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Benchtops and Baking

Baking in Kitchen

There’s nothing like a good flat marble benchtop surface to roll dough. If you’re baking bread in the morning, no doubt that yeasty aroma fills the kitchen. Then when you’re having your morning cocoa or coffee, a good slice with butter slathered on top does the trick! However, a good bread is only made possible with the right proving on the benchtop and proper baking in the oven.

You will be kneading, pouding, flouring and proving right on the benchtop, and these are the fun parts! Plus, it can be quite therapeutic. While it is possible to knead your dough on a wooden slate or a metal tray, there are benchtops that are made for baking on. When designing a new kitchen and are keen to do a lot of cooking and baking bread, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the material of your benchtop.

Benchtops and Baking
  1. There are natural and engineered stone that are easy to clean and smooth enough for kneading your dough. Marble is a favourite for home bakers. Stones are perfect for rolling out pastries and doughs. 
  2. A stainless steel benchtop is also another alternative. 
  3. If you’re feeling a little rustic, timber is a good surface as well. 

It’s not that hard to bake your own bread from scratch and having a good clean benchtop is the first step. Another thing to remember is that the counter should be clear of clutter. Give enough room when you’re having a baking day. You’d like a space that is just right for your dough to rise or double in size, and enough arm-room when kneading and pouding. 

You don’t need to pay a fortune to purchase artisan baked bread and give sliced loaf in a plastic bag a rest. Give baking at home a try and don’t forget to slather each slice in butter!

You may also want to think about a bread drawer when designing your kitchen island benchtop. Our Craftbuilt kitchens Designers Brisbane can help you get started with that. Visit us at Unit 15, 76 Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner to view our top of the line benchtop materials and ovens that are perfect for baking.