What Are the Benefits of Having a Butler’s Pantry?

When it comes to modern kitchen ideas, one feature is being requested by Brisbane homeowners more and more — the butler’s pantry. This versatile addition is rapidly becoming an integral part of contemporary kitchen design. But what is a butler pantry, and why do you need one?

Here we answer all your questions about the butler’s pantry to help you include one in your new build or home renovation.

What should a butler’s pantry contain?

A butler’s pantry is a handy space for storing all the items associated with preparing and serving food. Larger than a walk-in pantry, a butler pantry gives you the space you need to store a whole host of cooking ingredients as well as items for the table, such as cutlery, napkins, serving dishes and more. It is the ideal space for herbs, spices and storage bins containing all the ingredients you use the most.

In addition, a butler pantry can be used to house many of the modern conveniences you need to make food preparation and cleaning up easier. This space will often contain a sink and a number of appliances.

What appliances go in a butler’s pantry?

The appliances that can regularly be found in a butler’s pantry are mostly associated with the preparation of food and drinks. This space is ideal for housing your microwave, toaster and coffee machine, to name just a few. Some homeowners also choose to include a dishwasher in the butler pantry, enabling you to use the space for cleaning up after your meal.

What size should a butler’s pantry be?

A butler pantry has to be large enough to suit your needs, so you need to decide which items you want to store there rather than in your main kitchen space. On average, most butler pantries in Brisbane homes are at least 2200mm long and 1600mm wide, giving you plenty of space for storage and appliances.

How do you make a butler pantry?

A butler pantry needs to be planned as part of your kitchen design, so it is not advisable to make one yourself unless you have considerable experience. You should always trust this job to experienced professionals as part of your home build or kitchen remodel.

What’s the point of a butler’s pantry?

In today’s open-plan homes, the kitchen has become more of a social space for family and friends to gather and converse. You don’t necessarily want to be preparing food or washing dishes in front of your guests. As well as providing you with plenty of extra storage, a butler’s kitchen pantry gives you the opportunity to hide the less glamorous aspects of food preparation and cleaning up, so you can really enjoy spending social time in your kitchen. It can also serve as a hiding place for some of your more noisy or less attractive appliances.

How much does it cost to put in a butler’s pantry?

One of the advantages of a butler’s pantry is that it can be configured to suit the homeowner’s individual needs. This means no two jobs are the same, so the cost can be difficult to estimate. You need to discuss this with a professional when planning your home build or renovation.

However, a butler kitchen pantry is a worthwhile investment, as it offers a wide variety of practical solutions and gives your kitchen a much more high-end, luxurious feel.

Where do you put a butler’s pantry?

A butler’s pantry should always be located within, or just off, the kitchen to give you maximum practicality. The exact positioning will depend on the layout of your home and how you personally prepare and serve food, which is why you need to work out the best solution for your needs with a professional.

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If you live in southeast Queensland and are currently building a home or wanting your kitchen remodelled, a butler’s pantry is an addition you should seriously consider. The expert design team at Craftbuilt Kitchens can help you create your dream butler pantry. Please contact us for design options and advice.