Which Material Is The Right One For Your Countertop?

If the kitchen is the busiest part of a home, then we could say that the countertops are the hardest working part of the kitchen. Just take a moment to think about what they are subjected to every day. Small appliances heating water and food, sharp utensils, baking tins and trays, frozen items waiting to thaw and food in different stages of preparation are just some of the things the average countertop handles in a day.

Old Style Countertops Needed A Lot of TLC

It’s a small miracle that when the activity is finished and the countertops are cleaned, they still look as good as new. This was not always the case, as the early materials used to construct the kitchen, as we know it today, were not as durable as they are now. Counter tops in those days needed extra care as they were easily scratched, dented, marked by heat or cut by a carelessly wielded knife.

We still recommend that you take reasonable care of your new counter tops but we also acknowledge that the materials used nowadays are much more resilient than their predecessors. Craftbuilt Kitchens has a large showroom where we have many kitchens on display featuring different countertops.

Engineered Stone A Cost-Effective Substitute for the Natural Product

There are many materials used to make countertops but there are several stand-outs in terms of durability and popularity. Natural stone is a favourite in high-end kitchens but needs careful maintenance as it is porous and easily stained or scratched. Engineered stone, however, is a good value-for-money alternative. It can be ordered in any size, shape or colour; it is robust, does not mark easily and gives that wonderful stone look for a fraction of the cost.

Stainless Steel and Timber Both Durable

Stainless steel is popular where the sought-after look is ultra-modern industrial. It is hygienic, easy to clean, durable and stain proof but shows streaks and finger marks easily. For a more natural look, it is hard to overlook timber. Hardwood is more resilient than a soft timber and can be coated to resist moisture.

Long-lasting Laminates Still Popular

Laminates have stood the test of time and those manufactured today are much improved on the originals. Available in an amazing range of colours and designs, laminates are inexpensive when compared with other surfaces, are durable, resist stains and scratching and are a breeze to clean and maintain.

Can’t Choose? Ask for Professional Guidance

Polished concrete, marble, granite, acrylics and other materials are also modern counter top choices with their own unique properties. If you are struggling to make a final choice, our showroom team are always available to help you get a product that suits your lifestyle and budget. Visit our showroom today at Underwood, or call us at (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment.

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