There’s never been a greater push for sustainable products and technologies than there is today. With the use of Silestone HybriQ+ technology, we are committed to the environment, the circular economy, and sustainable management.

Thanks to this innovative process, reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, debuted in the manufacture of Silestone Loft. In this new line, Silestone has greatly reduced the amount of silica in the product so it is safer to work with. Plus, one of the designs is completely silica free! In addition, Cosentino’s production process is carried out by employing 98% recycled water and 100% renewable energy.

Silestone Poblenou
Silestone Seaport
Silestone Seaport

At Craftbuilt, we are eager to show you a new generation of benchtop designs that is more sustainable and respectful to the environment.

Visit our Modern Kitchen Studio at Stones Corner. See the Silestone Loft pieces we have on hand and also view the latest colours and kitchen designs. Get started on your kitchen renovation plans with us today!

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