6 Ways to Renovate Your Home With the Least Stress Possible

6 Ways to Renovate Your Home With the Least Stress Possible

Renovation stress is one of the most common kinds of stress anyone goes through in their homeowner history. 

The disruptions caused by a reno project can easily increase tension among members of your household. Add to that is the very real possibility of going beyond your set budget or completion time. 

Especially when you’re doing DIY renovation, things can go downhill pretty quickly: bad design decisions, not having a professional onboard to tell whether or not you will see a return on your investment, going wildly off your numbers, or the anxiety of potentially getting ripped off by your contractors and suppliers.

We get it — renovations aren’t always fun or exciting. 

By using the below tips, however, you can get your renovation off the ground and over the finish line with the least amount of stress possible.

1. Know your contractor

Do your due diligence when hiring a contractor. There is a lot of choice in the market when choosing the right tradie or developer, so make sure you take the time to know them. 

Check their licences and qualifications, have a look at their previous projects, read their customer reviews, and solicit opinions from your friends and neighbours. 

It helps lessen the renovation stress knowing that you hired the right people for the job.

2. Temporarily vacate your property if possible

Renovation works can be extensive and invasive. It may be better to take a holiday or move out  during the worst part of the project.

This way, it is a lot easier for everyone involved. Contractors can do their job without delay or extra considerations, and your household members can retain a semblance of their usual routine. 

Get your contractor to inform you on when the most demanding construction periods are so you can plan accordingly.

3. Be clear on your budget

You need to be upfront with your contractor about your expectations and the budget you have prepared for the project. There is a need to centre your earliest discussions around the monetary details as they can colour your entire experience.

With a clear budget, your contractor can plan on where to source the materials and assess the needed manpower to complete the project. You also get to manage your own expectations better.

4. Prepare a makeshift kitchen

Set up a temporary kitchen that focuses on functionality and convenience. Gather the kitchen essentials you will need and prepare a small kitchen table where you can perform basic kitchen functions.

Since your kitchen will be out of commission for a while, it is worth spending a couple of weeks with a temporary kitchen you can work around with so you don’t have to spend so much on takeouts or sacrifice some daily conveniences.

5. Set aside a contingency

While the works are underway, it is best to keep track of your budget and have spare funds ready if you would like to make alterations or upgrades during the process. 

Money issues are the biggest offender in any renovation project, so make sure you set aside a contingency to avoid having to hold off the process, or worse, settle with subpar materials or skilled labour to finish the project.

6. Be flexible

It is ideal to expect for any material mixups or timing issues to occur during the course of construction. Unrealistic expectations and a rigid schedule will only exacerbate your stress levels when things don’t pan out the way you want.

Set a padded timeline and make a list of backup material choices. Allow for some wiggle room if possible for any changes to the design or scope that might be proposed or deemed necessary.

Leave it to the experts

Renovations mean change, and change can mean overriding your routine for a few weeks or months. Maintaining your communication channels, working with professionals, and keeping a positive attitude will certainly help you manage the stress of your renovation project. 

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