Top Trends In Laminate Benchtops

Laminate Benchtops

Do you want to have your dream kitchen but are unsure of the latest trends in benchtops, countertops and islands? A laminate benchtop may be what you are looking for.

The design possibilities for laminate benchtops are endless. At Craftbuilt, we can provide you with expert advice to help you get what you want for your kitchen and your benchtop. With the help of 3D graphic tools, our kitchen designers will help you create stunning kitchen benchtops and realise your dream kitchen right before your eyes.

If you are considering a laminate benchtops for your kitchen, here are just some of the more prevalent trends to help you get a good idea of what you can do with the kitchen design.

Curved Benchtop

A growing trend in kitchen and benchtop design is the use of more natural curves instead of the modular benchtop design. A curved benchtop can give the kitchen a more fluid and freer feel. With the use of curves in a benchtop, it will be good for you to also consider the items that will go with it. Turn to more natural textures and tones to complement the shapes and curves of the benchtop. You can also make use of materials with natural designs or patterns.

Take this kitchen renovation with curved styles for example. It complements the area and at the same time create a flow in the area.

Colour Trends

When it comes to laminate benchtops, white is still the most preferred, although there is a growing trend toward grey for a cooler effect. The trend will be toward the tones ranging from clear white to black and the grey tones in between. Green tones should also bring a new life to laminate benchtops. If neutral white, grey or black is not your thing and you want to make some unique expression in your kitchen benchtop, you can turn to grey blues, grey green or cool green to spark interest and exude elegance.

Texture in Benchtops

To create interest, you can use textured material that entices visual appeal. Aside from the visual appeal, texture can also be delightful to the touch.

Texture is a great way of breaking the monotony if you are implementing a monochromatic theme, which can be drab at times. Mixed textures can create the needed contrast without going overboard such as in the case of contrasting colours.

At Craftbuilt, we can help you create a unique yet trendy benchtop for your kitchen. You can also rest assured that all elements that go with your benchtop are made to the highest standard of quality. Our expert designers can help you create a contemporary and trendy benchtop by improving and realising your kitchen ideas.

This kitchen island below features a white tone with a marble effect. Although it is smoother, its visual creates a textured-like appeal.

The Value of Installing Laminate Benchtops

Kitchens these days are very modern and upmarket, with some even having an elegant appearance, due to the wonderful advances made by kitchen manufacturers. They are spacious, practical, accessible, with adequate storage as well. Storage capacities have increased as well and pullout storage have been introduced saving the trouble of trying to find items on deep shelves. Modern cooktops enhance the total look and make cooking pleasurable as does having plenty of working space on benchtops. Neutral backgrounds allow the choice of favourite colour schemes in the kitchen cabinets and benchtops for the family chef.

Benchtops are available in a wide range of colours and materials used in their manufacture. Many upmarket homes have granite benchtops, also available in a variety of colour choices, and they are a durable product that really enhances the kitchen area. They are also quite expensive to buy and install. Timber on the other hand has been a popular choice for kitchens in Brisbane over the years. Stained and lacquered, they look amazing and add warmth as timber always does, and are also easy to care for. Care must be taken to put mats under hot utensils under wooden benchtops to prevent marking them, and cutting boards when chopping food to prevent damaging them as well.

Compared to these choices, laminate is a great all rounder that has been a great favourite with families for years, due not only to it’s good looks and durability, but the fact that it is an affordable budget friendly product to buy and install. Hot objects can be placed on laminate benchtops without worry as heat won’t damage it like other materials. It is easy to keep clean, but to avoid damage it is still recommended to use cutting boards when using knives to prepare food. Laminate benchtops can be requested in the colour of your choice when you order your kitchen design in Brisbane. It is an excellent choice for most homes.

Laminate Benchtops: Keep Them Looking Good

After going through the easy process of choosing your ideal kitchen and having it installed by Craftbuilt Kitchens, you will no doubt want to keep your kitchen looking beautiful for as long as possible.

Keeping your cupboards, benchtops and appliances clean will not only ensure that your kitchen looks good, it will increase the longevity of the product too.

Cleaning kitchen benchtops properly is particularly important. This is because these get regular use from meal preparation and more. When it comes to kitchen maintenance, once you have finished using the benchtop, all you need to do is to wet a dishcloth in warm soapy water and simply wipe over the bench to keep it clean. There is no need for special cleaners so no extra costs involved. If you buy a new home that has laminate benches in a colour you don’t like, you will be pleased to know they are easily replaced with your own chosen colour.

The benchtop in the kitchen is the most likely to look ‘worn out’ due to all the use and it’s also important to keep these clean for hygienic reasons. With this in mind, here are some tips to cleaning your laminate benchtop to keep in mind:

  • Some Do’s and Don’ts

Do your best to avoid damaging your laminate benchtop. This means not using scourers, abrasive or acidic cleaners. Do not cut directly on the surface, always use a cutting board. Hot objects placed directly on the surface of a laminate benchtop can be disastrous. Always place something to protect the bench from the heat underneath.

  • Spills, Grease and Streaks

All of the above can happen when you are cooking or cleaning the benchtop. If you find after wiping your benchtop there are streak marks these are easily removed with a spray such as Spray and Wipe or another all purpose cleaner.

It’s near impossible to avoid getting grease on a benchtop when cooking with oil and butter. If this occurs, all you need to do is to get some soapy water onto the spot, wait a moment and then wipe with a cloth.

Spills are another unavoidable reality of cooking. As laminate is quite stain resistant to most things, spills don’t often pose an issue. There are, however, some items that can stain and need to be removed as quickly as possible.

Items that bleach or contain strong pigments can easily stain your laminate. Food items such as beetroot and berries can stain. Cleaning products including bleach, oven cleaner, hair dye and some first aid items can cause staining.

  • Scratches and Stains

If you find that you were not able to move a staining item quick enough, you can try methylated spirits or a diluted bleach mixture. Once you have left this for approximately three minutes, wash it off. You can also try extra strength Windex. Always take great care when using bleach.

Avoid scratches by not dragging utensils and sharp objects across the benchtop; always lift.

For more information on how to care for your laminate benchtop or learn about kitchen countertop maintenance, give us a call at Craftbuilt Kitchens at (07) 3341 9166 or visit the showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119.