Stay Cool When Cooking In The Heat

Cooking in the kitchen when it’s cool can sometimes be a godsend. Because the weather is cool, the heat of the oven and appliances can be welcome warmth. But as the hot months are starting to roll around, you will notice more that it’s not so pleasant to be slaving over a stove.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and we, at Craftbuilt Kitchens, would like to give you some great tips on keeping the kitchen, and yourself, cool. The design of our amazing kitchens will make the task of cooking so much more enjoyable but it’s up to you to follow some simple ideas to beat the heat.

Air Conditioning

Some homes have air conditioning. Air conditioning provides a massive reprieve from the heat but can still struggle under our extreme temperature at times. If you are cooking in the kitchen with the air conditioning on, it can help a little if you keep the windows cracked open a little.

This will allow the hot air to escape and for the cooler air to fill the home more easily.

Air Conditioning To Stay Cool When Cooking In The Heat

Window Coverings

If you have windows with curtains for blinds then consider what these are. Often lace or sheer curtains are found in the kitchen; however, in order to keep out heat and harsh sun you need something heavier.

Consider blinds such as timber that are great heat insulators and can be adjusted to your needs or, choose a heavier material curtain.

Use Your Oven Less

Casseroles and roasts taste delicious but might not be the perfect meal for hot weather. Leaving your oven off will keep heat down considerably. Switch to using the hot plates to boil potatoes or eggs, for instance, and create a salad to serve with cold meats instead.

If you can’t pass up the comfort food consider a slow cooker, they give off far less heat than ovens.

Change Your Plans

While there is no doubt that our kitchens are a stunning place in which to be, there may be some days that you should give the cooking indoors a rest altogether. If you have the facilities, a BBQ outside is a great alternative. Hot months are perfect for BBQs and the only thing to prepare in your kitchen is salads.

If you really want to take a break from the heat and keep your kitchen cool, leave the house, escape to the air conditioning of a restaurant and eat out, your beautiful kitchen will still be there tomorrow.

Contact us at Craftbuilt Kitchens to discuss your dream kitchen, as well as how we can create a wonderful space for you to prepare meals, no matter the temperature.

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