Kitchen Splashback Materials to Consider

Craftbuilt Art Tailored Splashback

Splashback materials and designs are often one of the last things clients think of when renovating their kitchens.

What are kitchen splashbacks?

Kitchen splashbacks are important elements. The purpose is two-fold:

  1.   to protect your kitchen wall against cooking stains and moisture
  2.   acts as a decorative feature in your kitchen design.

Where are kitchen splashbacks placed?

  1.   Splashbacks are often placed on the wall above the sink, cooktops or benchtops.
  2.   They are commonly found in areas where food preparation or cooking occur.

What are the different types of splashbacks?

There are various traditional and modern splashbacks you can choose from. It all depends on your personal preference and over-all kitchen design.

Each type of material you choose also creates a different effect. While there are dozens of splashbacks to choose from, here are the top and popular splashbacks our designers, and clients, recommend:

  1.   Glass Glass splashbacks are an elegant option. They are quick and easy to install. They are quite popular because of the light and clean feel they provide.  They are easy to clean and do not require grout as they are custom-made to fit in large sheets. You can also custom design your glass with real art. It offers a unique and relevant conversation piece.

  1.   Tile Splashbacks – With many tiles to choose from, you can be experimental with the design of your splashback. You can mix and blend different tiles for a more decorative approach. They are easy to clean as long as the material and the grout are cared for properly.
  2.   Acrylic – Acrylic splashbacks are available in a whole range of different colours and are generally much cheaper than other materials. However, acrylics aren’t advisable behind kitchen areas with direct heat or contact with cooktops.
  3.   Mirror – Mirrors are stylish surfaces. Modern kitchens, these days, are using the beauty of mirrors to reflect natural light. There are different types of mirrors you can choose from. Because of its smooth surface, it is easy to clean as well

White Splashback Design

  1.   Stainless steel – Often used in commercial kitchens. Depending on its aesthetic appearance, stainless steel can also offer family kitchens a modern twist.
  2.   Mosaic – Taking inspiration from this style, clients can choose from different designs. With so many materials and textures to choose from tiles, glass, stone, metal, wood and many more. The resulting design can be amazing.
  3.   Timber – Using timber panels with different textures and grains can complement your light, medium or dark cabinetry.
  4.   Marble or Stone – Whether you want to continue your benchtop’s material to the walls, or create a contrast with the different textures, veins and grains available, marble or stone can make great splashbacks.

Natural Stone Marble Countertop Bench

If you’re looking for a specific splashback material or design, and attune to your over-all kitchen renovation theme, our kitchen designers are happy to sit down with you and discuss alternatives, styles, budget and material. Call Craftbuilt Kitchens at (07) 3847 4962 and set a 3D appointment with our kitchen designers so you can see for yourself what your dream kitchen looks like virtually.