What are the best cabinetry features for your New Kitchen?

best cabinetry features for your New Kitchen

Custom cabinetry allows you to create a bespoke kitchen design that is tailored specifically to the needs of your family. And while you may already have some ideas regarding style or colour, when it comes to selecting the right cabinetry features, you may be feeling a little unsure. Just how important are cabinetry features? How will your choice of features influence the overall style and function of your new kitchen? And what brands can you trust will deliver a high-quality product that’s capable of withstanding the test of time? 

Cabinetry Features to Include in a New Kitchen

There is a wide range of features that you could choose to incorporate in your newly renovated kitchen. Some are little more than gimmicks, while others represent excellent value for money. In our 45+ years of experience renovating kitchens, we’ve found the following 4 cabinetry features to be ideal for optimising storage, improving functionality and completing a design: 

  1. Solutions for maximising corner storage: A basic corner cupboard will typically result in a lot of wasted storage space. But this issue can be eliminated by incorporating smart corner solutions. Modern systems for corner storage have been designed to maximise every last bit of available space in a corner cupboard. Hafele has a great range of revolving carousel systems for corner cupboards (similar to the traditional ‘Lazy Susan’), capable of rotating up to 270 degrees. For a modern take on this age-old problem, Blum has designed the SPACE CORNER cabinet. This pull-out drawer system provides easy access to any items stored in the corner cabinet.      
  2. Drawer cabinets: Accessing items at the back of a cabinet can be tricky, particularly if the item in question is heavy. This is why many modern kitchen renovations now incorporate drawer cabinets for a more ergonomic design. To eliminate friction and provide adequate support, Blum has created a range of drawer runners, including the latest MOVENTO range for kitchen drawers weighing up to 60kg. A drawer system can also make it easier to keep items organised and can multiply your available storage space (for example, installing 3 drawers in a cabinet that would otherwise only have 2 shelves).  
  3. Concealed appliances: Integrated appliances are the ideal solution for homeowners seeking a streamlined finish for their kitchen. Rather than having the obvious contrast of a dishwasher or fridge surrounded by kitchen cabinets, integrated appliances are concealed behind a façade that matches perfectly with the rest of the custom cabinetry design. If you want to include concealed appliances in your kitchen renovation, talk to the experienced design team at Craftbuilt Kitchens to learn more about the various options available.  
  4. Pull-out units: Clutter is the enemy of any new kitchen, no matter how stylish and functional the design might be. Pull-out units are an excellent way to minimise clutter within the kitchen without having to sacrifice usability. Hafele has a wide range of pull-out waste disposal systems that are perfect for concealing the essential, but unsightly, kitchen bin. They have also designed an extensive range of pull-out storage solutions for pantries and cabinets that can be used for storing spice racks, oven trays, paper towels, and even cleaning supplies. Blum also offers a range of “narrow cabinets” that are ideal for turning small spaces into added storage. 

Craftbuilt Kitchens Can Help You Find the Best Cabinetry Features to Suit Your Kitchen 

Are you interested in finding out more about the different cabinetry features available? Or are you looking for expert advice on what features will best suit your family’s needs? If so, contact the friendly design team at Craftbuilt Kitchens today.