The Kitchen Is The Most Happening Place

Nowadays, it is all about going to the most happening place in the area. Which is why the kitchen is still considered to be the most happening place – anywhere.

The kitchen is the heart and center of everything in the household. It contains one of the most important aspects of our socializing culture, and that is – food!

Sharing meals with other people is an opportunity to bond, share stories and connect. While it is still enjoyable to dine and party out, being invited to someone’s home for a home cooked meal is such an awesome privilege. Guests would often marvel at the luxurious spread that their host has prepared. While others appreciate the simplicity of the spread. Especially if the food and company are great!

Imagine getting invited over for dinner and your host went to the effort of preparing perfectly seared scallops with herb-infused brown butter. Buzzfeed considers this dish as one of their top 4 recommendations. Plus points when your host cooks it while you are watching. What a way to catch up on their latest news and show some frying-pan talent.


When it comes to family, everybody’s busy with school and office work, but they still know that it is important to sit down and eat together. This is often the focus when the Craftbuilt Kitchens Designers work with their clients. A warm and welcoming space is part of the creation.

Having friends over is a great way to just chill without the hassle of crowded places. Plus, it’s a break from the usual take-outs. There’s definitely going to be some Instagrammable shots in the kitchen. So when someone asks you where the most happening place is this weekend or tonight, you already know that it’s the kitchen.


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