2022 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas To Consider

modern kitchen design ideas australia 2022

The kitchen was always seen as a back room where dishes were washed, meals prepared and food kept. Now, homeowners are shifting their priorities when it comes to the kitchen. Looking to modern kitchen designs, Brisbane property holders are investing in modern trends for both form and function. Kitchen appliances, storage spaces, floor lay-out and over-all style are being considered.

The kitchen has cemented itself as the centre, the heart of the home. A place where families and friends get together – a social area for homeowners and guests. Because of this, the kitchen has a far bigger purpose and a bigger focus.

What it means to have a modern kitchen in 2022

Achieving a modern family kitchen in 2022 and beyond means considering the latest trends in storage, space and technology. There are technological advances in accordance with environmental requirements. 

The change in social dynamics have also contributed to the lay-out, space and arrangement of modern kitchens. From lighting to storage spaces, here are a few trends to consider when wanting to update to a modern kitchen design:

A smart kitchen

Technology has come a long way and the kitchen has absorbed its advantages. It is present in appliances and it can also be integrated into the whole kitchen. What used to be seen in movies, as a gateway to a futuristic home, are now present in modern-day homes. From responsive lights to refrigerators, pre-programmed ovens and safe cooktops, the next few years will welcome the smart kitchen.

2018 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas To Consider Black White Kitchen

While most smart selections are expensive – such as voice activated features – there are more affordable options available. Consider cook tops that have safety sensors that turn off when it detects spillage, over-heating, long absence or even accidental starts, and induction stove cooktops that don’t burn your hand. These are some of the technological highlights available today. Which is why Craftbuilt Kitchens partners with Kleenmaid when it comes to kitchen appliances because of its elegant, efficient, environmentally-friendly and efficient products. A technology integrated modern kitchen is definitely a huge kitchen trend in 2018.

Storage is everything

According to a survey from Houzz, clutter has been a top reason for home-owners looking to renovate their kitchens. When planning your modern family kitchen with Craftbuilt Kitchens, we offer you alternatives such as a pull-out shelves or cutlery and utensil systems, cabinets with clever storage solutions  by Hafele for fuss free organisation.

To create a clean and modern look, our clients are choosing to hide their appliances within the storage lay-out and upgrade cabinets to hold specific items – from dinnerware  to multi purpose waste bins. What’s left is a clean modern kitchen design that guests and family can enjoy – without the clutter! A sneaky design but one that many homeowners love.

Soft Hamptons Style Grange, Brisbane QLD Kitchen Renovation

Brass finishes

There is a strong sense of nostalgia among homeowners and renovators this year, hence the resurgence of antique and retro features like brash or gold finishes. They can be seen more in ornamental taps, hooks, rails, handles, and inlays in benchtops.

Brass finishes are said to evoke the sentiment of genuineness and glamour, that’s why it is this year’s metal of choice in interior design.

White is still a favourite colour

White is never going to go out of style. It remains the leading choice for walls, cabinetry and benchtops. For most, white works as a wall colour and grey is seen as a second choice. Both colours exude elegance and a clean feel. This is a particularly common selection for clients who dislike seeing clutter, which is why clients love it .  

Grey continues to trend because of its versatility. It complements dark colours such as black as well as many more. Aside from Grey and White, homeowners are looking at uplifting colours, interesting geometrics, bohemian look and bespoke touches for that added glam and charm.

Timber Look Kitchen

Handleless design

There are a lot of advantages associated with a handleless kitchen. It has an aesthetic that is  sleek, contemporary, elegant, and pared-down — effectively eliminating visual excess and even safety hazards as there are no more knobs or handles to bash into.

Handleless designs also work well with backsplashes or tiles that have interesting texture and pattern as their flat front acts as a frame. When incorporated well into your kitchen, handleless furniture can harmonise all the conspicuous elements and bring them into balance.

Natural elements 

Ceramic kitchen tiles have always been a choice for many, but renovating homeowners are updating their modern kitchen designs with more natural elements, like hardwood flooring and cabinetry.

Natural elements are more celebrated this year as they tend to add warmth, texture and depth to a kitchen — making it the most homey space in your house. 

Thinking of renovating your kitchen?

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