Putting On Weight? Blame Your Cluttered Kitchen

In the quest for answers to the growing obesity problems our society is facing, many weapons have been engaged. From diet and exercise programmes, meal replacement shakes and gym sessions, to visualisation and meditation, everyone is looking for the magic answer. Now evidence is mounting that a messy kitchen can actually influence food choices.

Here at Craftbuilt Kitchens we couldn’t agree more. All our kitchens are designed along sleek and seamless lines with plenty of space for storage and shining benchtops that invite food preparation. We can’t understand why a home owner would clutter such an inviting space, especially if it is making them gain weight.

Takeaway Is Easier Then Clearing The Benchtop

Now that may sound a little silly at first, but there is sound evidence to support a link between cluttered kitchen space and weight gain. Most home owners are busy juggling jobs and social activities. Furthermore, if they have children, squeezing sport and homework into a crowded schedule will add to the stress. When they arrive home, they throw down their gear and the kitchen bench is where it lands. Add in the mail and newspapers, and suddenly there is no space on the benchtop to chop vegetables, crumb cutlets, peel potatoes or shell peas.

What about dinner? A quick phone call to the local takeaway and it arrives at the door. This is not a problem if it only happens occasionally, but if the kitchen is not geared for food preparation, a takeaway becomes a three or four times a week event. Slowly the weight starts creeping on. Our beautiful kitchen designs create spaces that need to be used and where the inner chef can escape and serve up delicious, healthy, low fat meals in no time.

Take Out, Take Away, Fast Food

New Storage Rule – Treats At The Back – Healthy At The Front

A simple trick to fool the taste bud is to use the ample storage space we build into our kitchens. Craftbuilt Kitchens suggests to keep the snacks and treats out of sight. Put them in opaque containers at the back of the shelving so they are hard to see and reach. Consumption drops and so does the weight.

Keep those sparkling benchtops clear of clutter but reserve a space for the humble fruit bowl. Instead of snacking on high fat, processed items, grab some fruit to go. Take all those fussy appliances like hot dog makers, waffle irons, pop corn machines and pie makers off the bench and put them away. No one needs all those gadgets to prepare a meal, and most of these involve lots of high fat ingredients.

Remember, if you have to clean up a messy, cluttered kitchen before you start cooking, chances are you will opt for a quick, high fat and unhealthy substitute. Check out our fabulous kitchens at our showroom located in 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119 and find out how you can further improve your kitchen, food and eating lifestyle.

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