Choosing The Best Splashback For Your Kitchen

Splashbacks are a very important part of any kitchen. Not only do they add to the overall look of your kitchen, they also protect the walls in your food preparation area. Things such as water, oil spatters and food debris can all quickly damage your kitchen area without the proper protection and covering. There are a few different options available and it can be daunting to decide which one is best for you. No doubt about it, the splashbacks you choose can really boost the aesthetic appeal but you also want one that will last and that is easy to clean.

Consider Your Budget

It’s nice to want the very best materials for your kitchen splashbacks, but you still need to take your budget into consideration when choosing your splashback. The good news is there are some great affordable options. Part of your budget will need to include the maintenance that is required for your splashback. While some materials are easily cleaned with the use of a wet cloth and a bit of detergent, there are others that call for particular cleaning products to protect the splashback from damage and streaks. When considering your cleaning budget, remember that splashbacks that need more care will also take more time to clean. Let’s take a quick overview at some of your options for spashbacks for kitchens in Brisbane.

Material Options

The most common materials used are tiles. There are many fantastic colour, shape and style options available in tiling however keep in mind grout can become very dirty and will require some work to ensure a hygienic and clean surface. Glass splashbacks can be an expensive option, but the upside is they are very hygienic and easy to clean. For a more modern look in your kitchen, stainless steel is quite popular. Stainless steel is quite often used in professional kitchens and is known for being very hygienic. Be aware though, marks and smudges can show up easily on stainless steel and will require appropriate cleaning. If you decide to go with the more budget friendly option of paint, be sure it is water resistant, as with timber splashbacks. Timber looks beautiful in a kitchen but care needs to be taken to make sure it is sealed properly. Mosaic tiles can make a very attractive feature in your kitchen but once again, with tiles comes grout to keep clean. Be prepared when using tiles to put in a bit of elbow grease if grime builds up.

Choosing splashbacks for kitchen design in Brisbane can be a very exciting part of the process. By investigating your options and deciding what is best for you, you will have a beautiful kitchen with wonderful splashbacks that serve their purpose.


Don’t Overlook Kitchen Splashbacks

When you are looking over kitchen magazines and deciding the colour scheme and style you like, remember not to overlook choosing the best splashback. Not only do they complement stunning kitchens perfectly, they serve the purpose of protecting walls from splatter and damage.

When you meet with our designers here at Craftbuilt Kitchens you will be impressed by their willingness to listen and help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. You will also have all of your questions answered and be given plenty of information regarding your kitchen installation. All of our staff members are highly qualified and here to assist you in any way they can.

So when it comes to choosing splashbacks you might like to have an idea in mind before you visit us at our showroom. Here are some fantastic ideas for you to consider.

Mixed Textures

Rather than go for the more uniform look in your kitchen why not mix up the textures with a little contrast. For example, timber bench tops and stainless steel splashbacks make quite a nice statement.

If you like the idea of mixing it up try thinking in terms of natural mixed with artificial or rough surfaces mixed with smooth.

Brighten It Up

If the idea you have in mind for your kitchen is all white or neutral colours why not add a zap of colour to brighten it up. Bright red splashbacks are very striking in white kitchens whilst aqua and yellow also look amazing.

Chrome is another great way to throw a little colour into a neutral colour mix. By using chrome you will enjoy a feeling of luxury and style in your kitchen.


Always popular, tiles are durable and add a classic feel to the kitchen. Though you can make it a little more modern with modern colours and patterns.


This style of splashback is taking over the popularity of tiles. It comes in a great range of colours and finishes that look sleek. The best part about the glass splashback is that it’s easy to clean with no grout to collect grime and grease.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique or ‘out there’ we can work with you on that too. There are many amazing ideas and styles our designers at Craftbuilt Kitchens can suggest to you to really help your kitchen come alive. Come and visit us at our showroom at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood.


Why Add Splashbacks To Your Kitchen

At Craftbuilt Kitchens we constantly aim to provide our clients with the most up to date products and design ideas that are currently in trend. This way, the kitchen you end up with is modern, stylish and well suited to your own tastes and needs.

There are also features in kitchens that are not new and have been around for many years, and for good reason, such as the splashback. Various materials can be used in splashbacks such as laminate, tiles, glass and more.

Some are available in a range of colours and patterns. Each different kind of material and colour adds a different look to kitchens; it’s entirely up to the owner what they would like. There are a few reasons to add splashbacks to your kitchen, and there are really no good reasons not to do so.

Style and Looks

The beauty of splashbacks is you that can really use them to add to the aesthetic of the kitchen. From stainless steel, stone or laminate splashbacks, they can really add a pop to the room and pose as a feature in the kitchen, if you wish.

Bright colours or bold patterns are a great way to catch the eye. You can choose your splashbacks to be solid colours or patterns. Stainless steel is a very popular choice in modern kitchens as they give the feel of a professional chef’s kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are one of the more popular choices today. These look amazing and can be coloured, have painted artwork or digital print added for a more modern, artistic look.

If you don’t wish the splashback to stand out and just serve as a functional part of the kitchen, this is achievable too. Plain creams, whites and other neutral shades are a great way to ‘dial’ down the splashback and have it blend in more rather than stand out.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

When you are preparing food in a kitchen you want to be sure that it’s germ free and clean. It is easy enough to create a great mess when chopping, slicing and dicing, when stirring at the stove or doing dishes.

Splashbacks catch the food and liquid splashes that occur making them easy to wipe away. The reason this is fantastic is because it avoids walls stains and the food is not as effortless to clean.

Splashbacks are impervious to liquid, oil and grease. With the absence of these items and more build-up on your walls in food prep areas your kitchen is far more hygienic. When the kitchen area is simpler to clean thanks to splashbacks you are more likely to keep the area clean and looking good.

Contact one of our friendly team at Craftbuilt Kitchens to discuss your new kitchen and the splashbacks that will look great and serve a purpose too.

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