00pm Tuesday – Friday and 9:00am – 2:00pm Saturday. Everyone welcome! Hurry down at the South East area of Brisbane for your kitchen renovation needs. See you at Unit 15 76 Old Cleveland Road, STONES CORNER QLD 4120 (Parking off Laura St.)



Congratulations to our very own Caroline Rumore!

For winning

the Flight Centre Voucher Competition!

Have a great trip!

Cook Home Made Pizza

There are a few people that would tell you that pizza is not a trend, it is a way of life. There are so many pizza lovers out there that can quickly name their favourite pizza when asked. From pepperoni to all-meat, from four cheese to seafood, from thin crust to deep dish.

Cook Home Made Pizza

And when it comes to pizza, oftentimes it is associated with home delivery. Now, according to Delicious, takeaway pizza and pizza delivery statistics has decreased and that is mainly because Australians are now choosing a different approach in food culture. Many Australians are now trying to choose healthier foods. However, that doesn’t mean that pizza is going to be put on the back burner.

The love for pizza is still melty and gooey for a lot of household members. Although they may no longer opt for the commercial slice or frozen alternative, there are still ways to enjoy the all-time favourite treat. You can make pizza on the stove top and in your own oven but your kitchen can offer you so much more.

When you visit the Craftbuilt Kitchens showroom, our expert designers can tell you that you can still use your oven but cook your pizza on a pizza stone. When renovating your kitchen you can go a little more upscale and splash out on a pizza oven. There is nothing more authentic than having a brick oven pizza for dinner. Our designers can even offer tips on how to maintain the stones and ovens.

Whatever you choose, whether it is a pizza stone or a pizza oven, our kitchen designers can help you choose the best oven that fits your kitchen, lifestyle and space. This is a fantastic way to make your own homemade pizzas that are healthier and personal. Because why not? Every pizza is a personal pizza. You can make it gooey, healthier, organic, cheesier and more. And it’s a wonderful way to get some much needed veggies into children who are fussy eaters. Kids would never say no to pizza!


For the best advice on pizza stones and ovens, visit Craftbuilt Kitchens in Brisbane and talk to a qualified designer about your kitchen appliance and oven options.

Previously we talked about how you can keep your tiles and stone benchtops clean. Now, what if you have a wooden benchtop? This is how you give it its well-deserved TLC.

With these methods, cleaning your kitchen countertops and benches can be a breeze:

Wooden Benchtops TLC

Wooden benchtops are lovely but this natural product can be easily damaged by general household cleaners. If you have a wooden benchtop, the most important thing is to always clean up spillage right away. Like Caesarstone, use warm soapy water with a sponge. When dealing with raw meat, a weak bleach and water solution helps sanitize the bench. Spray the surface and wipe it with a sponge, then follow with the warm detergent wash. Avoid using strong acidic cleaners as they can breakdown the glue that holds the cabinetry or benchtop together.

There is no need to use harsh chemicals at all!

Get Rid of Stains And Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Clean and Clear Glass

 When dealing with glass, it is not the solution that is being used that’s the trick. Often, it’s the method of cleaning. It’s best to start from the top and work towards the bottom. Use a squeegee then wipe with its blade. A scrunched up newspaper that has been soaked in vinegar works, too!

You can do the same with the window splashbacks and even mirror splashbacks. Basically, any glass surface cleaning works well with this kind of method. This kitchen cleaning method is so easy, even your children can help you out!

Stainless Steel Tops and Fridges

When it comes to stainless steel surfaces, use distilled white vinegar soaked microfiber cloth (previously brought to a boil before use). Dab it on stains for 30 minutes, sprinkle with baking soda. Give it a gentle scrub with a clean microfiber cloth and let it dry. Got pesky fingerprints on your fridge door? Use cloth dabbed in alcohol and gently rub it off. It keeps your kitchen squeaky clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

At the end of the day, it is important to clean the tiles and everything else regularly. This will avoid building up a big mess in the long run. For advice on how to care for your kitchen benches, installations and tiles, don’t hesitate to approach any of our Craftbuilt Kitchen consultants. They know what’s best for your kitchen!

Installing a new kitchen is a great investment and you would want to take good care of it. All it takes is knowing the right solution to the problem. And by solution, we mean a specific kind of solvent or cleaning agent. Here are a few tips we found helpful.

Squeaky Clean Tiles

Let’s start with the tiles. Tiles in the kitchen can collect a lot of dirt and grease, especially in the grout. It’s a breeding ground for germs and stains. Before anything else, remember not to use anything abrasive such as gritty powders or creams. It has the tendency to create small scratches which will make cleaning harder and damage your tiles.

  • When cleaning stubborn spots and stains on tiles, they can be removed with water and a little bicarbonate soda.
  • Remember not to scratch the surface too much and use an old toothbrush to clean between grouts.
  • Another thing to remember is that the tiles should be properly laid well. This lessens the risk of more maintenance.
  • This is a risk you can run into if you install tiles yourself. Also a risk easily avoided if you have them professionally installed through our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens.
  • Another helpful tip to avoid scratches on your tiles is to put mats under appliances.
  • When it comes to general cleaning, vinegar mixed with warm water is a good natural cleaner, and removes grime.

Benchtop TLC

For stone benchtops such as marble and granite, they need tender loving care. According to Real Estate, these stone slabs have a calcium bicarbonate makeup which reacts to acid. Your everyday ingredients such as lemon, tomato and wine can eat the surface away. It can also create dull spots. For Caesarstone, clean the surface regularly.

  • You can use nonabrasive microfiber cloth and warm soapy water for cleaning such surfaces.
  • Avoid acidic food such as lemon, vinegar and wine.
  • And it’s important to wipe any spills right away! You can use a cloth or a sponger for such cases.
  • Avoid general household cleaners and acidic natural solutions (vinegar, lemon, etc). This breaks down the sealant.

We still have more tips for you to check! Click this link for more cleaning and kitchen maintenance tips.

For advice on how to care for your kitchen benches, installations and tiles, don’t hesitate to approach any of our Craftbuilt Kitchen specialists.