Timber and Dark Wood for Modern Kitchens

This year sees the return of timber and dark wood for modern kitchen designs. This year’s family kitchen boasts of updated fixtures and appliances as well as the reintegration of very dark woods – the darker, the better. Whether you are going for a contemporary look or a coastal vibe, incorporating wood can be quite magnificent. Timber and wood is great for any season. Wood is a good material that keeps you cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Modern Timber Kitchen

Do you love the idea of a timber kitchen? Go for it! Timber and dark wood is a recurring trend. Many kitchen renovations are including the use of dark wood in their cabinets, flooring or bench tops. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. If you want your kitchen to have a modern edge, you can do so by adding raw concrete benchtops and traceless (fingerprint resistant) super matte  cabinets in your choice of colour teamed with stainless steel appliances. Your choice of wood for the flooring can range between light, medium or dark hardwood.
  2. Not keen on adding colour to your dark wood or timber kitchen? You can mix your kitchen space with different wood tones, instead. But be careful that the grains are similar. By doing this you will avoid the kitchen looking too busy. modern timber kitchen
  3. Wooden countertops are considerably light. They are easy to shape and its natural shades complement a wide range of cabinetry styles and floorings in various modern kitchen designs.  Make it a feature by combining with a complimentary surface such as stone.
  4. For a more natural look, timber is a great option. Hardwood is more resilient than a soft timber and can be coated to resist moisture. Timber Look Kitchen
  5. Scared of scratches? Although timber scratches and stain easily, it is just as easily sanded and returned to its original glory. Hardwood is more resilient than a soft timber and can be coated to resist moisture. We recommend these cleaning tips when it comes to benchtop maintenance.
  6. If you’d like the look of timber or hard wood (whether light, medium or dark in shade), you can opt for laminate bench tops or porcelain tiles that are made to look like timber but without the high prices of genuine natural materials. These are available in a textured finish giving an authentic feel.

Timber and Dark Wood for Modern Kitchens

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