How to Add Storage Space in A Small Kitchen

Modern kitchen renovations in Brisbane are all about creating a highly functional space that also looks fantastic. For smaller kitchens in Brisbane, this can seem like a significant challenge. After all, the less space you have to work with, the more cluttered the kitchen will look and feel…right? Fortunately for homeowners with a compact kitchen, this doesn’t have to be the case. The key is to incorporate as much storage space as possible. Why? Because the more storage you have, the fewer items you’ll need to have taking up valuable bench space. This not only makes the kitchen more user-friendly when preparing a meal but also minimises visible clutter for a more streamlined and elegant finish. 

But how can you increase the storage space in a small kitchen? The solution is careful planning, coupled with some ingenious design tips. To ensure your small kitchen has as much usable storage space as possible, start by talking to professional kitchen designers in Brisbane. They can help you to: 

  1. Add more cupboards into your design: Custom kitchen cabinets can help you make the most of a small kitchen, as you can design cabinets to fit underutilised spaces. For example, your kitchen may be slightly longer than 2 standard flat pack kitchen cabinets but not wide enough for 3. But with custom kitchen cabinetry, you could install a 3rd cupboard that is custom-built for the available space. This is the ideal solution for storing chopping boards, spice racks and other assorted kitchen items. Another great option is a pull-out pantry, which is perfect for a kitchen with depth but not much width. Ask the Craftbuilt kitchen designers in Brisbane for tailored advice on custom cabinetry.   
  2. Consider installing drawers instead of cabinets: Drawers are ideal for small kitchen renovations in Brisbane because they allow you to make the most of all the available space. Instead of underusing cabinets (because it’s too difficult to reach the items stored at the back), you can have easy accessibility to every square centimetre of your available storage. Drawers also allow for the inclusion of “secret” storage, such as slimline kickboard drawers or shallow drawers situated under the kitchen bench. 
  3. Re-evaluate your choice of sink: If your kitchen is already short on space, then it may be worth re-evaluating your choice of sink. For example, you could opt for a smaller sink with added depth rather than a double sink (which will take up lots of bench space). Another option is to look for a sink with a drain at the back, instead of in the centre. How will this help? With the pipework right at the back of the sink, you’ll find you have a lot more usable space in the cupboard under the sink. 
  4. Don’t forget to use walls: Small kitchens in Brisbane may not have enough space for the traditional overhead cabinets, but this certainly doesn’t mean you should leave the walls bare! Open shelving can provide you with a great place to store cookbooks, dishes and other items that can double as a display piece for your kitchen. Alternatively, you could invest in some custom overhead cabinets that are shallow enough to fit the space but still deep enough to store smaller items such as glassware. 

Get Expert Advice on How to Increase Storage in a Small Kitchen

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