Granite choices have increased with these new granite ranges featuring new bowl configurations and drainer designs.

These sinks are constructed from 80% granite and quartz particles and 20% resin for strength and durability, making them a solid choice for your kitchen. These resilient sinks are ready to battle your knives and forks. It has an active agent that removes bad smells and pollutant substances often found in the kitchen.  The granite is also able to withstand thermal shocks and is heat resistant up to 280°C.

Oliveri’s Florence granite sinks are practical, elegant, and rock-solid. Explore the full range at Craftbuilt Kitchens. We are eager to show you sinks that are of premium quality, reliable and resilient.

We at Craftbuilt understand that renovating a kitchen for many can be a daunting task. To simplify the process, our Beginner’s Guide will help to ensure that you consider all aspects that may affect the design and functionality of your brand new kitchen.

Download the Beginner’s Guide here!

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