Kitchen Renovation

Reasons to renovate your kitchen can range from improving the functionality of your space and updating your house layout to improving your resale value. Whatever your reason, you might be wondering when it is a good time to renovate or how often should you remodel your kitchen? Sometimes it’s something you choose to do and other times it becomes an urgent reason to avoid further damage to your house. With interest rates historically low, you may be able to access a good amount of equity in your current home for your kitchen renovation, too. Read on to learn more about the signs you need a kitchen renovation.

Refresh or update with a kitchen renovation

Whether you have lived in your house for 5 years or 30 years, your kitchen is often the first room in the house to suffer damage. As one of the most “used” rooms in your home, you will start to notice wear and tear, dents or even worse damage to your cabinets, benchtops, walls and flooring eventually. You have a lot of options to refresh your kitchen, from refacing your cabinetry or replacing a benchtop to a full kitchen renovation where you can create a whole new look.

If you are noticing wear and tear in your kitchen or you are finding it looking tired and outdated, a remodel might be just the thing you need to love your kitchen again.

Make your kitchen more functional

Kitchen styles and layouts have changed over the years and many people start to find the house they purchased doesn’t always meet the needs of their growing family through the years. You could up and sell your house and find a new one… Or, you could keep the home you love and remodel the kitchen! Our expert design team can offer valuable advice on exactly how to renovate your kitchen to make it more functional.

Create more storage with a kitchen remodel

Will you ever have enough storage space in your kitchen? If you are feeling your kitchen is cluttered and you struggle to keep it clean and organised, you may be suffering from a lack of functional storage. These days there are many options for improving kitchen storage. This can be as simple as incorporating newer storage systems within your existing cabinetry or by tweaking the layout of your kitchen through a remodel to create extra storage spaces.

Improve your resale value with a kitchen renovation

If you are considering selling your property, remodelling your kitchen before putting it on the market can significantly increase the value of your home. Your kitchen will be one of the first things potential buyers assess when they walk through your home. With a critical eye, they will be trying to figure out if it has enough storage space and functionality for their lifestyle. Give them an easy answer to their dreams by updating your kitchen before you sell. Our expert team can help you with the best ways to update your kitchen for the best resale value.

How often to remodel a kitchen

Did you know that, on average, people remodel or give their kitchen an update every 7-10 years? Some people do it in order to update style and function and others find wear and tear occurs in that timeframe due to heavy use of the room. When was the last time you updated your kitchen? Using a trusted and professional company to take care of your kitchen renovation will ensure you get the results you are looking for in your home.

How to renovate your kitchen

There are many ways to go about renovating a space in your home. Our best tip is to get professionals involved early in your planning process to remodel your kitchen so you can understand what exactly you can achieve in your space and setting a realistic budget. Are you looking for expert advice on how often should you update your kitchen or are you ready to go and need design help? Contact our friendly and experienced design team at Craftbuilt Kitchens today.