My Kitchen Is Too Small, How Can I Make It Look Larger?

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

This is often a dilemma for homeowners. Being in the business for over 45 years, Craftbuilt has a few tips on how we can maximise kitchen space and make it appear larger and spacious.

When it comes to kitchen designs for small areas, here are a few options to consider:

1. Make your room appear more spacious by painting your walls white

2. Use smart storage spaces. We have user-friendly corner unit storage solutions such as the LeMans corner unit. With this accessory, you can access awkward spaces with ease. The LeMans is complete with trays that move independently. The shelves are height adjustable and have a self-close SoftStop mechanism. With its swinging curves, it provides a fluid and harmonious action which requires minimal force on opening and enables each shelf to fully extend outside of the cabinet. The perfect solution for those hard to reach places.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

3. Utilise the work triangle. This is the distance between three critical work stations in the kitchen. The first is the dry storage and refrigeration area, the second is the cooking area, and the third is the sink, which sits between these two locations.

4. Using an island benchtop is a great alternative, too. By making the bench top wider on one side, you can place seats underneath. 

These kitchen design alternatives are quite popular in small to medium units. Visit our Stones Corner kitchen studio today and get started in planning your dream kitchen. Sit down with our kitchen designers and ask about our interest free kitchen renovation finance.