Timber Kitchen Benchtops and Laminate Countertops

Timber Kitchen Benchtops and Laminate Countertops

A kitchen’s most eye-catching feature is its benchtop. If you’re looking to have a kitchen renovation, perhaps one of the first few things that you need to evaluate is what kind of kitchen benchtop material you prefer as this is a pretty conclusive choice when it comes to styling your kitchen. For Australian homeowners, timber or laminate countertops are seemingly a very popular type. They are cost-effective, durable, resistant to moisture and impact, easy to maintain, and look beautiful and ageless. 

Let’s explore the benefits of timber laminate and shadowline benchtops and how they add value to your kitchen.

Having a timber kitchen bench

Warmth and texture are the prime qualities that make timber a sought-after native Australian hardwood for benchtops. 

The unique nature of every block of timber also makes your kitchen look like there is no other like it — perfect for those who want personalised kitchens that reflect their individual personality.

Timber is also softer and less dense than other materials, which makes it easy to sand, stain, or refinish. However, its softness also makes timber more vulnerable to scratches, nicks, chips, deep stains, and moisture. 

Simply put, timber kitchen bench tops are not the best choice if you want your countertop to stay smooth and polished after several years of use. They’re also not what you need for a kitchen that’s going to see a lot of water splashes and constant kitchen activity that might cause physical damage to the material. 

In addition, a timber kitchen benchtop requires regular maintenance and can swell or shrink with season.

Having a laminate countertop

Laminate is a material created by several layers of paper that are filled with resin. After these layers are pushed together, the top layer is given a great finish.

A laminate countertop is ideal for the kitchen because it handles wear and tear and is built to last. It is also easy to clean and maintain, and comes in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes.

Laminate is a very affordable option compared to other materials. It can be installed with relative ease because it’s lightweight. On top of that, it is waterproof and more resistant to scratching and staining.

However, laminate countertops are not as resistant to heat as timber ones are. It requires you to not put any hot pans or surfaces directly on the laminate. You can’t also use abrasive cleaners on it, and it will be near impossible to repair a laminate benchtop that is damaged or chipped.

So what’s the solution?

Best choice: Timber laminate benchtops

A timber look laminate benchtop is the perfect marriage of timber and laminate. It brings a blend of golden and pale brown tones into your kitchen with the classic grain and texture of timber.

Suitable for internal and undercover external use, a laminate timber look benchtop has high quality timber that is glue laminated for enhanced durability and great aesthetic.

You can still achieve an authentic timber look with modern high-grade laminates and still be confident that your benchtop is up to any culinary task while requiring little maintenance.

Also check out: shadow line kitchen benchtops

For fans of clean lines and minimalism, a shadowline benchtop will no doubt suit your kitchen fancy.

A shadowline is the element that emphasises the gap between the cabinet and countertop to create a shadow.

Whether your bench top is thin, bold, sleek, or over-sized, a shadow line will highlight your benchtop and make it look like it is floating. 

The elegant lines characteristic of a shadowline benchtop also give an air of sophistication and the illusion of there being more space. They are very versatile and can suit neutral or contrasting colour schemes.

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The All NEW Finger-Print Resistant Technology by Wilsonart

Your bench cooking experience is made even more amazing and convenient with Wilsonart’s Traceless Ultra Matt laminate finish. It is the perfect choice to be utilised in our handle-less display at Craftbuilt Kitchens Stones Corner, Brisbane.

Timber laminate benchtops

It is currently teamed with two options of Timber colours to help you decide what you like best. It features a two-coloured stone option demonstrating 20mm on the back run and 40mm mitred on the island run of cabinetry.

The stunning bench colours used are Smart Stone Petra Grigio and Calacatta Manhattan.  This display demonstrates the super modern sleek look of today with the shadow line continuing under the bench in all areas with shark-nose doors and drawers for access.

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