How to Get Rid of Stains, Plus Keep Your Kitchen Clean (Part 1)

Installing a new kitchen is a great investment and you would want to take good care of it. All it takes is knowing the right solution to the problem. And by solution, we mean a specific kind of solvent or cleaning agent. Here are a few tips we found helpful.

Squeaky Clean Tiles

Let’s start with the tiles. Tiles in the kitchen can collect a lot of dirt and grease, especially in the grout. It’s a breeding ground for germs and stains. Before anything else, remember not to use anything abrasive such as gritty powders or creams. It has the tendency to create small scratches which will make cleaning harder and damage your tiles.

  • When cleaning stubborn spots and stains on tiles, they can be removed with water and a little bicarbonate soda.
  • Remember not to scratch the surface too much and use an old toothbrush to clean between grouts.
  • Another thing to remember is that the tiles should be properly laid well. This lessens the risk of more maintenance.
  • This is a risk you can run into if you install tiles yourself. Also a risk easily avoided if you have them professionally installed through our team at Craftbuilt Kitchens.
  • Another helpful tip to avoid scratches on your tiles is to put mats under appliances.
  • When it comes to general cleaning, vinegar mixed with warm water is a good natural cleaner, and removes grime.

Benchtop TLC

For stone benchtops such as marble and granite, they need tender loving care. According to Real Estate, these stone slabs have a calcium bicarbonate makeup which reacts to acid. Your everyday ingredients such as lemon, tomato and wine can eat the surface away. It can also create dull spots. For Caesarstone, clean the surface regularly.

  • You can use nonabrasive microfiber cloth and warm soapy water for cleaning such surfaces.
  • Avoid acidic food such as lemon, vinegar and wine.
  • And it’s important to wipe any spills right away! You can use a cloth or a sponger for such cases.
  • Avoid general household cleaners and acidic natural solutions (vinegar, lemon, etc). This breaks down the sealant.

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For advice on how to care for your kitchen benches, installations and tiles, don’t hesitate to approach any of our Craftbuilt Kitchen specialists.