The Modern Family – Living And Cooking In 2018

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We try our best to eat healthy amidst our lifestyle. Everyone is busy and with the pace of today’s decade, many find it difficult to plan for their weekly meals. But still, many are making the effort to find time to cook in the kitchen and eat in the warmth of their own home.

When it comes to living with our significant other and/or kids that would mean allotting a portion of our day to spending time with them and making sure they get the attention and nutrition that they need. From waking up in the morning to tucking the kids in bed, homeowners are investing in spending more time indoors with their loved ones and this include cooking nutritious meals in the kitchen.

Family Meals in Australia

The kitchen has evolved into a social space where partners cook together, parents prepare meals for the week and kids do their homework. According to a report from Hello Fresh, many Australians have a desire to cook homemade meals on weeknights.

A huge reason goes to making sure that household costs for groceries and food are kept to a minimum compared to eating out or buying food to go. Plus, homemade meals are far more nutritious and taste better than the store-bought and fast food options. While the parents cook, the kids can do their homework. The kids can also help prepare the meals or clean up afterwards. For newly-weds, partners are taking the opportunity to cook together (or for each other) as a means of spending time together after a long day at work.

Family Mealtime in Australia

And if there are leftovers, most would take them to work the next day rather than buy expensive cafe food. Last night’s roasted chicken can be an excellent filling for today’s lunch – shredded chicken sandwich! Parents would also make sure to prepare meals and snacks for the kids for school on the weekends, at night or early in the morning. Although it is often stressful to decide on what to cook for kids, (52% of Australian parents expressed that their kids are the most difficult people to cook for), families still try to allocate their time to provide nutritious meals.

Living in Australia

This is why Craftbuilt Kitchen caters to, not only your kitchen renovation preferences, but your personal needs as well. Imagine a bench top or breakfast table where the family gathers and you can ask how their day went. This can be achieved by creating a fun area with a warm atmosphere. This is a factor that Craftbuilt Kitchens considers. Craftbuilt Kitchens can help design and build kitchens that are meant to be the centre of the home.

Living in Australia

Many families who come to us for a modern, family kitchen renovation design emphasise the importance of making meal gatherings an attractive event. At Craftbuilt Kitchens, we believe that every mealtime reinstated is another opportunity to build those important, lasting relationships. Call us on  (07) 3341 9166 or visit our showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood, QLD 4119 today.