Stunning Glass Splashbacks

When you are planning your kitchen, there are many facets to it that serve as aesthetic and functional parts to the overall design. Kitchen splashbacks are among these items that not only look good and can add to the overall look of your kitchen, but also serve a great purpose.

In case you don’t know, splashbacks are the area on the wall behind your kitchen workspace. These can range from tiles or stainless steel to glass, laminate and stone. They not only keep this area clean but they are also easy to clean and are hygienic. They protect the walls and cupboards below from food splatter and any possible water damage or grease stain.

Glass Splashbacks Quickly Transform A Dull Kitchen

Glass is one of the most versatile materials used in modern construction. It is typically used to allow natural light into a modern skyscraper, or to invite the outdoors into modern homes and apartments through the use of large picture windows. While still in demand in these traditional areas, glass has transcended such mundane functionalities and moved indoors to create new dimensions in interior design.

Glass splashbacks are very popular in today’s kitchens and have several advantages. When you visit kitchen showrooms and view displays or pictures with coloured glass splashbacks, you will notice that they provide a cleaner, lighter and bigger feel to the area. But it’s not all about looks when it comes to splashbacks – and glass has the practical areas covered, too.

Unlike tiles, a glass splashback is seam free and does not require the use of grout. This means no flaking or peeling. The grout in between tiles is also quite porous and so is not only perfect for bacteria to breed in, it is hard to clean. Glass splashbacks, do not have these issues. You can create any kind of atmosphere you like when you choose the colour of your glass splashback and because it is glass the light will be able to shine through and reflect back adding a wonderful lighting effect to the room.

Amber colours offer a cosy and warm feel while greens and yellows can create a fresh summer feel. Even if you prefer the use of darker colours, when you use glass as a splashback you still get more light reflected than if you had chosen tiles. Such a simple design is so effective when it comes to glass splashbacks in your kitchen and they are incredibly easy to clean. Provided you follow the advised care instructions and are careful not to use abrasive cleaning products or sponges your glass splashback should remain attractive and functional for many years.

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No Mess Installation A Breeze

Glass splashbacks create an air of elegance that is simply not possible with other treatments, but this is not the only benefit this remarkable material can offer. The installation, for example, is quick and easy. Glass splashbacks are made in large sections with screw holes predrilled. They attach to the wall using a bonding agent so there is no fiddly measuring and placement like there is with rows of tiles, trying to keep them in alignment while they bond to the wall. There is also no need for messy grout and trying to fill the spaces between the tiles evenly.

The durability of glass splashbacks makes them a desirable addition to any busy kitchen. Manufactured from toughened glass, the same type of glass used for oven doors, oven bakeware and chopping boards, its resilience is proven. As a result, the splashbacks are completely resistant to chips, scrapes, scratches, knife marks, acidic juices squeezed from citrus fruits, in fact any hazard that results from working in a family kitchen. They are also extremely resistant to heat as would be expected from a material that is used to make oven doors.

Glass is Clean and Hygienic

Cleaning and hygiene go hand in hand, especially in a kitchen, and cleaning glass splashbacks is an absolute breeze, no matter how dirty and greasy they become. A quick spray with glass cleaner, a wipe over with a cloth and the sparkling shine is back. Glass is a smooth surface, so mould and bacteria find it very difficult to attach themselves as they do with grout. This allows the cleaning fluid to do its job and completely remove any trace of mould or germs, making the kitchen with a glass splashback a much healthier environment for the preparation of food.

The final benefit of choosing glass splashbacks is simply because they look absolutely stunning. They are available in an astonishing array of colours, allowing the home owner to match the splashbacks with any part of the kitchen or any other decorator feature they choose. In some cases they can be manufactured to include LED lighting, an inventive concept that designers use to create a diffused lighting effect that looks sophisticated and ultra-modern.

Coloured glass splashbacks completely transform a kitchen. They cover a large expanse of wall in bright, modern colours very quickly, and the sleek, clean lines support the current, minimalist trend.

If a new kitchen is on the horizon, a visit to any of the kitchen showrooms to see a glass splashback set into a display kitchen is an absolute must. A chat with a professional kitchen designer will help you choose the perfect colours to combine with your cupboards and benchtops so that you can create the desired effect and enjoy many hours of cooking in your new kitchen for years to come. Visit our showroom today at 2958 Logan Road, Underwood,  QLD 4119 or call (07) 3341 9166 to set an appointment.

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