Luxury Bathroom Ideas to Aim for in 2024


Are you planning a bathroom renovation in 2024? If so, there are a number of luxury bathroom ideas that are guaranteed to add substance, style and opulence to even the humblest of spaces.

You may not be aware of this but Australians have changed the way they view the humble bathroom. Once seen as a purely functional space, the emphasis post-pandemic has switched to a more luxurious bathroom aesthetic. 

Tom Devitt, a Senior Economist at HIA observed that “Australians are putting a higher value on their home environment, demanding more space and amenity.” Liz Ride, a senior designer at Studio Tate has also observed a growing trend towards luxury bathroom designs. “We’re seeing a desire to bring some of the more luxurious amenities you might find in a great hotel into our living spaces.”

Luxurious Colour Palette Bathroom Ideas

White may be a timeless classic for bathrooms but expect to see richer hues making a comeback in 2024. This trend is already being embraced in many high-end hotels, where the bathrooms are designed to create a warm and relaxing space. Think textured timber coupled with rich jewel tones such as emerald green. Incorporating darker tiles into the bathroom design can also add timeless sophistication to a renovated bathroom.

Luxury Bathrooms Utilise Smart Technology

 luxury bathroom features

Spatial Optimisation is Key for Luxury Bathroom Designs

Spatial optimisation is a key part of planning a designer bathroom. A spatially optimised room maximises functionality without compromising on aesthetics. For a bathroom, this often includes an open-concept layout to make the room feel like a day spa. However, style should never override functionality. A spatially optimised bathroom will also maximise storage space and allow for unobstructed flow. The result should be an accessible space that minimises clutter and looks fantastic.

Statement Lighting for Designer Bathrooms

When it comes to luxury bathroom designs, lighting is no longer just about functionality. Wall sconces, pendant lights or even a tasteful chandelier can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise utilitarian space. These statement pieces soften lighting for a cosier spa-like experience. This can then be amplified as necessary with the inclusion of LED downlights.

Freestanding Bathtubs and Innovative Showers for a Luxury Bathroom

Almost all luxury bathroom designs will incorporate a freestanding bathtub or an innovative shower design. The freestanding bath is the epitome of a luxury bathroom. It offers the ultimate relaxation experience without compromising on elegance. However, there’s no point in installing a bathtub if you won’t use it. Instead, use the space for a customised shower design that incorporates niche shelving, an integrated bench, a rainfall showerhead or a luxurious steam function.

Sustainable Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Luxury bathroom ideas can be incorporated into a renovation without sacrificing sustainability. Designer bathrooms can make the most of energy-efficient fixtures and water-saving technology to create an eco-friendly oasis. Choosing sustainable materials is another way to ensure your luxury bathroom design is as “green” as possible. Look for products that have LEET Certification or that are manufactured in partnership with the reDirect Wood Recovery Initiative.

Talk to Craftbuilt Kitchens for More Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Are you sick of having a bathroom that is outdated or lacking in functionality? A renovation that incorporates luxury bathroom ideas could be the ideal solution. Throughout 2024, we’re expecting to see luxury bathroom designs increase in popularity, as more people embrace the idea of having their own private spa at home. This means we’ll be seeing more statement lighting, integrated technology and richer colour palettes.

The key to achieving a luxury bathroom is to start with the right advice. With over 45 years of experience, our team knows how to transform your bathroom ideas into a reality. For help creating personalised luxury bathroom designs, talk to the expert team at Craftbuilt Kitchens today.