The Differences Between A Kitchen Makeover And A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Makeover Vs Renovation

The kitchen is regarded as the heart of every home, so it is not surprising that kitchens are reportedly one of the most renovated spaces in Australia. 

However, a lot of homeowners cannot distinguish between a kitchen makeover and kitchen renovation. Especially if you are after low cost renovations or kitchen makeovers on a budget, not knowing how to tell one from the other opens up a host of financial and project management issues for both the kitchen renovators and contractors.

In this article we will shed light on the essential differences between kitchen makeovers and kitchen renovations. These differences will hopefully help you set your expectations and make informed decisions around kitchen home improvements.

Aussies LOVE kitchen makeovers and renovations — here’s why

While any type of home improvement is fraught with decision making, many still opt to give their old kitchen an upgrade because of many aesthetic and practical reasons.

  • Increase resale value of the house. Savvy kitchen renovators buy into the practice of kitchen home improvement because they want to add more value to their property should they decide to put it up in the market. 
  • Enlarge and open up kitchens. Small kitchen renovations are much more commonplace now with social media hyping up modern kitchen renovation ideas that emphasise minimalism and outdoor cooking. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to increase the size of your kitchen without compromising indoor space. 
  • Better storage solutions. Reducing clutter is a huge motivation for most kitchen renovators to upgrade their kitchens. Built-in kitchen cabinets and vertical storage spaces help make our kitchens more organised and spacious.
  • Update kitchen appliances. More and more technologically advanced kitchen appliances make their way into Australian homes. Our old kitchen layout simply makes it difficult to accommodate modern kitchen equipment, and so we look to kitchen makeovers and kitchen renovations to solve this problem.
  • Out with the old, in with the new. Australians are houseproud and renovation-obsessed people; we do take pleasure in cooking in shiny new kitchens. In fact, a recent report from Compare the Market shows that Australians spend 31% of income on kitchen renovations!

To get inspiration for kitchen renovation and kitchen makeover ideas, check out our kitchen display Brisbane gallery.

Kitchen Makeover VS Kitchen Renovation

We’ve arrived at the biggest question: where is the line between a makeover and a renovation and which one is the better option?

Below is an outline of their major features.

  • Mainly focuses on restyling the kitchen
  • Could go from changing a kitchen’s colour scheme to replacing cabinet doors and appliances
  • Can include small-scale removing or adding walls, and changing the electricity or plumbing points
  • Cheaper and considered a short-term solution
  • Involves remodelling or changing the layout of the entire kitchen
  • Gives homeowners more freedom to change their kitchen exactly how they want it to
  • Costlier than a makeover but replacing outdated kitchen features may mean homeowners can increase their home value and not need to worry about worn out or faulty kitchen features for years to come

So does your kitchen need a makeover or a renovation? Your choice depends on three major factors: your current kitchen, your goals and your budget.

With more than 45 years of experience in the business, we can make sound recommendations for any type of kitchen home improvement. So if your kitchen needs a refresh, we can give you expert recommendations and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Why we recommend a renovation versus a makeover

Kitchen makeovers can feel like the “easy” option if you are on a tight budget and you’re happy with your existing layout. However, even with a smaller scale facelift, the smaller your budget, the riskier it is that you’ll go over budget or not be able to achieve your kitchen goals. Kitchen renovations with a trusted company like Craftbuilt on the other hand means you get a project manager as a standard inclusion that can guide your project from start to finish within your budget.

Assuming that your new kitchen needs the whole bit (plumbing and electrical installation, tiling and installation, and all new appliances), an average renovation could cost at least $10,000 for a small or budget kitchen and up to more than $40,000 for a high-end kitchen.

So if the price tag for kitchen renos is a bit higher than a makeover, why do we propose that you get this option instead? Well, that’s because renovations:

  • Offer better ROI.

From our experience, kitchen remodels only typically last up to 5 years before another remodel is needed. A reno, on the other hand, lasts more than 10 years, sometimes some homes may never need it again!

  • Are highly customisable.

We can reconfigure the kitchen based solely on your needs and how you use your kitchen.

  • Lessen energy costs and improve sustainability.

Upgrading your electronics and electrical systems with advanced fittings are surprisingly well-priced these days and will make your kitchen more energy-efficient and eco-friendly and could even lower your electricity bills.

Questions that will guide your Queenslander kitchen renovation plans

Your vision needs to drive your kitchen renovation project as the image of your ideal space will surely look different to the next person’s. 

Whether you want to renovate small kitchen or a more spacious one, these questions will help guide you and our team in achieving your dream kitchen space:

1. How will the kitchen be utilised?

This question will give insight into your layout needs and the materials and appliances of your new kitchen. This will help you and the designer decide if you need to open up your kitchen space, install special lighting or create additional storage. Your lifestyle, family size, and frequency of use may have changed throughout the years while using your old kitchen, so these factors also need to be considered in your new one.

2. What is your ideal budget and timeframe?

The scale of the renovation can be determined by your budget and deciding on a timeframe could minimise additional costs and inconveniences that may be associated with not being able to use your kitchen while it is still undergoing major changes. An expert kitchen renovation Brisbane team will keep your budget and timeframe in mind before jumping into the project, while still providing you with the solutions that you need. As a rule of thumb, it is a great idea to set aside an extra amount, most preferably 10% of your entire budget, for unforeseen expenses.

3. Do you need more or less storage space?

If you need bigger cupboards, a different type of sink, a kitchen island or are looking into incorporating a walk-in storage space, your new requirements need to be communicated with the designer. The design, hardware and cabinet materials that will work best for your new kitchen will then be considered along with your existing floorplan.

4. Which colours or surfaces need updating?

If you need your kitchen space to appear larger, more modern, or cosier, these decisions will be taken into account by the designer to create a cohesive plan for your kitchen.

5. What has always been on your wishlist?

Your wishlist preferably needs to include components that will add convenience and liveability within your kitchen. This could mean adding storage space for appliances that you do not use every day or moving your island directly across a window for more natural lighting. Whatever these non-negotiables for you are, they will be factored in by the team even before the start of the project.

Balancing style and practicality in a kitchen space is a tricky act and could end up costing more without the guidance of a professional team. That is why it is crucial to work with a trustworthy team like Craftbuilt that is equipped with the necessary industry knowledge to guide you through.

For the right team to assist you with your kitchen reno in Brisbane, contact Craftbuilt today.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Australian kitchen renovation costs vary depending on the size and the extent of modifications your kitchen requires. It is also determined by the costs of supplies and labour which depend on where you live. 

Generally, a kitchen renovation can cost between $15,000 and $45,000. Budget renovations cost around $15,000 to $25,000. Mid-range renovations cost between $25,000 and $45,000. High-end renovations can cost above $45,000.

The biggest kitchen renovation budget traps

Ensuring that the output of your kitchen renovation is exactly what you’ve envisioned is easier when you’re working with the right team. But still, it is good to know some common mistakes that some people fall into when renovating their own kitchens. These factors can easily derail a kitchen project budget:

1. Sub-par design

It’s easy to end up with an impractical and non-functional kitchen when these aspects are not properly laid out during the planning stage. Depending on your lifestyle and kitchen needs, you may benefit from keeping a “kitchen work triangle” layout or you might be better suited to a kitchen with specific zones such as an area for power where electronics won’t be damaged by water while referring to online recipes to cook.Being updated with the trends, while ensuring everlasting features are considered, when working with a professional team ensures that your kitchen is comfortable, usable for you and your family and increases your selling power if you even plan to sell your property in the future.

2. Purely DIY-ing it

DIY-ing is a popular Aussie past-time thanks to many reality tv shows in recent years. We see time and time again people trying to DIY every facet of a renovation or makeover without the necessary skills, time and resources to get it right. DIY projects costing more than the initial budget is common. We have had customers come to us after they’ve been overwhelmed by DIY kitchen renos or have had costs blow out and we’ve helped get them on track with our professional team taking over the renovation. You will most likely become overwhelmed and call in the experts to finish the project instead.

3. Focusing on style over function

A beautiful kitchen is always on top of mind but the effectiveness of the space should be just as highly considered. Ventilation, optimal lighting, bench space, storage, durable materials and a timeless style and colour scheme need to go hand-in-hand with your existing house layout and lifestyle.A professional project manager and designer will be able to share expert advice about kitchen features and materials that not only look great and make your kitchen highly usable but will also be able to suggest what works best for your family and a scheme that will stay classic years after.

4. Not communicating with your team

Open communication with your designer, project manager and builder is crucial to help you achieve your desired outcome. Being as clear as you can about which aspects you want to keep in your kitchen and which ones you’re not happy with are important for the team to know before making major changes. Miscommunications could lead to changes in your kitchen renovation project and could end up costing more and finishing later than anticipated.

Working with a professional, highly-experienced team should prevent you from experiencing the heartache of a kitchen that is not aligned with your vision, budget and timeline. Set a time to talk with Craftbuilt today, for the right team to get on board with your kitchen renovation in Brisbane.

Working with a highly-experienced team is the way to go

Craftbuilt Kitchens Brisbane has been supplying top-of-the-line custom cabinetmaking and bathroom and kitchen renovations with an impeccable reputation for more than 45 years. Our in-house designers will guide you through your project every step of the way and use the latest 3D graphic design to bring your dream kitchen to life. Send an online enquiry today or browse through our gallery for more kitchen ideas.